The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVIII: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition – Serving the City of Ottawa

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Today I Will be tall King about serving the City of Ottawa My Letter of Complaint, complete with the Proposed Resolution Order.  Yes, Lords and Ladies, it is finally done!!!

The actual delivery of My Letter of Complaint was not as exciting as I had anticipated it might be, but We got the job done.  I had ‘Tweeted’ to the city of Ottawa that I would be delivering My Letter by Hand sometime this afternoon, and that had been the original plan.  Although I have always referred to Wednesday’s as ‘Lucky’, I have also said it is because We make Our Luck.  Wednesday’s and Sunday’s just happen to be the two days of the week I am able to meet with My Friend Jane, so We started the day with breakfast, planning to make true copies of My Complaint to deliver later in the day.  However, there was more than just the Proposed Resolution Order to complete the Complaint.

One of the things I had said I struggled with when Composing My Complaint, was Keeping in Mind it is not about Me; I am only one of many People who have been subject to the very same indignant conditions outlined in My Letter of Complaint, that the Salvation Army’s clients endure every single day!  Furthermore, I believe the only reason they get away with such deplorable conditions and the indignant treatment of their clients, is because they don’t ever expect their clients to have the Will or determination to do anything about it.  I Promised to make sure their Voices would be Heard, and You know I like to be True to My Word.  I had to find a Way to add the testimonies of other clients and include them in My Complaint, and that took a little more time than anticipated.

Thankfully, I had intuitively known My Work wasn’t done, and remembered to bring all of My Writing tools with Me (though I didn’t remember to bring them all back). 😛  I Composed a couple more Pages on the fly, including links to the video affidavits of My Friends tall King of their experiences at the shelter which (conveniently) also supports My Complaint.  I was War King with My Friend Jane, and We even came up with a Way to continue providing additional affidavits so that others can have their Voice heard, too, without having to file additional complaints.  Overall, I’d say that’s a Pretty Productive day!

By the time the work was done it was too late to deliver the Complaint by Hand and We didn’t want to wait another day, so We decided to file online.  Not as exciting for Me, and Part of My gig is delivering Letters in Style, so My disappointment is not being able to see the reaction of the recipient.  However, there was no Way I was Giving the city the Original Hand Writ Letter, it would have been a black and white True Copy.  Because We filed the Complaint online, the Letter was sent as an attachment.  The Beautiful thing about that, is that the attachment is a high quality scan of the Original Letter, so the Complaint is not in black and white, but full Colour, and that has a Magical Quality all its own.  And, even better…  I have a copy of it to share with You tonight!  Ah, what a Wondrously Lucky Wednesday in Deed!!!

Sv complaint28112018

So, I just finished reading about a quarter of the PDF as I have uploaded it above and the quality is very Good.  And yes, there are plenty of little ‘mistakes’; ink smears, scratched out, misspelled Words, and sometimes the lines aren’t very straight.  But that’s kind of the Point.  Nobody’s perfect, and it’s still Beautiful; it Will make an Impression.  I am also confident now that I Will not need to type the Words here on My Blog, I am sure the Letter is easy enough to read in it’s new format.  Overall, I am thing King it was a Lucky Wednesday because I was able to Publish My Letter in Colour and the Magic of it holds that Way much better (yes, the Colours mean things in Magic Land).

It also means I really can relax a little now.  It was an awful lot of work – all of it, not just Writing the Letter of Complaint.  My Work might be far from over, but I seriously think that living in a shelter for as long as I did, is truly one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  The amount of mental, emotional, and physical stress a man endures when subject to living in a shelter is beyond what I think anyone would believe unless they have experienced it themselves.  For anyone to think that life on the streets is for lazy People really hasn’t been there.  It’s self preservation and survival more than it is a life.  And People wonder why drug and alcohol abuse become such problems, and why so many People have mental health issues.  It not a Mystery, it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, this is The Good News Journal and I’d much rather Focus on what has been accomplished and start thing King about what the city might have to say about My Complaint, there is much to celebrate today!

The other thing I’m kind of proud of and wanted to share with the world this Lucky Wednesday, was that I am often thing King of My Self as a Rogue Journalist, this Blog being My International Publication (Public a’Sean).  A few nights ago I noticed another feature in My WordPress statistics that I’d never paid attention to before, though it has always been there.  ‘Insights’ Will Show Me how many Words I have Writ for the entire year.  I’ve Published over 150,000 Words this year so far!!!  I don’t know, that truly boggled My Mind, especially considering My living situation over the last year.  Even more incredible, I Published 185,000 Words last year.  I had no Idea I actually Write as much as I do!  If My audience only knew how much grief I Give My Self for not Writing enough, it was kind of comforting to know how productive I’ve actually been.  And I probably painted more than twenty portraits.  I’d say it’s been a pretty Good year already, and this recent Letter of Complaint is just one more reason to Celebrate.

Oh, and it is wonderful to see that the Salvation Army’s international representatives have taken an interest in My Complaint, too.  Welcome to The Good News Journal, I hope You enjoy Your stay.

Love and Blessings, everyone!!!




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