The Good News Journal, Volume XXXV: The Fabulous Friday, Evening Edition

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to My first Evening Edition of The Good News Journal, I hope and Trust You are all feeling Fabulous!!!

It is snowing outside.  Already.  It’s only November!  Good time to be thankful I’m inside, sitting in front of My laptop.  And I am very thankful to be sitting inside, war King [for the People] on My laptop, and I do have some Great News to share.

I was in Court with My Friend again on Tuesday.  The last time We were tall King with each other, We had arranged to meet outside the Courtroom early and I am pleased to say he was there earlier than I had expected.  Not early enough to get there before Me, but he was there before 8:30 and We were scheduled for 9:00.  I chose to help him because he promised he never forget a Court date and he was Good to his Word.

I hadn’t called the prosecution’s office because there was no reason I should have had to, but My Friend wanted Me call, so that was the first thing I did.  I kind of made a joke of it on the phone a bit, too and My Friend got to overhear her say that the whole thing sounds ridiculous and she’ll be right over – and she was in front of Me as King of Me to speak with her in her office in less than two minutes.  I was pretty impressed.

Long story short, Crown had dropped the charge I had expected which left them with virtually nothing.  Crown was willing to withdraw the charges in exchange for a few community hours and I said it was ridiculous.  The crime he was charged with is no longer illegal and I told her that proceeding with that knowledge was in bad taste and a waste of taxpayer money.  Then I said to her, presuming it would be a rhetorical Quest-Ion, “have You even read the disclosure?  There is no way You win if this goes to trial.”

“No, I haven’t had a chance to go over it yet.”

I think I actually laughed out loud and said, “Really?  And You don’t even have a problem admitting that, but You’re willing to go to trial?”

She wasn’t having as much fun with Me at this point, though I Will say she was very kind and courteous up until that moment, then she walked out of the office, “Follow Me then, We’ll set a date for judicial pre-trial”, and out We went.

I went back to My Friend to tell him what was going on.  “They Will withdraw charges if I do community service?”

“Yes.  Do You want to do that?”

“I would love to do that, I was thinking of doing some anyway!”


So, basically I went back into the Courtroom and told the Crown they had a ‘deal’.  People should know I’m generally opposed to ‘making deals’.  My Friend was still  unnecessarily harassed on private property and traumatized by the charges because he thought they were going to try for at least probation or maybe even a little jail time.  When he found out they would withdraw the charges for 20 community hours, he was ecstatic!  It didn’t feel like a win for Me, but as long as it was a win for him, I’m happy.

My friend was very happy.  He was trying to ‘talk Me up’ on the way back, telling Me he’s sure they only gave him that deal because they were afraid of going to trial with Me.  I told him they were wrong and should have just withdrawn the charges unconditionally.  It was hard for Me to feel like it was a win, but I guess it was.  I just feel like the justice system is ‘pimping out’ slave labour.

So My Friend doesn’t have to go back to Court now until January and he can volunteer wherever he wants, he just has to have someone sign off on the hours for him to bring back to Court.  I thought that was pretty standard, too but someone else was telling Me that never happens either – usually the Court has a list of places One can choose from.  My Friend wants to help out at 454 which is also kind of perfect because I know they are struggling with funding right now.

That got Terrific Tuesday started on the right Note and ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Gave Me a little more yard work to do and put a little more cash in My pocket.  Then I did another interview Wednesday afternoon, tall King about some of the conditions other clients of the Salvation Army Booth Centre have been subject to and tall King more about the Complaint I am war King on filing with the city of Ottawa.


The Body of My Complaint is ready to Write and the above Letter is being faxed to the Salvation Army from a legal firm that Will Keep a receipt of the trans-Mission.  Given My experiences with Jason, it is not likely We will get a reply – at least, not until he is ordered to Give one by a Court.

I am Loving My ‘new office’, which is actually a Friend’s apartment.  I am also Loving the fact that I have so much work to do, and that most People are beginning to consider what I am doing (and what I have been doing) real work.  My Fabulous [newish] Fountain Pen is perfect for Writing My draughts and practicing My calligraphy, and I have plenty of room for My ink wells and My old Fashion Fancy chisel tips.  I want every Letter I Write to look like a Form of Art…  Because it is.  And, as per usual, I Will be sharing all of My documents here and updating My Blog more frequently.  I was initially Loving My office a little too much and haven’t wanted to do much of anything except enjoy the Peace and Quiet I have to work.

It’s the little things in Life We take for granted.  To be able to shower whenever I want in a clean bathroom, to wake up whenever I want and to go to bed whenever I want.  To have a kitchen to cook My own food in, and a living room to live and work in.  I would say these things are essential to human dignity.  If One has all these things in a comfortable and secure space, I would say One is wealthy.  And because I am here by Way of those who Honour and Trust Me, I am feeling very rich in Deed.

I’m going to say thank You to everyone who has supported Me in the past and everyone who is supporting Me now.  Thank You.

I Will have more Good News to share with everyone shortly.

Love and Blessings,

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