Volume L: The Creation of Canada’s Criminal Culture – [Difficulties in Attaining] Access to Justice

Hi everyone, welcome to the Freelance Friday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You for being here.

I said that I would be dedicating My Freelance Friday Edition to tall King about important social issues and today’s Post is of particular importance to Me because it affects everyone – I am tall King about the Common man’s access to Justice, and Will be using Canada’s legal system as an example.

I don’t always remember exactly how things find their Way to Me, but sometime last week a Friend sent Me this link, ‘Walking Wounded’, and as King of Me to read the article and share My thoughts.  The article documents some of the challenges individual’s hoping to find Justice in Canada’s legal system encounter, and the detrimental toll they take on One’s emotional, mental, and physical health.  Simply put, Canada’s Justice system is not there to protect the People, it’s designed to protect government and corporations.

“trying to bring about meaningful changes in this farce of a legal system that pretends to exist to serve the public.” – from ‘Walking Wounded

There are a few powerful statements made in the Post that I fully endorse, one of them being the following:

“We are being lied to. A2J (Access to Justice) is not available to everyone. This needs to be addressed as a human rights issue.”

It is a human rights issue, and One I may pursue My Self!

I recall one of My experiences in Court before a Justice where I had been told I was at My ‘Judicial Pre-Trial’.  A JPT is Part of the legal procedure, but generally One is advised they Will be attending a JPT so they have the opportunity to prepare.  In My last Court Presentation previous to this, the Court had as King of Me to produce a Letter to confirm particular Facts, and that if I Honoured the request, the Case would be withdrawn.

Part of the problem, was that My matter was now before a new Justice who had no Idea what had transpired in My last Court presentation, and it was also a new prosecuting attorney.  When I informed the Justice that I had not agreed or been informed of a Judicial Pre-Trial and filled the Justice in on what the Court had been as King of Me to produce that day, the prosecution plainly stated, “I see nothing of that nature on the Notes, Your Honour.”

The Justice didn’t even flinch, “Okay, and You’re ready to proceed with the JPT?”

“Yes, Your Honour,” replies Crown

I’m not, Your Honour!  And I don’t care what prosecution has ‘in their notes’, I know what the Courts had been as King of Me to produce, and I know that information Will be on the transcript.  So if prosecution isn’t taking My Word for it, I am requesting that the Court review the transcripts from My last Presentation, I should not bear the burden of prosecution’s poor note taking skills.”

The Justice got a little agitated, “And who is going to pay for those transcripts?  They cost $2 to $3 a minute, You going to pay for those?”

“Um, I was under the impression that these Courts and everything they claim to ‘own’ is paid for by the taxpayer, so I think those transcripts belong to Me!  And in the event that this Court does not see things that Way, then I am entitled to all information necessary for My full defence, so I am as King to this Court for them ‘on the Record’.  The lack of continuity in these matters is mind numbing.”


“If You want those transcripts, You can file a request for them but I’m pretty sure they Will be as King of You to pay for them.”

“Well, until then, I am not prepared for a JPT today.”

“Too bad, We’re moving forward on this Matter whether You are ready or not.”


Keep in Mind I studied law pretty seriously for over seven years and can think on My feet faster than most.  I had My full defence prepared for My first Presentation and if We’d gone to trial that day, I’d have been ready.  The average SRL (self represented lawyer) is likely going to feel overwhelmed in a situation like this and/or be too nervous or intimidated to say anything even if they do know what to say.

The Courts are not prepared for a man like Me – but it’s worth noting it didn’t make an ounce of difference in that moment.  At that point, I was perfectly fine moving forward because I knew that My rights to information and due process were being violated and was just collecting ammunition for an appeal in the event I might need one.  I wasn’t expecting to lose anyway, so this was like taking out an insurance policy, and I agreed to proceed (under duress).

well, alrighty then

This is an example of how unpredictable the Courts can be.  This kind of thing should not happen!  Unfortunately, it is Common place in Canada’s Courts.  One of the most important things for any SRL to Keep in Mind, is to remain calm, regardless what happens.  I know My tone became more serious, but I kept My cool and this is extremely important.  The Courts can and Will take any opportunity to expose a weakness and discredit an individual, especially the SRL.

It was My first time ever viewing the website to the link My Friend had sent Me, and I was somewhat inspired to find an entire community of individuals dedicated to assisting the SRL.  The Goal of the website is to make it easier for everyone to gain Access to Justice, and I appreciated their goals for 2019.  Please check out the website to learn more.

I’m going to conclude this Post with a couple of quotes from the history of the Courts before finishing with some final thoughts for next week.  I Will be making ‘The Creation of Canada’s Criminal Culture’ a regular Part of My Freelance Friday’s for the next few weeks.

“The courts were originally created to protect citizens from the overreach of the State. Over time, they evolved into a forum for the contestation of claims between individuals, and eventually, corporations and institutions.”

The opening statement is very important to comprehend, the last Five Words in particular, “and eventually, corporations and institutions.”

One of the main reasons it is so difficult to gain access to Canada’s Justice system is because it is not there to protect Your rights, it is there to protect corporations and institutions – Your rights Stand in the Way!

The next line is also of Great importance:

“Independent of the sovereign – and later the legislature…”

Anyone guess where I might be going with this?  Let Me repeat the first line.  Independent of the Sovereign…

Great website and I’m curious to see how much progress they make.  I may even offer to contribute to future Posts, We will see.

I’ll continue tall King about the difficulty in Canadians attaining access to Justice next week and may even use My own legal matters as examples; I still have to bring criminal charges against Constable Christopher Jenkyn of the Ottawa Police Service for unlawful arrest, assault, and kidnapping (unlawful confinement).  That should be fun.  However, as is customary, I am going to send him a Letter first Giving him an opportunity to confess to his crimes and as King of Me to be forgiven for them.  If he complies, I Will not proceed with criminal charges.  We’ll see how big his ego is.

That’s all for today, Ladies and Lords, but I have left You with a Powerful Key for those who Wish to unlock the Secret Door that Gives Access to Justice for all, and it is something I Will soon be doing a full feature on.

Love and Blessings,



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