The Good News Journal, Volume XLVIII: The Sensei Sean All Simple Solutions Saturday Edition – Ending Poverty

Good evening, everyone, welcome to the Sensei Sean All ‘Simple Solutions’ Saturday Edition.  One of the reasons I started Calling My Blog ‘The Good News Journal’ was because I wanted to remind the world that there really are a lot of Good things happening and most of Our mainstream media like to focus on the tragedy of Our world, often without offering any kind of reasonable solution to the problems being reported.  So My new ‘Simple Solutions Saturday’ Edition Will be dedicated to offering simple solutions to many of the world’s seemingly complex problems; much like scarcity, most of these problems are manufactured and marketed to seem daunting and impossible to solve but could be remedied reasonably quickly if We simply changed Our perspective.

One would think that considering My determination to put an end to global poverty and homelessness (at least as My first priority), the following video would have been one of the very first to be suggested as recommended viewing in My TED talks exploration.  Despite My determination to watch a TED talks video daily, I had never come across this video or heard of Rutger Bregman until a Friend of mine shared it on My Facebook feed this morning.  No coincidences, I started thing King it would make a perfect first video for My Simple Solutions Saturday Edition.

“We address the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.” – Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman is the author of a book called ‘Utopia for Realists’ and is also a highly respected historian with almost 100k followers on Twitter (including Me).  Something I’ve always struggled to comprehend is why, in a world full of entrepreneurs happy to tell their Success Stories and share their Secrets as to how they’ve made millions from virtually nothing, do People still believe that world Peace is an unrealistic or impossible goal?  The Idea that Peace is impossible, is unrealistic.  It is also claimed (by the U.N. Charter of Universal Rights and Freedoms) that freedom from want and fear is the Highest aspiration of the Common man.  If this is true, then no one has ever accomplished that which We collectively desire most – with so many brilliant Minds in the world, how is that possible?..  And People wonder why I won’t buy into this Idea that My Dream for world Peace is unattainable.  Anyone would tell You that one of the very first steps to successfully marketing any product is identifying a problem in the world and providing a solution.  Rutger Bregman is offering a solution to one of Our world’s greatest problems – guaranteed basic income.


He postulates that basic income (enough money for food, shelter and education) is not a privilege, but a right – and he’s right!  He continues to suggest that this basic income should be unconditional with no requirements to qualify, and no obligations with respect to what One should do with it.  The interesting thing about this philosophy, is that it was tried in a small town called Dauphin which ‘just happens’ (no coincidences) to be right here in Canada.  I like his speech because he also suggests that if government complains that the plan is too costly, We can simply take the money from their salaries and give it to the People they were elected to support in the first place!!!  (I guess You would have to be a Friend in My microcosm to know and appreciate how many times I have suggested this – I don’t believe any real leader would ever take more than the least of their People; that’s not leadership, that’s oppression).

Leadership, not Oppression
We need (Real) Leaders, not Oppressors

But seriously, elected officials will ‘borrow’ exuberant amounts of money from private, centralized banks for virtually anything and everything except poverty!  I am in no Way, shape or form an advocate for private centralized banks, or suggesting We need to borrow more when every Sovereign nation has the right to mint it’s own currency debt free, I am simply suggesting there is no excuse for poverty.  If We can borrow money to bail out banks, We can certainly borrow money to take care of Our People – that is (or should be) Our [elected officials] first Duty and responsibility.

In fact, I actually have a much better solution, at least for the city of Ottawa, or any other city in Canada that is contracting with emergency shelters to provide basic needs.  We don’t need to borrow any money to provide a basic income for Canada’s impoverished People, We simply need to redirect the funds that are currently going to emergency shelters and place it in the pockets of Canada’s People subject to homelessness.  Here’s how it would work:

  1. The Salvation Army receives roughly $1250/month per client for basic shelter
  2. The Salvation Army also receives an additional $5 per meal served, 3x daily for a total of $15 per day or $450/month
  3. People subject to poverty reliant on social services and emergency shelters receive additional $343/month for basic needs
  4. Total cost to the taxpayer and city of Ottawa to contract with emergency shelters; $1250 + $450 + $343 = $2043/month
  5. Allowance provided for those subject to emergency shelter to find basic housing, $384/month (virtually impossible without subsidy)
  6. Average rental cost for bachelor or one bedroom in city of Ottawa, roughly $750 – $900/month inclusive

