The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: Remember, Remember the Vth of November – Confirmatio Cartarum

Welcome the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!  It’s already kind of Magical that Monday begins the thirty fifth week of this public A Sean on the fifth of November, and because someone once said to Me that the Common Law is an ‘elusive’ jurisdiction of Law, I’ve been waiting for this Magical day and looking forward to tall King about the Latin term ‘Confirmatio Cartarum’ to Celebrate and Truly Remember, Re-Member, the 5th of November…  Not the gunpowder treason and plot, but the Magna Carta (for those who are familiar with the movie or comic, “V for Vendetta”).

My Blog is getting a lot of reads recently (well, for a humble man like Me, anyway), especially My legal documents.  So I’d like to take a quick moment to say thank You to those who have been reading My Blog, and especially those who have taken the time to like or comment, I do appreciate these things more than I can express, sincerely.  I’m also getting a lot of support in My microcosm, too; and right now that feels like the most beautiful Blessing.

The very first thing I woke up to this Magical Monday was an e-mail from Mom.  Seriously, what could be better than a surprise e-mail from Mom on a Monday morning?..  When the message in the subject line reads ‘excellent interview’.  The interview hadn’t even been online twenty-four hours yet and already My Mother had seen it.  My Mother is not exactly the most computer savvy woman in the world, so to be on a social media platform watching a video less than twenty hours after it was recorded is pretty impressive (to Me).  So, thanks Mom, You really made My Monday morning!!!  Love You.

I didn’t have a chance to Write back right away because I’d been Gifted with a chance to do a little yard work, too.  When I was done with that, I did a little grocery shopping and office cleaning (the office I’m using), then another Friend from social media who’d seen the video was overwhelmingly supportive with both her Words of encouragement and her generosity.  I want the Universe to know how truly grateful I am to feel so loved and supported right now, thank You.

I guess I went off on a bit of a tangent there but it really was a Wonderful day!  I’ve done two interviews now, the second one was yesterday and between the two, they’ve had over 3,000 views already.  Ironically, I don’t really like being in the spotlight and yet I’ve always known that one day I would be – I just didn’t know how, ‘how would People come to know Me?’.  Now that it is, I don’t really want to be in the spotlight, I’d rather accomplish everything from here.  However, I always knew that one day this time would come and I know I’m ready, even though I don’t really feel like I’m ready.

This Blog is a big testimony of My Deeds.  I’m becoming known for exactly what I would Wish to be known for.  I said in My interview with the Ottawa Citizen and Sun that I wanted to be a Voice for  those who can’t be heard.  The video series My Friend has Created is called ‘Homeless, not Voiceless’…  And We know how I feel about coincidences.

I’m filing a law suit with the city of Ottawa for the deplorable conditions Canada’s People are subject to when dependent on The Salvation Army Booth Centre for the fulfillment of basic needs to food, shelter, and a clean and safe environment essential to the well being and full development of the human personality…  To sum it up in a nutshell.  Funny thing is, I would have eventually been doing this anyway, but Jason’s decision to have Me expelled from the facility expediated My decision to file a complaint.  Whether it was an attack against Me for making the video or not, it has discouraged others from doing video interviews for fear they may be expelled from the facility, too.

So, getting back to the Magna Carta.  Confirmatio Cartarum declared the Magna Carta an acceptable Charter and reference for the Common Law, and it was established in Case Law on November 5th, 1297.  I came across this in My studies of the Common Law some time ago, it’s on a ‘sticky note’ on My desktop along with a collection of other Latin Law Lingo, I’ve been waiting for the Fifth of November to share it.

It essentially means that for anyone who may not know what the Common Law is, they could use the Magna Carta as a reference as it has precedence in Case Law as ‘Confimatio Cartarum’.  However, the Words actually mean ‘Confirmation of Charters’ (not such a stretch really).  Now that I am doing all this legal stuff, it is becoming more and more important for Me to make My Charter Declarations.  I Will be using Confirmatio Cartarum, but I Will not be using the Magna Carta.

Today I just Writ a quick note to Jason Prevost asking him to state why he has expelled Me from the facility, for how long, and when I am able to return.  Jason said to Me that he doesn’t need to give Me a reason for asking Me to leave but his contractual agreements with the city of Ottawa strongly suggest otherwise.

I’m also helping more of My Friends in Court, and now I have professional legal counsel of My own.  I may not be able to talk about My Case, but I am allowed to talk about getting kicked out of Court for wearing jeans.  There is no such rule.  And there is a legal phrase for it on My Latin Lingo List, “ad hominem”.  It means to attack the Character of a man rather than his argument (and is considered irrelevant in a Common Law Court).

One of the most beautiful things I ever heard a Justice say to Me was, “You Will need to Declare Your Charters.”

That’s the Kind of thing King’s do.  My Charters are finally Writ and ready to file, and I Will publish them here as soon as I do.

Well, I guess all We can do now is Remember, Remember the 5th of November…  But I hope You all had a Magical Monday and Will have a Terrific Tuesday.  I know I Will!!!

Love and Blessings,


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