Volume, XLIX – Introducing Ben Shapiro, A New Face for Idiocracy Politics and Intellectual Idiots

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sunday ReView, thanks for being here.  This Sunday Will be an especially Fun day, as My entire week wrapped up just as Serendipitously as the rest of the days Played out.

I’ve been very disciplined with most of My daily routine and Keeping My Goals, all with the exception of My commitment to two hours invested in Creative Projects.  I Will be tall King about this more in My Monday Edition because I really wanted to Keep the commitment, but not at the cost of breaking any of the Good habits I’m developing now.  There hasn’t been a single day I haven’t Writ a Blog Post since I made the Promise to Write more, and now planning and Writing are Part of My day.  I managed to get ahead the same day I Writ My 30 Day Challenge Post, and decided I wanted to try and commit to that for 30 days, too – and so far I’ve managed to Keep that one.  I had just sat down to Write My Sunday Post when this Showed up on My Twitter feed.

The Title is a little cut off in the preview clip, but it reads, “DESTROY THE ECONOMY!  Ben Shapiro DISMANTLES AOC’s Green New Deal”.  Of course, this just after I had announced My new favourite political Hero of the moment to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Saturday’s Post because of this wonderful little Lightning Round Game she Played:

I didn’t like the headline and knew/know very little about Ben Shapiro, except that he has exceptional communication skills and can often decimates his intellectual opponents in debates.  He is the perfect example of an intellectual idiot.  His first book is called ‘Brainwashed, how Universities Indoctrinate American Youth’, which actually sounds like something I might be interested in reading, until I discovered it was an autobiography.


Ben Shapiro is S0 brainwashed by his over-stimulated intellect, he doesn’t even know he’s brainwashed!  He’s the perfect political cult leader because he actually believes what he says, even when he’s speaking non-sense; and People can’t tell the difference because he can regurgitate all his brainwashed programming at speeds that cause most People’s mental processors to melt.  The Irony of Ben’s book is what makes it so breathtaking…  Really, Ben?  You’re going to be the poster boy for a Brainwashed America after Writing a Book about it?  Once again, People, I couldn’t make this stuff up!  Let’s go over the man-child’s most recent rip at the expense of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – bit by bit.

Let’s start with his intro.  There is no effort to be compassionate or kind, this is an all out attack on the Character of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; everything, from the condescending Tone of his Voice when he introduces her proposal, “A Green New Deal Plan that changes America forever.”

His sarcasm is palpable.  Ben’s not Showing any mercy, so neither Will I.  He follows up with the ‘Ad Hominem’ remarks,

because she’s a Fresh Face.  So Fresh, so Face.” – Ben Shapiro about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

What does that even mean, what exactly is he trying to imply?  We get a pretty Good Idea later on.  Ben then tells a Story about how Alexandria tweets to his business partner that ‘she’s the only 29 year old bartender in congress which means that congress is just not representative’.

photo of bartender pouring draught beer
Photo by Anna Kapustina on Pexels.com

Representative of what?  The lower income working class that rarely ever get a chance at politics, much less make it to congress!?  Or someone who actually has the best interest of the People in Mind?  Ben doesn’t clarify what Alexandria was claiming is not represented in congress, Ben implies she was speaking specifically about 29 year old, female bartenders not being fairly represented in congress, which I am thing King is a stretch of Imagination at best and a ridiculous interpretation of Alexandria’s comment.  Common sense suggests Alexandria was tall King about the working class that are ‘three paycheques away from being homeless’ [at least in Canada, according to the Ottawa Sun this week] not getting adequate representation in congress, that’s the logical interpretation.

First Ben has to define the minority not receiving fair representation in congress for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (rather than give Alexandria the opportunity to define her statement), before the rest of the eloquent political rhetoric he delivers with the same condescending tone is even an intellectually plausible interpretation.  The worst Part is, Ben isn’t stupid, he knows what he’s doing and he happens to be a lawyer, too.  Yeah, seriously, it’s that bad!  He’s deliberately leading his audience and I’m guessing most don’t notice but it isn’t a tactic that’s allowed in Court, and Ben would know that, too.  So instead, Ben is using his social media influence and legal savvy to manipulate and brainwash the public with his intellectual seeming rhetoric, leading his online listeners to a conclusion that Will seem well supported.  It is a very scripted, easy to identify pattern that he uses over and over.

“But A.O.C. [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] doesn’t know things.  [Sarcastically]But she has great fashion sense!  And she can make stuff in an instant pot!  And she’s sassy, so that’s all that counts!” – Ben Shapiro

What he’s doing to his audience here is very important to understand.  He finishes ‘discrediting’ a claim Alexandria never made, concludes his attack by telling his audience how congress really works and implies that Alexandria doesn’t without ever qualifying the statement in any way!  But before he Gives his audience time to think about what he’s saying, he continues with more ad hominem remarks.  That’s what People do when they don’t have anything meaningful to say! It would be like making fun of Ben for his whiny Voice and auctioneer like delivery, rather than his baseless, unimaginative commentary.  At this point, I seriously felt like I was watching an overgrown child tantrum after having Way too much sugar!

