The Good News Journal, Volume XXXIX: The Sensei Sean All Sunday Edition – A Celebration of Life

Good day, everyone, and welcome to the Sunday Edition of The Good News Journal.  It was a little more challenging to publish a Post this week, as My Monday morning started with some Monday mourning, and the unfortunate news that a Good Friend of mine had passed.  Needless to say, I didn’t feel much like publishing any ‘Good’ News that day and it’s been difficult getting back to Good without acknowledging the loss of My Friend.

Death is not something I Write about very often, mostly because I like to Focus on what We do with [the Energy of] Our Life.  However, death is Part of Life, We can’t have one without the other, so it is inevitable that I would one day need to say something on the subject.  Today is that day and (as per usual), I want to do My best to Present death in the most positive Light possible (which is no easy task).

I literally received the news first thing Monday morning, before I had even had a chance to clear the cobwebs from My Mind or take a sip of My first coffee.  Even the Words in the message seemed cold and harsh, but there is no Way to deliver this kind of news in a positive way and I don’t think I could have done any better.

“I don’t know how close You were, but Chris was found dead this morning.”

That was the first message I read Monday morning, and I was devastated.  I may know that Spirit is eternal and Will Live on forever, but it doesn’t take the sting out of losing a Good Friend, and Spiritual mastery did not make the grieving process any less painful, so I thought it was something I should talk about.  I’ve read about the grieving process, but I’ve never lost anyone close enough to Me to really feel the loss, I have always felt somewhat detached, comforting others who are suffering from the loss of ones they have Loved and been close to.  And I only knew this man a year, but We bonded quickly, and he was a very Good Friend.

First, I was in shock.  I didn’t want to believe what I was reading, I thought it must be some kind of sick joke, though the rational Part of My Mind knew better.  Then it began to really sink in, though it still felt somewhat surreal.  Then I got angry.  Yup, angry!  I felt like I needed to hit something and actually thought about doing it – I wanted something strong enough to hit without breaking the target or My Hand.  Then I started to wonder why I was so angry and had My first meltdown in a long time.  I was still feeling angry, but now I was bawling and I could feel the emotion being released from My body, a portion of the anger dissipating with it.  Then I started thing King about how to respond to the message and started bawling all over again.  I was pretty much an emotional wreck all day.  And although losing a loved one Will be no more or less difficult regardless their age, his youth made it seem that much more tragic – he was only 32.

The day became more emotional when I did reply to the message, as his family as King of Me if I would paint his portrait to Honour his Life and say a few Words at his service.  Painting his portrait was something I had already promised My Friend I would do, but he had wanted Me to wait until he had accomplished a few Goals before beginning the Work.  His family as King of Me to do the portrait felt like a tremendous Honour and the perfect Way for Me to Give something back for the wonderful moments I have shared with him.

However, there was also some very Good News this week, as My Mother also arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday for a three day visit and it was absolutely wonderful to see her.  She arrived with a Friend and We met every morning for breakfast and spent the better part of each day together until her departure Friday morning.  I haven’t seen anyone in My family since I left Guelph almost a year and a half ago, and I cannot express how wonderful it was to see My mom, and even more special to see her looking so happy, healthy, and youthful.

My ‘Quest’ has been very hard for My family.  It was difficult for them to understand why I would leave a perfectly Good apartment and move to Ottawa, but I truly feel they are beginning to understand – or at the very least, My Mother is.  She was only too happy to tell Me how proud she was of the videos interviews I’ve done regarding the Salvation Army and the kind of conditions the People there are subject to.  She was even as King Quest Ions of Me about how they are supposed to spend their days in such cold weather, something many People never consider and a very real challenge for anyone subject to homelessness.  The Salvation Army provides shelter for roughly 135 People a night, but only has a lounge that comfortably seats roughly 20 – where is everyone else supposed to go to keep warm in a Canadian winter?  Mainstream newspapers Will never report on these subjects because they know the Canadian taxpayers would be furious.  What do We pay such enormous taxes for if not to take care of Our less fortunate?

