The Good News Journal, Volume XLVIII: The Marvel ‘Us’ Motivation All Monday Edition

Happy Marvel ‘Us’ Motivational Monday Edition of The Good News Journal – as always, thank You all so much for being here.  My ‘new’ Marvel ‘Us’ Monday Edition is about providing My audience with Motivational tips that Will get Your week off on the right foot and help You to become the kind of energized individual others Marvel at.

I have some serious Success steroids in My arsenal of Stories to share with You today.  In fact, the Power of the motivational Secrets of My recent Success studies are so Strong, I started Writing this Post immediately after reading them My Self!  I am thing King I have a Great first Edition for You!

First, I want My audience to know that both of the articles I’m sharing with You today are the result of Keeping the Goals I set out for My Self two weeks ago; to dedicate at least one hour of every day to reading other Blogs related to My Goals, to watch at least one motivational video every day (usually ‘TED talks’), to stick to a work out routine (specifically push-ups), to be more active with My social media accounts (primarily Twitter, though recently Pinterest, too) and to Write as often as possible, ideally every day without forcing My Self to Write if I’m not feeling it (simply because I don’t want to ever lose My Love for Writing).

In My microcosm, it would be fair to say that those who know Me often think I am some kind of ‘genius’ and I’m really not!  I just Love learning, so I spend more time at it than the average person does – potentially a lot more time at it.  I don’t usually spend much time tall King about it, either, so I am also thing King that People often presume things come very naturally to Me – they don’t.  Like anyone, there are a lot of areas I could use improvement and I’m generally (at least somewhat) aware of My shortcomings – so I work at them.  My Blog stats might be a great example; to Me, I’ve already achieved success because I have People reading My Posts daily.  When I started My Blog, I would sometimes go weeks without a single visitor, even when I was Writing!  So You can see how things are relative to perception.  It didn’t ever affect My enthusiasm, though, because I had never considered Blogging a career and believed that whomever was meant to find My Blog, would.  It was just a forum for Me to express My Self and My Spiritual philosophies without having to impose My Views on others.  Now that I’ve decided to monetize My Blog in 2019, I knew I had to start doing some homework to be successful.

If I had said that I wanted to make Writing a Blog My full time job ten years ago, I’m sure I would have had plenty of People tell Me I’m nuts, or suggest I Focus on more ‘realistic’ Ideas (I was (and still am) focused on accomplishing Peace in the world, so I’m no stranger to People telling Me My dreams are ‘unrealistic’).  I had some very original Ideas planned for this Post that I was not able to implement for reasons beyond My control (You Will have to wait till next week to hear about them).  So instead of allowing My Self to get frustrated, I Focused on Keeping My goals and decided to see what wealth of information might be waiting for Me in the Pinterest pins I’d saved to My motivational board for future reading.  The first Post I came across was suggesting strategies for dealing with the doubters of One’s Dreams, and I’m going to share it with You now because the same philosophies presented in the Post essentially emulate My Mindset about anything I am determined to achieve.


What to do when People don’t believe in Your Dreams

I really do hope You take some time to read the Post.  Not only is it great advice and inspiration, but it also emulates one of the core philosophies I am continually speaking of – no coincidences.  The Writer of the Post had all kinds of People suggesting the author study law and become a paralegal or lawyer, rather than pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.  As You might guess, I have had My fair share of People say the same to Me.  So I thought it was a perfect Post because it’s also one more example of how there are no coincidences in My Universe, and I hope that by continually pointing this out, My audience Will begin to notice the same.

The second Post I’m Presenting You with today is even more auspicious and serendipitous, especially if You’ve been reading along for the last couple of weeks.  The Post is tall King about the importance of Good food, and eggs in particular.  The author Writes about the importance of lists, routine, Magic, small wins leading to big victories and finally, the Key Mind Set to breaking a habit being, “I am….” and suggesting One Will eventually become whatever One speaks after those two Powerful Words.  And this is essentially what I have suggested to be the most Powerful teaching of Magic there is – and it’s reasonably well accepted as such these days.

I had another very busy day today, and My Friend said to Me that she can’t believe how much positive energy I have, how confident I am, and how ‘well trained’ I am with My Words, never breathing Life into the Words ‘I can’t, if, or maybe’.  She even went on to suggest that it must be My diet and starting My day with a Good breakfast (eggs).  So, because I don’t believe in coincidences, many of the answers to My Friend’s Quest-Ions can be found in the following Post, which can also lead You down a rabbit hole of motivation and inspiration to self-start Your own Monday’s, should You feel so inclined.  Without further ado, here is My second Motivational Post for a Marvel ‘Us’ Monday.

How to motivate the SH!T out of Your Self!!!

Finally, I want to let You know that I Will be incorporating a couple of the philosophies found in that Post to My own Life starting today – To shave everyday (I hate shaving but also hate having a beard, so only do it when I absolutely must), and the Pomodoro technique, which I am not going to tell You about to Motivate You to read the Post!!!  (I know, I’m SO cruel!).

#BeTheChange #Success #Motivation #Leadership #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship

So that’s My first Motivation All Monday Post, to help You all become Marvel-Us.

Love and Blessings, new Tuesday Edition coming tomorrow, so stay Tuned!!!


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