So the city of Ottawa could provide a minimum basic income allowance of $2043/month to every person reliant on social services without any additional cost to the taxpayer or city of Ottawa, which would be more than sufficient to find dignified housing.  Let’s presume the individual secures basic shelter at a cost of $900/month, they are still left with $1143/month for food and personal needs.  Because the emergency shelters in the city of Ottawa fail to meet the minimum requirements outlined by the emergency shelter standards they are legally obliged to comply with in order to receive funding in the first place (and why I filed a complaint with the city of Ottawa), the city is also eligible to be reinstated for all money paid to the Salvation Army or other emergency shelters for failing to honour and comply with their contractual agreements, and the emergency shelters are required to have a $5,000,000.00 in liability insurance for every complaint resolution!!!  That’s 5 million dollars per offence per client for every complaint of injury as a result of failing to act in compliance with the emergency shelter standards – and this is Writ directly in their contractual agreement.

The Salvation Army and other emergency shelters that have taken advantage of Canada’s People, trespassed on their rights and dignity, and violated their contractual agreements can foot the bill for a basic income allowance worthy of human dignity.  And I hope You Will watch the video I posted to see just how quickly the city, and more importantly, the People subject to emergency shelters, begin to thrive when provided with an unconditional guaranteed basic income allowance.


This is the main reason city councillors and Ottawa’s dis-Honourable Mayor don’t want to respond to My Letters – because there is no excuse and no One can argue with the logic Presented in this Post.  They just don’t want to admit that it was a homeless man who Presented these solutions.

See how simple changing the world can be if We just change Our perspective?

I hope Sensei Sean has taught Our elected officials a few things today, and that the rest of You are having a Sensational Saturday!!!

Love and Blessings,







  1. Hi,
    This is great! I totally agree with you 100%! I feel like all that people could say to this is well then people would stay on assistance! Well, I think that if they actually gave people enough to live that there should be rules. For example, when on welfare, its temporary until you find a job. So they should make a rule that if you dont look for work at all you are cut off, very simple. As for ODSP, you are on hoping to get better and hopefully get off. So we should have to go to counselling etc to better ourselves etc. And if we dont, cut off. What do you think?
    I feel like this could really help, but I also think housing is not very affordable to begin with.
    Thanks, Joëlle

    1. Hi Joelle!,
      Thank You very much for Your support and contribution to this conversation. Believe it or not, My Ideas are even more progressive than what You’re suggesting, although it would absolutely be a step in the right direction.

      The problem with requiring those receiving a basic income to look for work, or for those unable to work to get the care they need so they can return to work, is that it makes the basic income conditional, and the Idea behind a minimum basic income is that basic needs are a right, not subject to any conditions. The reason for this, is because poverty is a complex issue and even in some of the best situations, where it is presumed unemployment and poverty are the result of a lack of motivation, there is always unemployment. A “Good” unemployment level is usually around 5%, meaning that in a country of 35 million or so, (like Canada) 1,750,000 People Will always be without jobs. Unemployment becomes a revolving door where the most motivated take the jobs from those who are less motivated or less qualified. In a ‘perfect’ scenario where the unemployment stays around 5%, and those who are employed keep their jobs, the remaining unemployed would be forced to look for jobs in an economic environment where the jobs simply don’t exist. This would add to social anxiety and mental health issues and potentially create a scenario where those without jobs are truly considered a burden to society because they are not performing as well as those with jobs.
      The Idea that poverty exists because of a lack of motivation is a popular social stigma but it just isn’t accurate. Unemployment exists because there are not enough jobs for everyone and We see this as a problem, so We CREATE jobs to try and fill this gap, even if they do nothing to help society (like opening a new car manufacturing plant when We have plenty of cars already). This is exactly why We are destroying the planet, because We create meaningless jobs to fill an unemployment gap that isn’t really the source of the problem.
      I have a solution for this problem, too, and I Will make sure that I dedicate My next Thursday Edition to addressing this topic.

      Thank You so much for Your thoughts and taking the time to share them, I look forward to hearing more from You in the future.

      Love and Blessings!

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