The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition

Hello and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Why ‘Lucky’ Wednesday?  Why not?  I’m not sure when it was that I started thing King of Wednesday’s as Lucky, but the more I began to notice, the Luckier Wednesday’s seemed to become.  If Our thoughts are Creative (and I know they are), then it certainly couldn’t hurt to consider Wednesday’s as Wondrously Lucky.  In fact, I have always called Wednesday’s Lucky since I started Writing The Good News Journal in the Hope that it may stand to make Your Wednesday’s a little more Lucky, too!  I hope and Trust it is War King. 😉

Today was actually a rather quiet Wednesday for Me.  I am Still, basking in the Glory of Tuesday’s Triumphs in Court, wondering what I should set out to accomplish in 2019.  Writing is My greatest passion and continues to remain My primary Focus, the big Quest-Ion I am as King of My Self is how to use My Passion for Writing to accomplish My Dreams.  Over the last couple of years, I have been thing King of My Self as something of a ‘Rogue Journalist’, reporting on [some of] the conditions I would like to see change and holding those who are responsible accountable.  And although I am very pleased with the outcome of My Court matters yesterday, I’m also a little disappointed and perhaps even shocked.

There are a lot of reasons why I was looking forward to My day in Court and I had already done a considerable amount of work to make sure I was prepared, the Words of Her Honourable Justice, Perkins Mc-Vey, still echo in My Mind,

“Hang onto that though, You Will need it later – but You can’t do that now”, Her Honour stated plainly after I Gave the Court notice of My Motion of Counter Claim.

It had been one of the Gifts I had planned to Present the Court with when making My defence.  Now, not only do I have a very carefully laid out defence strategy I no longer need, I also have a Motion of Counter-Claim that is no longer appropriately Titled and needs to be re-Writ.  Basically, all the work I did was for naught, yet I am still enjoying some kind of euphoria, a cosmic high and consequence of the charges against Me being dropped.  I can’t just throw it all away (though that is typically what I would do).  I feel like I should memorialize My work somehow, if only to Honour My Effort.

Perhaps I was wrong to have claimed it was all for naught; although the charges against Me were withdrawn, I’m quite sure that My preparation and hard work was reflected in My confidence in Court, and it is just as likely that had I not prepared, I’d have ended up going to trial and scrambling to pull it all together at the last moment.  Even if We don’t know the Law very well, most of Us know Murphy and what his laws are all about.  This is one of the very few examples in My Life where I did not procrastinate at all and was prepared pretty much from the onset of the proceedings.  Now, I feel as though I have nothing to do when the reality is, I have to do nothing but can choose to do pretty much anything.  It’s like I’m at a crossroads of infinite pathways, paralyzed by potential possibilities.

So, what am I doing to Keep active?  I’m being True to the few commitments I’ve made this year.  I watch one educational/motivational video every day, I read other Blogs for at least one hour every day, and I’ve also made a couple of new promises to My Self that I started on Monday.

Because Writing is My Passion I won’t commit to doing it everyday because feeling compelled to do something can suck the Joy right out of it; and that would be pointless.  The whole Idea is to Focus on doing what I Love and using that Love to accomplish everything else I hope to achieve and, through both My successes and failures, hopefully helping My readers develop the fearlessness and confidence to do the same.  So I have Promised to Write as much as possible without Giving My Self grief if I don’t.  Ideally, I would like to Publish a Post daily whenever possible, but I’m not going to punish My Self if I don’t.

The other commitment I have made is to exercise.  I like to try and stay in shape and I haven’t had much opportunity to work out properly due to the sacrifices I made over the last couple years.  So on Monday of this week, I started a very simple routine that I am going to share with You because I am already pretty fit and I want People to know that I don’t really do much to stay that Way, and I don’t think it’s any kind of superhero power, it’s just a small amount of effort applied everyday.  My problem (generally) is that I Will be very dedicated to My workout routine until I become really fit.  Then, for whatever reason, I decide it’s enough and take a break and only resume again when I begin to notice I am no longer fit.  This time, My goal is to make exercise Part of My daily routine for the rest of My Life, and My first goal Will be 500 consecutive push-ups.  I warned You I have ambitious goals, but if I set My Mind to something, I generally accomplish what I set out to do, the only Quest-Ion, is how long it Will take.  My name day (birthday) is June 5th and I’d like to reach My Goal by then.  Admittedly, that might be a little too ambitious, even for Me, but I’m curious to see what I can accomplish in [roughly] six months and it should give Me a pretty Good Idea how long it Will take if I haven’t yet succeeded.

Here’s My very simple routine.  I do five sets of push-ups to failure, one minute apart.  The entire work-out takes less than seven minutes out of My day right now (though obviously it Will take longer as I am able to do more).  I was able to do 24 consecutive push-ups My first day, for which I used an app on My phone to evaluate My starting fitness level (which was rated as excellent, much to My surprise).  The app is actually called ‘push ups’ if anyone is interested in following along with Me and taking this challenge.  After the fitness assessment, it Created a five set push up routine which is exactly My philosophy and why I chose the app.  Five is My favourite number (37 is My Magic number) and I believe it is also the perfect number of sets for ultimate growth without overtraining.  The only thing I didn’t like about the app is that it evaluated My fitness and then started My training program.  The training program was very difficult after having just completed a set to failure.  So My recommendation is to dl the app, do the fitness test and begin the workout routine the next day.

Currently, I am averaging 48 push ups a day over three days.  When I am able to do 100 consecutive, I Will stop at 100 and take a one minute break until I can do five sets of 100 with a one minute break between sets.  Once I can do that, I Will start doing each set to failure, for a total of 500 push ups over five sets.  Eventually the number of sets Will continue to decrease until I am able to do 500 in a single set.  I’m curious to see how long it Will take.  I’m also curious to see if there is anyone out there who might be interested in joining Me on this challenge and/or commenting on how long they think it might take.

I’m sharing this because I believe that staying fit is one of the reasons I stay motivated and I personally believe physical fitness is important (as hypocritical as that may sound as a smoker, I have crazy endurance and I believe it’s because I Keep active).  I’m also going to be tall King about some of the changes I Plan to make to take My Blog and My Writing to the next level.

There is also a Quest-Ion I want to share with My readers that was as King of Me on a Blog I was reading just this evening, “If anything were possible, what would You do?”

I would like to change that to, “If You know anything is possible, what Will You choose to accomplish?”

I think most of My readers know My answer is world peace, but I am curious to know what You would do if You knew You could accomplish anything.

Thanks so much for being here, Happy Lucky Wednesday!

Love and Blessings,




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