The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Fabulous Friday Edition – Being a Blogger, Part II

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, I hope You are all feeling Fabulous!

I think this Will be My last Post on this topic for at least a little while, but as I encourage other Writing enthusiasts to get their Blogs started, I want to share some of My experiences Blogging, some of the Authors I’ve been reading to take My Blog to the next level, and debunk some of the advice that I felt may actually discourage One from even getting started.  So here goes…


In My ‘Magical Monday Edition‘, I was tall King about how I’m one of probably very few People who actually like Monday’s.  Seriously.  Why?  Because I have no reason not to!  I Love what I do, so Monday is just the beginning of a new week, a fresh start, and (for Me), a time when I like to set new Goals.  Pictured above is My personal Journal.  As I opened My Journal to make a few notes about what I was learning today, I realized this was a Great example of how I hold My Self accountable to My Goals in My personal Life.  I Write them down!!!  

Now, this Post is about Blogging so I don’t want to go off on too big a tangent about My Spiritual philosophies but I almost always achieve the Goals I put to paper.  Why?  Because My Goals are important to Me, and at times extremely ambitious; Writing them down was a Way of making Me accountable to My Dreams without anyone else having to know, and no one to blame but My Self if I failed to accomplish them.  I didn’t feel I could share My real Dreams and Goals with anyone because most People would likely think I was nuts!  Yet somehow, I always managed to accomplish them and it was a Great Way of learning about My Self because every now and then, I would change My Mind about a Goal – it would lose importance as I continued to grow and mature Spiritually.  I realized the only Goals I failed to accomplish, were the ones I had consciously chosen to abandon – and I would Write about that, too.  Usually something like, “Okay, sorry but I’m not really interested in that anymore, now I want to Focus on…”

So I decided to stop Writing My Journal and start sharing My thoughts with the world.  The whole Idea behind doing this, was to Show the world that We Will accomplish anything We put Our Mind to.  And it isn’t some super-human Power, it’s just determination, being true to One’s Self, and being accountable to One’s Self.  For Me, Writing the things I truly wanted to accomplish in My Journal was My Way of tall King with God, and as King for assistance with the things that really Mattered to Me (even though I would never have thought about it that Way until I awakened Spiritually).

The other reason I decided to use a Page from My Journal was to emphasize the Power of this ‘Magic’ – because I Writ My Goals on Monday, and I had done exactly what I said I sometimes do – I changed My Mind about something,

“I can complete My notes for My trial anytime, this year I am Focusing on My Social Media, Blog and International influence.”

What happened the very next day?  I discovered that Crown had withdrawn all charges against Me and I won My Friend’s Court Matter, too.  Coincidence?  Yeah, We don’t believe in those here!  The Universe made My commitment that much easier to Keep by clearing My schedule completely! I have nothing else that requires My immediate attention.  Do NOT underestimate the Power of Writing down Your Dreams on Paper.  I cannot stress how Powerful the Spelling of Magic really is.

I also really wanted to share a Blog Post from another Blogger who does Blog full-time and I was worried I wasn’t going to find it again – thank the Universe for the ‘History’ tab! This was Part of My reading commitment to learn from others and I love everything about the Post.  It’s funny, witty, well Written, full of great advice and most of all, real.  There is something very genuine about the Tone and Style of the Author’s Writing.  Maybe it won’t be so enjoyable for someone who hasn’t put themselves ‘out there’ and started a new Blog, but I am thing King it Will be encouraging for anyone who feels a little insecure or nervous about taking the plunge.  I hope You do take the time to check it out, I know You won’t be disappointed, and I’d be surprised if You don’t laugh or at least smile a few times. 😉

Is Blogging a Real Job?

Writing a Blog is really hard work!  I don’t see it that Way because I love Writing.  But believe Me, if You are hoping to start a Blog and make it a full time career, You Will have Your work cut out for You and You should be well prepared to spend hours a day war King on it, and learning as much as You possibly can from other successful Bloggers.  It is anything but easy.  However, I also don’t want that to discourage anyone who loves Writing and is thing King they could make a living at it; You can, it all depends on You, and how determined You are to succeed!

Finally, I also wanted to say a few things about some of the advice I am coming across with regards to starting a new Blog.  Although I may not be making money Writing this Blog, that was never My intention when I started out.  I started this Blog mostly because I Love Writing, I feel like I have My very own Public, eh, Sean (publication), and that’s something I’m very proud of – I can Write what I want without having to worry about what some executive editor may think.  I’m also receiving a tremendous amount of support from Peers and Friends who believe I should be getting paid for the effort I’ve put into this and I have more than enough content (590 Blog Posts and counting), to make that a very real possibility.  In some Ways, One could say I’ve already done the hard work, now I just have to promote and monetize the material I have.  And that’s the point I want to make; if You don’t Love Writing and are starting a Blog to make money, I’d be the last person to tell You it can’t be done, but I’d also be the first to tell You not to bother – invest Your time in something You Love doing.

“Do what You love and the rest Will follow.” – Proverb/Quote

Well, it looks as though I Will be Writing one more Post about Blogging because I have a few more things to say on the topic to get new Bloggers started on the right foot.

Until next time, I hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday!

Love and Blessings,



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