The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVII: The Wonderous Lucky Wednesday Edition – Serving the People

Hello, everyone and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  And what a Wonderful Wednesday it has been!!!  I said I would be delivering My Letter to Jason Prevost today (manager of the Salvation Army Booth Centre), and I was True to My Word.  It was also a lot of Fun!

I met up with My Friend Jane this morning to go over the Letter of Complaint I’m War King on.  It still isn’t done, but I’ve put about ten more hours of solid work into it and it is coming along Beautifully.  In fact, it is coming along so well that I might actually scrap the first four Pages I shared with everyone here on My Blog a couple of days ago!  True Story…

Speaking of which, there were a number of other reasons Monday was so Magical but I couldn’t Keep My Post under 1,500 Words and share all the information.  And sometimes, I’m not really sure how much My audience Will care, but these ‘little’ details mean the world to Me, each One like a Word of encouragement coming directly from the Universe.

This time it’s about My Blog stats.  Shortly after Publishing the first four Pages of My Complaint (within two minutes after Posting), I had some new visitors and My stats showed that they were not only reading the Blog Post, but viewing all of the pictures I had Posted, too; presumably to read the contents of My Letter.  That was kind of exciting for Me because I’m pretty sure the city of Ottawa knows what’s coming and are doing everything they can to prepare themselves (though frankly, I have no Idea how they can defend against the Claims I Will make).

As I was sitting there viewing My stats and wondering who might be reading My Letter, I thought about the loss of Twitter followers I experienced last month.  I had said to My readers that I believed that something was being communicated to Me and that it was interesting that the decrease started on exactly the first day of Fall.  That’s it, that’s all I was doing and I was literally thing King about exactly that when this happened:


First of all, this has NEVER happened.  When viewing stats in the ‘days’ view, the current day Will be at the far right with all the previous days for the last month or so to the left in chronological order.  Why was the 19th of November in the middle of all these other days?  So I decided to see what it was showing for what would usually be the next day, the line beside the 19th to the right.  And what day is it choosing to show Me?  The 21st of September.  I cannot stress how bizarre this is.  Never do daily stats display as they are above.  And, to make things even more auspicious, I had refreshed the Page a few times and the same result.  I didn’t even do anything to make it happen, it automatically just ‘changed’ from the usual view, to this – right before My eyes!  Even stranger, the moment I took these two screen shots, it automatically corrected itself and now shows as it always does; as if it had only showed Me this so I could take a screenshot for You.  Now, if I hadn’t actually been wondering about the significance of losing followers on the 21st of September when this happened, it would still be pretty auspicious.  But when I am thing King specifically about a certain thing and the Universe shows Me something like this…  I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.  There is something ‘Special’ about the 21st.  Unfortunately, My best guess is a Five month countdown to My day of Truth (My Court Case).

That pretty much summarizes the rest of the Magic from Monday.  The only other thing I was really excited about it how fast People were reading My Post and the Letter.  It makes Me feel like My Deeds are being anticipated in My microcosm by the Impression I’m leaving by Way of My Posts in the macrocosm.  The presumption is that The Salvation Army Booth Centre wants to know what I am going to be complaining about so they can get everything fixed before the complaint is filed.

Delivering the Letter to Jason Prevost today was also kind of Magical, just because I haven’t really been around much since I was expelled from the facility and it was not only Great to see some of My Friends again, but encouraging to know how excited they were to see Me.  It was kind of flattering.  And even though I didn’t stick around long enough to have any conversations, I could feel their support and excitement.

“Sean, are You here to serve Jason?”

“Not exactly, but close enough.  I’m here to deliver a notice demanding to know why I was expelled from the facility.”  The enthusiasm was tangible, but not so much for Jason.

I dare say Jason seemed a little nervous and scared.  He was in Meghan’s old office which is just past the admissions desk.  I knocked on the windowed door and he gestured to Me to wait a moment, then turned his back.  We were filming live to Facebook and I’m pretty sure he knew exactly what was going on (likely from reading My Blog).  However, he continued to act as though he was too busy to acknowledge Me and eventually Bill, one of the front line workers came to ask Me why I was there.

“I just need to deliver a Letter to Jason, would You be so kind as to receive it on his behalf and make sure it is delivered to him?”

Bill was happy to comply with My request and I was quick to take My leave from that place.  For those who don’t know, Jason Prevost pretends he doesn’t get My Letters.  I know very well that he does.  And although I don’t really think he is the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, I don’t think he’s a Fool, either – but he is sure acting like one.  Does he not know that I could have his e-mail records subpoenaed to prove he got My Letters and Willfully ignored them?  Surely he does…

Yes, Jason, I am foreshadowing events because My Words Manifest!!!

I hope this Wednesday has been as wondrously Lucky for all of My readers as it has been for Me!  More to come from the King’s Common Law Academy soon.

Love and Blessings,



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