Volume LI: Fortuna Fortis Adiuvat – Fortune Favours the Brave

Happy Monday, World, welcome to The Good News Journal’s Motivational Monday Edition.  For those of You who are film fans, You may recognize today’s quote taken from John Wick’s back tattoo,

“Fortuna Fortis Adiuvat” – Latin, meaning ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’

I thought it was a Good quote to start the week because I believe it’s true.  I once believed I was fearless; I later realized, fear is what I’m afraid of.  I suppose My quote could just as easily have been, ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’, but We’ve all heard that before and I have a ‘thing’ for Latin ever since I studied Law…  And let’s be honest, ‘Fortuna Fortis Adiuvat’ sounds much cooler – and Way more bad-ass!

I didn’t Write a Motivational Monday Post last week, though I did dedicate two Posts to debunking Ben Shapiro’s criticism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s New Green Deal which was of considerably higher importance to Me at the time.  I did, however, share a couple of Blog Posts from My reading list last week that I found very insightful, so I’m hoping You did, too.  I also managed to (mostly) finish My little DIY Magic project last Monday, so I’ll share that with You today, too.

Fortune Favours the Brave
Fortuna Fortis Adiuvat

When I said ‘mostly’ finished, it’s because this Will remain a work in progress until it is complete and I have no Idea when that Will be.  Little projects like this one are things I do to use up paint when I am War King on something else.


Currently, I am War King on My Friend’s portrait for his family.  Despite starting out with one of My better sketches, the work is going slow and every time I turn My attention to the canvas to continue, I am facing one of My greatest fears.  I have painted so many portraits (literally hundreds now) that I don’t even know how I found the time.  It’s not something My Friends and peers are usually thing King I am self-conscious of because I’ve painted so much – but I am!  And that may even be (subconsciously) one of the reasons I paint so much; perhaps there is something within Me that wants to conquer this insecurity and Master the craft, though on a conscious level, I truly have no aspiration to be a Great painter, it is simply a Form of expression.

I am one of those People who would tell One to be kind to One’s Self, though I also strive to be honest with My Self and would encourage others to do the same.  I have Friends who are incredible (Visual) Artists – People who can paint almost photo realism.  Although One should not compare their Self to others, I’m not a natural Artist (and again, most who know Me would fight Me on this and insist that I am).  I work very hard to produce the works I have Created, and it does not come at all ‘naturally’ for Me.  That’s part of the reason it takes Me so long to finish something and even when I decide I’m ‘done’, I’m never satisfied – I’ve just reached a point where I don’t feel I can improve on it any further, which also makes it hard to feel deserving of compliments.

The Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

For the same reason, I almost didn’t share My little Creative DIY project with My readers – I’m not very happy with the look of it.  However, I didn’t decide to share the project with My audience to showcase My artistic abilities, I chose to share this project with My audience to demonstrate the Power of Magic and intention, of which I truly am a Master.  Don’t let the design fool You, this Magic Dream Box is incredibly Powerful and something I think a young child (of any age) would have a great deal of Fun Creating.

It’s just a little wooden box.  Essentially, anything that comes from trees or the earth represents (planet) Earth.  On the inside, I took a couple of small strips of crafting clay (the kind that air-dries available in any Arts and Crafts store) and glued them to the bottom of the wooden box.  I used one of My acrylic paint mediums but the white ‘school glue’ used for regular crafts will work perfectly, too.  Then I placed paperclips into the clay and let the clay dry.  Once the clay dries, the box can be painted however One wishes.  I found it hard to Write on the wood, so I used parchment paper for the inside of the lid, Writ on it first, and once again used My paint medium (heavy viscosity gloss gel) to glue it to the inside of the lid.

Once the box is complete, the Idea is to take little Pieces of Paper and Write One’s Highest Dreams and Aspirations on them.  Some say One should Keep their Dreams Secret, so this is a place to store the Dreams One may not be comfortable or ready to share with the world yet.  Fold the Piece of Paper up and Place it into the paperclip to Plant Your Seeds of Intention and Keep them Safe.  No One but You has to know what Your Dreams are, and now, if anyone ever says You should be thing King outside the box, You can say that You are always thing King outside the box – and it Will be true! 😉  (And You still won’t have to tell them why).

It might sound a little silly, but I promise You the more time is spent investing in One’s Dreams and Keeping them InFocus, the more likely they are to come true.  I have Four Seeds of Intention Planted in My Dream box and I Will remove each of them (and share them with You) as they are realized (real eyes’d).  Each Dream in My box is a little more ambitious than the One preceding it, but of course You can Plant whatever Seeds of Intention You choose.

Now, if this all sounds too childish to be practical, One can also just buy a special box to Keep treasures in, and do the same thing without the paperclips in the bottom – that was more for children (but something I had fun doing, too).

How does it work?  Well, the moment One puts their Dreams on Paper, they have been made Physical in the Universe.  One may not be able to see that Dream yet, but Words carry a vibrational frequency, even inside a box.  So, as long as the Dream is Writ on Paper and in Harmony with the Ideas of Your Mind, the Words are Sending out a frequency like a radio-signal, as King of the Universe to bring all things necessary for the realization of One’s Dreams.

balance business cobblestone conceptual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m going to wrap this up by reminding My readers to be fearless in One’s Writing, their Self Express Ion (expression), and most of, in the relentless pursuit of One’s Dreams.

“Carpe Diem Vie” – (Latin) Seize Life

Love and Blessings, have a Magical Monday!!!



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