The Good News Journal, Volume XLVII: The Magical Monday Motivation Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Magical Monday ‘Motivation’ Edition of The Good News Journal.  I almost took the day off today, simply because My studies have been somewhat exhaustive and it’s been a busy (and extremely cold) day.  I mentioned once before that I’ve had to Keep something of a side hustle going just to maintain this Blog and today was one of those days.  There was plenty of snow to shovel, so the hours of the day seemed significantly shorter and I’m not in a position to say no to the extra opportunities God Gifts Me with.

I’m also being true to My commitments to My Self and spending significant time researching strategies to monetize My Blog.  This has been a very big decision for Me, as I have had to make some serious adjustments to some very strong personal philosophies I have about My Duties and responsibilities to My fellow man.  I do not believe We should be competing with One another for profit; in fact, I would strongly suggest that these are the false ‘prophets’ We have all heard so much about.  However, if monetizing My Blog allows Me to dedicate more time to sharing My wisdom and philosophies with the world, I know the Universe Will support and encourage My determination to make that Dream possible by whatever means necessary.  I also have a couple of contingency Plans, one of which includes complete transparency.  I Will share both My successes and failures with the world, so My audience can benefit from My experiences.

Keeping My Prophecy for Peace ‘In Focus’

A little ironic that the Picture is blurry, but I tried three times and the only camera I have is the one on My phone – a little tricky to push the button while Keeping the camera perfectly still.  Anyway, it serves it’s purpose, and because I don’t believe in coincidences and perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe speaking to each of Us in its Unique Way, [for Me] it is a reflection of how the Dream for world Peace is a little blurry now, too – and that’s what I really want to bring into Focus over the next year.

These are the two Books in which I’ve been Published.  The ‘InFocus’ Book was the final Product of a Project Created by two incredible individuals; Lady Nina, House of Garacci, and Lady Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick.  They launched the project in the spring/summer of 2017 to Create awareness of homelessness and poverty in Canada’s capital (Ottawa), and the Book features photography taken by Ottawa’s homeless, beautifully showcasing the value of a marginalized minority most often ignored and forgot by the masses.  Most like to look away when they see homelessness and poverty, this Book demonstrates how We all have something of Value to offer the world, if only We would take time to notice, and nurture the unique Gifts Given each of Us by God.  They were also responsible for bringing this Issue to the limelight by attracting media attention, and were featured in all four of Ottawa’s most read newspapers; the Ottawa Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the National Post, and the Metro (though the Metro publication was discontinued shortly thereafter).  Furthermore, they insisted in including Me in each of their interviews, an important detail I Will elaborate on in the Terrific Tuesday Edition tomorrow.  (So stay tuned).

I’m Calling this the Magical Monday ‘Motivation’ Edition because I want to remind all of My readers that We each have something of Value to contribute to the world, the problem is that We live in a world where many of the Gifts We have to Give are not considered profitable; primarily compassion and kindness.  I believe that most mental health and addiction issues could be remedied very quickly if the individuals subject to those conditions had someone in their corner to care for them.  Compassion and kindness could lead Us a long Way down the road to healing Our planet.

Last week I was tall King about how I like Monday’s because it’s a fresh start to a new week.  My Focus is never going to change.  I Will fight for the rights and dignity of those less fortunate for as long as I am able.  But I am going to be reinventing this Blog, and there is Willful determination on the Part of the Canadian government to prevent My Voice from being heard – and that is the primary reason I was disappointed to hear that the charges against Me had been withdrawn.  We had planned to fill the Courtroom and use it as a Forum for teaching others that the philosophies I speak of are not a fallacy, but fact.

It is also the motivation behind monetizing this Blog, making it My primary Focus in 2019, and why I spent three of My Blog Posts last week encouraging others who Dream of Writing to get started already.  Because the mainstream media Will do everything they can to Keep My Voice from being heard, this is the best opportunity I have to continue My teaching.  I Will be filing a counterclaim against officer Jenkyn’s for the unlawful arrest, and I Will be filing a complaint for violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code and showing all of My work.  But You’re not likely to hear of any of My successes in the [mainstream] Media.  That is why I Created the categories You are reading now ‘The King’s Court’ and ‘The King’s Common Law Academy’.  It is here that I Will make My accusations against Our dis-Honourable elected officials, and it Will be here that You, the People, Will make Your judgments.  The People are the authority of Law, and the owners of the Courts.  We need to remind Our elected officials of these facts, and reclaim Our planet.

I’m going to be getting this Published just under the wire, it Will likely be Tuesday for most of My audience by the time this is Live.  But I’m going to leave You with a Blog Post featuring some of the most motivational TEDx talks in the event that I fell short on My Promise to Motivate Your Monday, and I really Writ this Post as something of a preview of My future plans.  Part of the ‘revamping’ of My Blog Will be Motivational Monday’s but it was only an Idea I conceived of today; next week I Will have it published in time to inspire One’s workweek.

Some motivational TEDx talks to Keep You inspired (and why I like to watch them).

Finally, I have one last auspicious event to share with You all before I Sign off.  This Post was not Created by Me, but sent to Me via e-mail by WordPress pending My review (similar to the Way comments await review before they are visible on the website).  It’s kind of funny because relative to other Blogs, 1600 Views in a year is not a lot.  However, I clearly remember receiving this because this was back when it seemed like no one was reading My Blog, so 1600 was a lot to Me (and these 1600 views were certainly not showing up in My stats).  But the most remarkable thing about it, is that it has been updated since then (and not by Me).  I didn’t put the graphic of My Book there, I don’t even know if I had My Book Published yet, it was added sometime later.  But notice the cover of the Book, which is the cover I Created (designed by My Friend Dylan Hill).  That’s how the first few Books I ordered appeared.  NOW, they appear as pictured in the first photo published with this Post.

Featured image

Something of a teaser as I Will be elaborating on this a little more tomorrow.  Part of My Monday Motivation is planning Posts for My week.

I hope You are all having a fabulous start to the week, I’ll do what I can to Publish a little earlier in the day tomorrow!

(Oh, and for the sake of humour, I believe the comment at the bottom [of the review] was Writ by the ex of a girl I was dating at the time, though I can’t be sure…)

Love and Blessings,


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