My Mother was also patient enough to hear of My adventures in Court and I think she even enjoyed hearing some of My stories.  Admittedly, law is not a subject My Mother particularly likes tall King about, but I know she was very happy to hear of My success and know that I have the knowledge and confidence to finally take care of the injustices done to Me by the local police services.  I also never really cared much for My stepfather and My Mother’s new Friend is fabulous!  I Trust My intuition about People and I liked him immediately.

I also had My ‘Court readiness’ date on December 7th.  With all the commotion of My Mother being in town and My Friend passing away, I almost forgot!  Thank God for calendars on phones, or I think I actually may have missed it.  For the most Part, it was a nothing day.  I as King of the Court if there would be provisions for My laptop, if Crown was planning to subpoena all of the witnesses presented in their information, and if they were able to tell Me who the Justice would be on the day of My trial.  Negative on knowing the Justice for the date of My trial, yes to provisions for My laptop and subpoena’s for the witnesses listed on the disclosure.  That was pretty much it, though it was kind of interesting after I had finished, as the Crown (prosecution) as King of Me if I could stick around for a few minutes to speak with Me privately.  This would be the second time that prosecution has as King to speak with privately and I was only too curious to know what they wanted to say…

“Are You sure there is nothing We can do to resolve this?”

“I’m pretty sure.”

“We offered You community service, You didn’t want that, We offered You a peace bond, You didn’t want that.  What about a small donation?”

“I really don’t think so.”

“Look, I know You are confident and believe You Will win but I would hate to see things not go Your Way.  A small donation makes all of this go away, no criminal record.”

“I know it might be hard for You to understand, but the reason I won’t take any of Your deals is because it has already been made clear that if I do, I cannot file a counterclaim against Constable Christopher Jenkyn.  He broke one of My ribs, I am not letting him get away with that.”

“No, it’s okay, I get it – You want Your day in Court.”

“Yes, I very much do!”

“Okay.  Well, I just don’t want to see things not go Your Way and unfortunately, I can’t just withdraw charges if I have enough information to go to trial.”

“And I get that, too.  However, I really think You should review Your information because if You do, I don’t think it Will take You long to figure out why it won’t hold up in Court.”

I even gave her a clue as to what to look for in the information and for the first time ever, I felt she was taking Me seriously.

“Okay, I’m going to thoroughly review the information and if I can find any reason why the information won’t hold up in Court, I’ll contact You and withdraw the charges.  Do We have Your contact information?”

“I’m pretty sure You do.”

“Okay, I’ll contact You if I can find any reason to withdraw the charges.”

So, not too bad a day for Me!  I certainly left there feeling very confident, and I also received a few compliments on My fancy Fluevog’s, which is always nice.  I am thing King they know they are about to have their asses handed to them in Court.  I feel like I’m going up against the Emperor with new clothes, except the Emperor is prosecution and the ‘new clothes’ is the Suit against Me.  They have no clue how foolish I Will make constable Jenkyn’s look – and it won’t be difficult.

Finally, the week ended with a celebration of Life for My Friend.  I’d had a week to come to terms with the event of his death and thought I would manage to be strong at the service.  I was wrong, though I did manage to hold it together long enough to say a few Words, and some of them I would like to leave with My audience today.  Before I do that, I do want to say that the service truly made Me feel better, which is something I was not expecting.  Everyone seemed to Focus on the same characteristics of My Friend’s personality that made him such an incredible man to know.  It was comforting to know that he had touched so many lives in the same Way he affected mine.

I Will finish this Post with the same Words (paraphrasing) I finished with at My Friend’s service, which is tall King about the three stages of death.  The first is when the spirit leaves the body and it can no longer function.  The second death is when the body returns to the earth.  The final, and most absolute death, is when the man’s name is no longer remembered by anyone on earth.  We can Keep a man alive for as long as We remember how he has influenced Our own.

Love and Blessings, My Dear Friend Chris, I Will never forget You and I miss You already.


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