The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVII: The Sensei-Sean All Sunday Edition – Temperature Dropping, Mercury Rising…

Happy Sensational Sunday, everyone, welcome to The Good News Journal!!!  I have some Spectacular Good News to share with You all today, I have finally Finished My Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa!

Yes, it is True, it is finally done.  Or very nearly done; I still have the Proposed Resolution Order to complete the Great Work, but the hard Part is over and I already know what the proposed resolution Order Will be, I just have to put it to Paper.  If You are interested in reading it, be prepared – it’s 21 Pages in total, not including the Points of Authority and the original Letter of Complaint.  On one Hand, it seems longer than I thought it would be, on the other Hand, I don’t believe I could have made it much shorter and knew there was a lot of information to cover (probably part of why I procrastinated so much).  Either Way, I am very pleased with the final Product and eager to share it with You.

The other auspicious detail (in case You are wondering about the Title of this Post), is that I was hit with an incredible wave of Inspiration (Inspire A Sean) and Creative energy.  Only when I was half way through Writing My Affidavit did I discover that I was War King under a full Moon!  And not just any Moon, but the Full Moon is in Gemini  (My House), and the Mercurial Energy lit up My Mind like Quick Silver.  It’s amazing to Me that some People don’t believe the Moon and the Stars have any influence over man’s psyche.  The Moon moves the entire Ocean with the tides and We are made up of mostly water, how could it not have some influence over Us?

It also occurred to Me that I finished the document just after midnight, right about the time that the Moon would be leaving My House.  It was almost as if the Full Moon of this month came only to inspire Me to Action (Act, Sean!) so I could complete My Great Project.  I have always said to My Friends that if One pays attention, You Will notice that whatever Your Mind is most focused on Will usually come to its climax on or around the full moon.  I notice it always, even with Friends who claim it isn’t true, but they are simply not noticing the things they have been thing King about and how they have come to resolve themselves.  The big Part is over, I can relax and let the fruits of My labour do their job over the next couple of weeks.  By that time, We Will begin a New Moon, and something else Will take the spotlight for another fourteen days or so.

The photo series starts with My workspace.  I walked in the room and saw the table set up as You see it below and it felt so inviting, so I decided to start with that.  Then there is the “Points and Authorities” to support My Letter of Complaint, and finally My “Sworn Affidavit” which are the twenty-one Pages that follow.  Some Pages are a little blurry but One day I Will get around to typing these Pages out so that there is no difficulty deciphering their contents.  For now, I apologize and hope it is clear enough to make out.

Finally, I want to say thank You to a couple of very special Friends, Eva and Gregory, who have showed tremendous support and generosity as I am War King through this thing.  They are a distance away which makes it hard for them to be significant participants in My microcosm, yet they are.  They have been following along with everything I’m doing in My microcosm and reaching out to Show their support at seemingly every opportunity.  I want You both to know how much I Love and appreciate Your support.  And, while I’m busy being Grateful for the Angels in My Universe, I want to also take this opportunity to say thank You to those individuals who have ‘liked’ My last couple of Blog Posts.  Even a little detail like that means so much to a modest man like Me.

Part of Me Wished it hadn’t taken so long, the rest of Me feels it was well worth the wait.  I hope You all agree and do make sure You have a Sensational Sunday!!!

Love and Blessings, Happy Mercury Rising!!!

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