The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI – The Sensei Sean all Sunday Edition; Procrastination, or Procrastinate, Sean?

Good day, everyone and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal!!!

Truth be told, I’m procrastinating.  I’ve got a stack of notes and a Letter of Complaint to the city half-Writ.  It reminds Me of doing homework for school, and I was the kind of student that did as little as possible and most of My teachers would probably concur.  The ‘mandatory’ stuff I always managed to do, but it would be typical for Me to leave an assignment (a Sign Ment – a Sign for the Mind) right to the last moment; I would even stay up all night sometimes just to get it done.  I can still hear My Mother’s Voice, “why do You always have to leave things to the Last minute?”.

The answer?  I’m still not entirely sure, but I am thing King I must like the pressure.  However, the other aspect of procrastination is that it’s not like I ever forget about the task at Hand, it’s always rattling around in the back of My brain.  I think that leaving something for a while may actually be of benefit, though if I didn’t have a deadline at all, there would be no pressure to get anything done.

In school, someone else gave the deadlines, now I have to make My own.  I had initially wanted to have the complaint filed by November 12th (last Sunday).  I only managed to get most of the initial complaint Writ, without referencing any of the supporting documents – and that’s the Part that needs to be Good.  I had initially Writ the Word ‘perfect’, and I think that is one of the reasons I procrastinate – I want things to be perfect, even though I know they won’t be, or at least not to Me.

So instead, I’m doing something I Love, Writing You.  It’s My Way of Giving My Self a deadline.  I’m doing another interview tomorrow and I really want to be able to share My Letter of complaint.  Even if I don’t share the contents of it in the interview, I want My audience to know it is done and ready to file.  The worst Part is, I truly Love doing this kind of stuff.  In fact, that’s why I have so many notes.  I’m not tall King about the pile of documents and contracts I have to go through, I’m tall King about numerous rough copies of My Letter of complaint.

The thing about procrastinating (at least for Me), is that I have been thing King about this Letter almost continuously, and as the thought of it bounces around in the back of My Mind, I do come up with new Ideas.  I’ve thought about this so much that I’m sure I can just sit down now and get it done – all I have to do is commit.  So Writing this Post is a Way of making Me commit to something I can tell My audience about tomorrow.  There is zero pressure, no One is nagging Me to get this done, though there are plenty of People waiting to see how I put all of this information together.

[Side note for WordPress administration on the new editor – it looks nice but I don’t notice any benefit to using the new editor and it doesn’t give Me a Word count, and that is a big enough disadvantage to make the new editor inferior to the ‘classic editor’.  Just one WordPress user opinion.]

Sorry for that brief interrupt-Sean, but it had to be done.  I also need to Keep track of how many Words I’m Writing because the average attention span for Blog reading doesn’t extend much beyond 1,000 to 1,500 Words.  In fact, if it’s not in that ballpark, it should be less, not more.

The other reason I’ve been procrastinating is because I know that My Peers are expecting something fabulous, that’s why they are as King of Me to file the complaint.  My Friend Jane had wanted to file a complaint about how People are treated by the Salvation Army anyway, which is how We ended up meeting in the first place.  Her Goal had been to take a new video testimony from a client every week until she had enough information to collaborate the claims and file an official complaint with the city.  Being expelled from the facility after doing My interview has intimidated other clients from sharing their experiences, so now I am including that as part of My complaint and Will be keeping the identity of those who do share their experiences in the future confidential.

What makes Writing the Letter of Complaint so challenging, is that I feel as though I have been directly discriminated against for My determination to protect the rights of clients and improve conditions at the shelter, but this complaint isn’t about Me.  How I was treated is only one element of the complaint, an example of the Salvation Army’s blatant disregard for the rights and dignity of their clients.  The pressure I feel isn’t from any timeline or deadline I have, it’s about letting the Salvation Army know that they can’t treat People this way and get away with it.  The work involved with Writing a formal complaint and seeing it through, is the only reason the Salvation Army has been able to get away with treating clients this way for as long as they have.  They presume that their clients don’t have the intellectual capacity or determination to ever get anything done about it and/or that no one Will take them seriously.  They literally believe the opinion of their clients means nothing.  I should also state for the record, that I am speaking specifically of Jason Prevost, the general manager who is the face of the organization as far as clients are concerned.  There are a lot of really Good People who work for the Salvation Army and some of them were especially kind to Me and just as eager to see the conditions for clients improve.  But because Jason is an agent of the Organization, he IS the organization and presumes to speak for the Organization until someone from the Salvation Army intervenes and says he does not.  In law, that’s just the way it goes.  Notice to agent is notice to principal; and that’s what that means.  Jason was given plenty of notice that legal action would follow if he did not respond to My Letters, and I do like to Keep My Word.

Speaking of which, I should get going.  This was enough of a stall and Writing You has motivated Me, which was the intention from the beginning.  I’m not going to Publish this now, I’m going to wait until I actually have the work done!!!  (Yes, this is big for Me, this is commitment to a deadline!)  The Idea is that when I am done, I can include a picture of the Work with this Post.  See You soon…  (ish).


Well, I’m Keeping My Word.  The Head of the Complaint is complete, now I just have to Present the information to support My Claim.  The ‘pressure’ is off a little (even though I’m the only One pressuring Me) because it doesn’t really Matter how long the rest of the complaint is.  It doesn’t actually Matter how long the initial complaint is, either, really.  Parts of Letters are named like body Parts for a reason; Words like ‘Head, Body, and Foot[notes]’, and the Style of a Letter should mimic the composure (like Music) of a well established man conducting a beautiful Symphony.  I use Calligraphy because it says something about the character of the man, and Beauty has a Powerful affect on the Reader.

I’ll be Writing more how Letters mimic man, but maybe tomorrow.  For now, I’m going to Sign off and see how much of the rest of the complaint I can get done.

Oh, and I also wanted to let You all know that the same time I complained about the new WordPress editor here on My Blog, I also decided to shoot them a message on Twitter about it.  I am pleased to say that a real, Living Man got back to Me about it very quickly and told Me the Word count would be added in a future update.  I was impressed, I like it when company’s get back to their clients quickly.

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous weekend!!!




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