The Good News Journal, Volume XLVIII: The Super Natural Sun Day Re View Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the Sun Day Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You very much for being here.

It Will be a short Post today, just a quick recap of the events of the week and a short summary of the new Theme You are experiencing today.  Due to technical difficulties with My PayPal account, it might be as much as another week before I can actually monetize the site, but I figured I wouldn’t let that be an excuse to stop War King on My marketing strategies or updating some of the features I had hoped to implement.

PayPal requires verification of Your bank info by making a small purchase (like a dollar and a few pennies) and then One has to let PayPal know how much the amount was to verify the account, then the money is reimbursed.  For whatever reason, the amount they’re taking isn’t showing, so I’m going to have to get that sorted out this week.  I’m not sure if the issue is with My account or PayPal but I’ll eventually get it sorted.

As far as the new Theme is concerned, I am not entirely sure I Will Keep this one, but I am very Happy to announce some of the new features.  You Will now find a [Google] translate button at the bottom of the Page which is something I’ve wanted to add for a while for all of My international Friends.  I am so Grateful to have an international audience, this is one little Way I can Show My appreciation and (hopefully) make My site a little more user Friendly.

Thoughts of Spring – A Sun Flower for Sun Day 😉

The Theme also allows drop down menus for all the categories I want to feature.  The Good News Journal Will continue as a category and future Posts Will be found in the drop down menu with the corresponding day.  New Posts Will still be found on My Home Page, along with a few other recent Posts (currently 10 in total, though I may see if I can change that to five just to make the Page look less cluttered).

I am also Thrilled to finally have Pages listed in My menu bar at the top, too, also with drop down menus.  I’ve got a little more updating and organizing of Page content to do, including My Book which Will be available in the same format but most of the stuff I’ve been War King on in My microcosm to protect the Common Law rights of the Canadian People is there, and listed in a relatively organized format.  I Will also soon be including a link to a free download of the e-pub version of My Book, so stay tuned for that, I expect to have it ready sometime before the end of February (latest).


brown book page
Photo by Wendy van Zyl on

You Will also find links to all My current social media accounts on the right of the Page, just below ‘Art’, and ‘More Art’.  There are also a couple of other wonderful features not available to Me with the previous theme I’d been using, including a search bar that allows readers to search anything on My website and a calendar at the bottom of the Page if One is interested in checking out the archives and reading some of My earlier entries.  Might not be as interesting for My readers as it is for Me, but My Writing has evolved considerably over the years and I find it interesting to observe the transformation in both the Style and confidence of My Writing; I have truly developed My own Unique Voice.

My New S-Word

There is also a link to My Twitter account, though I think I Will change that so that it shows My most recent Tweets (I think that’s an option) and I’ve also included a widget that shows the last five most recent Posts I’ve read from other WordPress Bloggers so My audience can see what I’ve been reading.

I’m going to leave You with My favourite quote of the week from a psychologist who’s been making a lot of headlines lately for his controversial opinions and perspectives, but I’ve always admired a man who’s not afraid to speak his Mind, and this quote very much emulates One of My core philosophies, too.

“Your rights are My responsibility.” – Jordan Peterson

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Motivational Monday Edition, and hopefully a little DIY Magic project to protect Your Dreams.  (We’re in a bit of a deep freeze here in Canada and it all depends on whether I can Will My Self to leave the house or not).

Hope You’ve all had a wonderful weekend!!!

Love and Blessings,





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