The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI: The Sensei-Sean all Sunday, Evening Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to My second Evening Edition of The Good News Journal on this Sensational Sunday.  Why a Sensational Sunday?  Because it was an especially Serendipitous Sunday, which always makes Me feel as though I’m in the right Key, in Harmony with the Universe (One Song).

This is especially True when I have just finished Composing My Letter of Complaint, eager to share its contents with the world.  Paragraphs become Verses, Words become Lyrics, Letters become Symbols, all Part of a Symphony, a Composition.  I am think King of Will I Am, Shaking My Spear, Singing My Songs of Justice.  And I didn’t even get to do an interview today!!!

For a million little reasons only I would comprehend, the Universe is very pleased with the Complaint.  It deserves the capital now.  And the Universe is even more Pleased that I Will share it with You here, which is what I Will do this evening, and One more reason why this is an Especially Sensei-Sean all Sunday Evening Edition.

The ‘little’ things are actually ‘bigger’ than things like moving a mountain, (which was done for My Mother, by the Way).  A single ‘Like’ on a Blog Post means as much to a Mystic as moving a mountain, mostly because it is continuous in momentum.  I mentioned the other day that My name auto-populates on Google, and the number one search links to ‘My Story’, and My Cestui Que Vie.  If I am to be known and remembered for only One thing, it would be that document, My Sworn Oath to God.  But there is another little thing that I want to Give thanks for that is huge to Me and probably insignificant to most of My audience, but this is the only Way I know how to say thank You.

When I Write a Blog Post, it starts with clicking on a link, then opens to a fresh Page which is basically an online Word processor.  On one side of the Page, I can Create new categories and/or choose which categories to Post the entry.  If I didn’t choose a category, it would automatically Post to My homepage, categories aren’t necessary.  I’m using the past tense because it doesn’t do that anymore.  Now, anytime I go to Write a Post the category ‘The Hand of the King’ is always selected by default.  To put this in perspective, this is coming up on ten years of Blogging for Me, I have Created a lot of categories over the years and have a list of twenty to choose from.  It isn’t even a main category, it is the first subcategory of ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’, and it is always checked by default.  And suggesting that it uses whatever I posted to last isn’t true either because I always Post to all categories under ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’.  Oh, but the fireball disappeared from the end of the hashtag #BeTheChange and I Will admit I was a little sad to see it go.  That’s very recent, I would say since the first of November, maybe.  Be cool if it came back, but I don’t want to be greedy.  But I do want to say I am thankful to the Universe or whomever may be responsible for making sure I am always publishing as ‘The Hand of the King’.  I don’t believe in coincidences, so the little things are monumental.

The reason I didn’t get to do an interview was because I met My Friend Jane for breakfast instead.  Although it is a little ridiculous that there is snow on the ground already, it was a bright, sunny, cheerful morning.  We had an amazing breakfast (thank You), great conversation and she had a chance to read the Work I completed last night.  We are both excited about filing it, so We are actually aiming to do that on Wednesday right after We do the interview that We didn’t do today, mainly because We didn’t have an appropriate place to do one.  We usually use a café but We are going to try and see if We can borrow a private room at 454 on Wednesday (they have offered a room in support of Our cause, We just have to arrange it with them in advance).

We were also tall King strategy today and I really like Jane’s Style.  The Salvation Army is so disorganized We can’t even get a fax through, and I remember the Court one time trying to call them on a break and couldn’t even get past the switchboard, so I’m not really surprised (everyone in Court was laughing about how disorganized they were so it was actually a pretty nice ice breaker for Me).  Perhaps it is partially My influence, but We decided We should deliver the Letters by Hand – I’ll deliver them, Jane Will bear witness to My Deed and provide a Sword Affidavit in necessary. 😉  The city Gives a receipt of delivery anyway, this is more for the Salvation Army.

There are a lot more, really Wonderful things going on in both My micro, and Our macrocosm; My Universes are colliding.  Sharing everything with My audience here is only one Part of it, the Complaint I’m Writing in My microcosm is the other.  The Post I Writ yesterday was read only moments after it was Published and everyone who read the Post appeared to have viewed the photos, too.  I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but the number of views of the Post was equal to the number of views of the photos, so I am thing King it is a pretty Good guess.

I’m going to break the photos I have to share today into two Posts because the other Post Will be tall King about the similarities between a Letter and person.  However, here is the Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa (in clearer detail).


At some point I Will get around to updating some of the Pages on My Blog, too, including the Last of the Letters I Writ the Salvation Army, at which time I Will also type out the contents of the above Letter if it is still too difficult to read.

I hope this weekend finds Ye Well, and with Good Spirits,

Love and Blessings,


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