But these tactics are deliberate.  He’s taking the Mind of his audience away from his last statement and away from politics altogether; random, character assaults.  It’s easy to win when Your opponent has no opportunity to defend her Self.  He sounds like a jealous school boy, he really does – I was horrified to think People might find this funny in any Way – it’s really not, but it sure says something about Ben’s character.

Then Ben changes his tone to patronizing as he talks about the New Green Plan as the most laughable thing in congress.

“If People Will just think 20 years down the line, they Will know this is what We must do.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Take away Ben’s ridiculous Voice, and that actually sounds like a Decent introduction.  Again the irony is almost too Good, because Ben precludes the intro by suggesting that Alexandria claims People who are not on board with this Plan are afraid of the future and afraid of change.  And Ben doesn’t realize that’s exactly why he’s Acting out the Way that he is, discrediting a Plan he hasn’t Given a moment of critical thought to (or too brainwashed to imagine the potential of).

He reads her introduction out loud and laughs after he reads the last line, but he can’t find the joke (or realizes in that last moment that the joke was on him).  Ben’s letting People know he’s an advocate for the continued use (and demand) of fossil fuel by suggesting the idea to transition People from those industries is ridiculous.  His inability to stop and think for a minute about what new ‘industries’ might replace them is the only thing that’s ridiculous; he’s just showboating a lack of Ingenuity and Imagination like it’s a Good thing by following up with a completely false statement,

“You mean, like, all the industries in the United States?  Literally all of them?” – Ben Shapiro on industry dependence on fossil fuels.

According to Ben, not a single industry in the United States can exist without fossil fuels.  Interesting (and completely insane) philosophy.  In Ben’s little fantasy world, there was no industry until the creation of fossil fuels, and all industry Will Magically vanish without fossil fuels!  I guess People weren’t farming, building houses, planning cities or any of that other infrastructure stuff, We were all just sitting in caves, starving to death, waiting for someone to discover oil.  Thanks for the history lesson, Ben!

Alexandria suggests that everyone Will have minimum basic income and a job.  Free access to schools, healthcare, clean rivers and waters, clean air, access to nature.  Ben jumps in here and makes a bad joke about how the Plan Will have Us ‘busing out to the forest’ before he continues.

“High quality health care, guaranteed by the federal government, safe affordable, adequate housing (guaranteed by federal government), an economic environment free of monopoly’s, and economic security for all those who are unable or unwilling to work!”, Ben emphasizes the Words, unwilling to work!  

air air pollution chimney clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Then he goes on a short rant about how the government Will pay for People who are unwilling to work, and paints a picture of People unwilling to work as lazy People who sit around all day watching re-runs of ‘The Golden Girls?’.  What is that statement all about, except showcasing his bigotry toward poverty and homelessness?  Most People don’t want to work because they don’t want their tax dollars going to corrupt governments that put the rights of fossil fuels before the rights of the People, BEN!  Some don’t want to work because they don’t want to spend their Valuable Life at a meaningless job when the world is being destroyed by industry that can’t visualize a world without fossil fuels, BEN!

Ben is so brainwashed, he’s never considered why People might not want to work, he’s Giving that answer to his audience!!!  Again, this is important because these are powerful psychological tactics.  This is how the false stigma about homelessness and poverty start that cause Our society to look down on them.  If We don’t identify these conditions as a symptom of the social structure Ben is defending, We Will never solve the problem.  This Idea scares the shit out of Ben, and with Good reason…  Because it’s a Good Plan!!!

candle burning

Alexandria finishes the Green Plan proposal by suggesting it is the most ambitious Plan since the moon landing challenge, and that American’s Love a Good challenge.  Ben tries to turn this around by comparing the challenge to setting One’s house on fire!  The man is really, really just grasping at straws.  First, setting a house on fire isn’t that challenging so it’s a bad metaphor to begin with.  Secondly, Ben is suggesting it’s a bad plan for economic reasons, but he doesn’t qualify the statement.  So he’s trying to belittle an ambitious, challenging proposal that elevates humanity, by comparing it to something effortless and destructive to humanity.  What’s really going on here?  Ben Shapiro is intimidated by equality because it threatens his privileged existence.

I’m going to go through the whole video because it’s Good.  Ben Shapiro actually says, “nuclear energy is the most efficient source of energy – and it’s clean!”

I guess he’s already forgotten the Fukushima melt-down in Japan, or does Ben Shapiro believe that increased radiation levels in Our oceans is a Good thing?

My readers know that I don’t believe in coincidences, so for these two videos to come into My Universe immediately after I Write about a minimum basic income and say that Alexandria is My favourite political Hero of the moment, I can’t help but do what I can to defend Alexandria’s admirable Vision for the People from Ben’s biased, unimaginative and thoughtless commentary.

I’ll have more on this soon, hope You are all having a Wonder-Full Sunday.

Love and Blessings,









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