Volume L: 6 = 9, Good = Bad

Happy  Sunday everyone, I hope You’ve all had a fabulous weekend.

Most People enjoy a little humour and Jim Carrey is certainly a man of Character and also a Great Comic.  I’ve been tall King about some pretty heavy Issues this past week, so I thought I’d lighten things up a little this Sunday evening by mixing some classic, charismatic Carrey Comedy, with some of the simple but serious stuff.  Enjoy an entertaining excerpt from Jim’s interview with Bill Maher.

I don’t know about My audience, but needed a bit of a break from all the serious stuff!  The world really is a mess right now, but this is The Good News Journal, and the point of this Blog is to remind My readers that there is an upside to everything.  9 is just 6 upside down, and recently mainstream media seems to be trying to convince the world that Good Ideas, are bad.

“Unabashed liberal proposals” – Bill Maher on how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (and others) won their democratic primaries.

Because I felt I was needing a bit of a break, I had a Netflix day (watched ‘The Lincoln Lawyer) before even thing King about how I would summarize My week.  I watched a few more YouTube videos and all of them had Great content that was relative to everything I’ve covered over the last week – from the political scandal surrounding Trudeau, to inspirational videos supporting My belief in the New Green Deal, to more controversial and informative discussions on the global economic crisis and how the central banks have hijacked virtually every government in the world.  Although everything I watched covered most topics I’ve covered over the last week, I was beginning to feel exhausted just watching the Videos, never Mind Writing about them… Then I noticed Jim Carrey in My ‘recommended Videos for You’ list, and it felt like a Sign.

Our World

“If there is a shining spot in this Trump tragedy, it’s that maybe it made the democrats sort of rediscover who they really are.” – Bill Maher

The Video was exactly what I needed, and I hope One You Will enjoy, too.  It’s Bill Maher, so it does get into politics, though not too deeply and with just the right measure of positivity and classic Carrey humour.


The Video was also another Great example of how the macrocosm reflects My microcosm, as a discussion on politics with a Friend of mine became heated very quickly after I mentioned that I had Writ a Post about how mainstream media was attempting to demonize the New Green Deal by calling it socialism and/or communism.

“The republicans are running with the Word socialism, they’re trying to say…” – Bill Maher

“They’re trying to scare People…  It’s communism…  It’s Venezuela” – Jim Carrey


And of course, one of the Videos I had watched just previous to this was tall King about how capitalism is closer to communism than the New Green Deal plan; everyone is required to pay taxes to centralized government for a social welfare system that never seems to benefit those in need, yet strengthens centralized power, handing the People’s resources to corporations who hold them at ransom with the threat of giving nothing at all if the People refuse to work for slave wages.  That’s capitalism in a nutshell, but it also fits the definition of communism.  They just call it capitalism so the People won’t know they’ve been tricked into allowing a Communist government to take over.  The same video was also suggesting that virtually everything they tell You is bad, is probably Good, and everything they tell You is Good, is probably bad (speaking of government specifically).


I hope You don’t Mind the Gif’s, I had to do something to lighten up the week!  We really do live in a crazy world right now, but that’s also what makes it all so interesting.  Things really can’t continue to go on as they have, the corruption of government and corporations is coming to an end – I Give You My Word on that.  How that Will all come together remains to be seen and what makes this such an exciting time to be alive.


The outrageous tactics employed by opposition to these new, progressive, social Ideas are a Sign that We really are in the home stretch.  Those who are in not in favour of socially progressive Ideas that Will benefit everyone are a dying breed, and We Will soon be wondering how We allowed such a ridiculous social system to endure for as long as it has.  The real trick, Will be to not punish ourselves for not having made these realizations sooner.


We are all growing and evolving together, and We must learn to be as forgiving with Our Self as We Will need to be of others.

Most of My Posts this year have been well over a thousand Words, and as I mentioned previously, I’m feeling a little tired today, so I’m gonna Keep this one short.

I sincerely hope You’ve all had a wonderful weekend, be back with some Motivation for Your Monday tomorrow!

Love and Blessings,


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