Volume XLIX – Jordan Peterson and Justin Trudea (the Sun’s Ottawa Idiot)

I hope everyone is having as Fantastic a Friday as I am!!!  Wow, tall King about no coincidences, please check out My Freelance Friday Feature Article from today’s Ottawa Sun,it is almost too Good to be True!  The beauty and timing of this Article is Auspiciously Perfect, especially once One considers My day.

I had agreed to meet a Friend of mine I haven’t seen in a while.  I had Ideas about what I wanted to do with My Freelance Friday Edition, and had Facebook messaged Olivia Blackmore who did a Feature Article on the homeless in 2017 for the Ottawa Sun/Citizen, as King of her if she would consider Giving Me an interview.  I wanted to put a new spin on the ‘Rogue Journalist’ Idea by interviewing interesting personalities and sharing those interviews here.  Interviewing a journalist seemed like the perfect place to start because I’m genuinely interested in knowing what it might be like to work for a media giant like the Citizen or the Sun, but Olivia hasn’t responded to My message yet so I don’t have an interview to share with You today.  However, I did have some Great conversations with My Friend that have Given Me some Gifts to share with You today.

person s holds brown gift box
Photo by Kim Stiver on Pexels.com

I Will Call My Friend BigRed473, His Super-Hero-Spiderman-Alias on the World Wide Web, and You can check Him out on Twitch by clicking on His Handle.  We were tall King about how each of Us have something Special to Share with the rest of the world, and how Giving Our Unique Gift and doing what We Love is Infinitely more Valuable than War King for profit.  We also Motivated each other by sharing Ideas about cross Promo-Sean on Social Media and being true to Our Character.  Tall King about the Common Law is as much a Part of My Character now as Gaming is for My Friend – and yes, there is even a market for that!

We also had some Wonderful conversations about Current events that are causing hype in the media, and One YouTube personality in particular, Jordan Peterson.  I mentioned to My Friend that I have just recently discovered Jordan Peterson and so far like what I know about him.  My Friend suggested that if I’m going to be sharing My opinions on Social Media, I should be careful with My Words, I might not like everything about Jordan Peterson.  And it was Fabulous advice because I had been wanting to share some of My thoughts on Jordan Peterson here, but the Truth is, I don’t really know Jordan Peterson, and I don’t want to appear as though I’m taking a particular political stance on what others might perceive Jordan Peterson to be.  I also Trust what I like about Jordan Peterson enough to believe he would respect My position.

I like that Jordan Peterson believes We have a responsibility to protect the rights of Our fellow man, I like that he’s not afraid to speak his Mind, and I like that he’s not afraid to admit he might not be right, but he’s doing what he believes to be right at the time.  I share all of those philosophies, and often I’m not fearless enough with My Words.  A lot of the time I make My Way not necessarily by knowing what I should do, sometimes I am simply Trusting My instincts about what I should not do (until I figure out a Plan for whatever it might be I’m Focused on).

two person doing hand shake
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

When I got back from My Friend’s, I still had a lot of War King to do if I wanted to Keep My Commitments, but I was Motive-Aided and Inspired, and I got straight down to it.  When I finally finished My work-out, dinner and My thirty-day challenge to Paint, I sat down to start this Post.  My Facebook tab was open, and by habit I refreshed the Page before beginning to Write My Blog.  One of the other things I had considered Writing about today, was the stupidity of Our elected leaders.  Although I was thing King about Mathieu Fleury in particular, this Post was no coincidence.  As if that wasn’t kismet enough considering the converse-A-Sean’s today, Look at the Video it Links to!

The Way all the right things come into My Universe at just the right time, is as much a Part of My Rogue Journalism as anything else – it’s what sets The Good News Journal apart from other Publications.  I’m going to be having some Fun with Our elected officials and I don’t even have to be cruel or unkind, the People’s opinion is doing that for Me, I’m just reporting it. Thanks Ottawa Sun, this is gonna be Fun!

I Wonder how long it Will take Me to find a Major Media Giant like the Sun or Citizen, ready to take My Claims with the city of Ottawa and solutions for poverty and homelessness seriously, but I suppose time Will tell.  I think Main Stream Media (go with the flow) Will be My next major marketing strategy.  Catchy titles like this One Will become Part of My new Theme, also.

So, I just sub-Scribed [oh, Magic is everywhere] and Gave the Video a thumbs up because this is the most the Sun has ever made Me Smile [well, other than the One is sky!].  If You watch the whole Video, You Will Find they are Literally as King of Viewers to Vote Trudeau out!!!  I’m sorry, but I think it’s hilarious and this is, after all, Freelance Friday, I am thing King We should have some Fun with this!!!

Instead of interrogating or insulting Main[First, Primary]-[Gently down the]-StreamMedia [Art, I-Magi-Nation, Consciousness] for their lack of integrity, I can congratulate them on the comic nature of their candour while firmly stating a Fact.  Bravo, Sun!

abstract beach bright clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Even more interesting, it appears as though the Sun changed the Video in the Link above (unless it randomly loads a new related Video every time) but I’m Glad I shared the One here because it ties in the other topic I was tall King about today, too – Jordan Peterson.

There really are no coincidences in the Universe, Lords and Ladies.

I hope You all have a Fantastic, Fun Filled Friday!!!

Love and Blessings,

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