Volume LI: Moment-Um in My Magical Micrososm

Hello, and a Wonderful ‘Witches, Wizards and Warlocks’ Wednesday to all of My fabulous Friends! And if You are reading this, You are a Friend, even if You feel You may be My foe.

There are many readers whom I’m sure would not call Me their Friend and likely consider Me their foe; the management of the Salvation Army, the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, probably most city councillors, likely the Greater majority of Canada’s elected officials, and Ben Shapiro blocked Me on Twitter, so I’m guessing I’m not on his Hanukah list this year, either. Although these People may perceive Me that Way, My only ‘real’ enemy are immoral Acts of injustice – I do not discriminate, and I’d prefer Friends over foes any day.  It’s never too late to be as King for Giveness. 😉

Today I’m sharing a little of the Magic from My microcosm. Yesterday, as I was Writing the Fourth Part to My Matrix De-Coded ‘Tell A Vision’ Edition, I realized it was also My Mother’s name day. Which means that the Fourth Part of the Mystical Interpret A’Sean of the Matrix De-Coded was Writ exactly 21 years to the day after the Film’s opening Scene starts, ’02-19-1998′.


The Magical Value of 21 is 3 (2+1). I’ve been war King with symbolism and numerology for a considerable amount of time, and have developed My own relay-Sean-ships with the numbers and their meanings. I don’t want to influence the Spiritual associations My audience Will develop on their personal Journey, so I am including links to ‘Google God’s answer to each Quest Ion so One can discover for their Self and choose the link One likes best.


What’s interesting for Me, is that My ‘Special’ Magic number is 37, and 21 is also 3 x 7. It is also the date I was scheduled to be in Court before Crown withdrew the charges, and now it Will be the date (tomorrow) I receive service of appearance from the city of Ottawa regarding My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review. I also arrived on planet earth in 1973.


Auspicious events in My microcosm always seem to take place on My Mother’s name day; most recently, the 21st anniversary of the first Scene of the Matrix being synchronized with My interpretation of the Film yesterday, last year, attaining My goal of 5,000 Twitter followers, and this year I received a reply from the city of Ottawa regarding My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review. Without even having to go to Court, they have already agreed to re-open My complaint which is exactly what I was King of the city to do! That’s a big Victory!!! Pretty cool I ‘happened’ to get the news on My Mother’s name day – no coincidences. 😉

I also mentioned once before that recently (since the start of this year), WordPress gets very ‘laggy’ while I’m Writing a Post. There is no ‘Good’ reason for it, My laptop works perfectly fine the rest of the time. I was thing King about tall King about it today, and how sometimes My computer Will even shut down completely in the middle of a Post! The first time this happened, I just hoped My laptop would restart again without Issue, which it did – but not without changing My Wallpaper first. That’s unusual in its own right, but what it changed to is even more bizarre. As I was waiting for My laggy computer to catch up, I was thing King about these things and wondered if maybe somebody might be hacking into My computer, watching Me Write My Post in real time. Then My browser closed and My computer froze completely for a few moments before this error message appeared.

Knock, knock…

So, yeah. I never bothered to change My wallpaper back to what it had been (My Cestui Que Vie) as I figured the Universe wanted to remind Me of My place in the Tarot. It was also a Sign to share this with You in today’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition.

The temporary ‘freeze’ of My computer and the message that accompanied, encouraged Me to take a break and I took the opportunity to thank a Friend for Giving Me this link. It was sent to Me in a text, and because I’d been war King on My Blog, I hadn’t really had a chance to explore the link in any detail. My Friend as King of Me if that was the ‘leadership’ link, and I confirmed that it was, suggesting it looked encouraging, to which she replied, “ugh, the whole Idea of leadership makes Me sick!”

Needless to say I was a little shocked. First, I couldn’t understand why My Friend would be as King of Me to check out a link suggesting in the text it ‘might be perfect for Me’ if it was something that made her feel ‘sick’. So I made the tragic mistake of as King of My Friend what was wrong with the website. She became almost instantly hostile, condemning Me for suggesting that leadership was any kind of admirable quality, suggesting the concept of leadership is the source of every problem in Our world.

Frankly, I totally understand My Friend’s interpretation and suggested that the problem with Our current world is that We don’t have any ‘real’ leaders, We have children in leadership positions (at least in government). My Friend got increasingly more agitated as I tried to defend My belief in leadership skills being an admirable quality and not something anyone should be afraid of. I even made the mistake of suggesting leadership is necessary as We all have unique skills to contribute to the world, but if there is no one to acknowledge and nurture those unique qualities, they may be overlooked completely.

Now My Friend was insisting that I am the perfect example of why the concept of leadership is flawed, “You just can’t accept that You’re wrong and that the Idea of leadership is toxic to social progress.”

“No, I won’t accept that, but I Will accept that We have a difference of opinion on the Matter and don’t really understand why that should be a problem. Leadership and authority are not the same thing and I am thing King that leadership is as valuable a quality or skill as anything else.”

“No, You’re just arrogant and can’t accept that You are wrong about this!”

“Why does anyone have to be right or wrong? Have I ever forced My Will upon You? Have I ever compelled You to do anything against Your Will? I just have a difference of opinion and I understand where You are coming from. I once had negative Ideas associated with leadership My Self, I just have a different perspective now and believe it is not only a Great quality, but an admirable one.”

I was hoping My last statement would help to establish some common ground, instead…

“Now You’re calling Me stupid and treating Me like an idiot! I’m twenty years older than You and obviously know a little more about the world than You do! If You’re not willing to admit that Your Ideas about leadership are fundamentally flawed, You are too arrogant to learn anything!!!”

At this point I told My Friend that I’m sorry she can’t appreciate My perspective, I had only come to speak with her to thank her for sharing information with Me, not to attack or insult her intelligence and I didn’t want to risk saying anything else that might further antagonize the situation.

Before returning to finish My Blog Post, I stepped out for a much needed smoke and was pondering the irony of someone suggesting the concept of leadership is flawed, placing One in a position of authority over the other, when My Friend clearly seems to believe she has superior knowledge of leadership and was not going to be satisfied until I conceded My opinion on the matter. As I made My Way back inside, I wondered if I should share this interaction with My audience before signing off today and noticed the time on the clock was 6:37 (it’s a working clock but never the right time).

This same Friend has called Me a leader (which is another reason I took exception to her opinion of the Word) and suggested that I have the potential to Create all kinds of positive, progressive change in Our community. Like I said, it was My Friend who sent Me the link to the leadership website.

The point to telling this Story, is that My Friend was playing psychological games with Me, claiming I had made insults I didn’t make simply for defending My position (Idiot, stupid). When I called her out on it, she insisted that My intention was to make My Friend feel stupid (rather than just defend My argument). Then she insisted I always have to be right when she can’t peacefully agree to disagree (this is manipulation, playing the victim, hoping the other will take mercy and concede their position). When all other tactics failed, she began Willfully insulting Me, calling Me ‘arrogant’ for not conceding and bending to her Will, suggesting she is older and wiser and I should be learning from her, not the other way around. That’s when I walked away.

If any of My audience feels I am wrong about My interpretation, please share in the comments. I feel We all encounter situations like this from time to time and I felt that tall King about this experience and sharing it with You might help to identify these tactics in others. Usually I am able to diffuse situations like this very quickly, but employed every tactic I know and had to walk away, My Friend was not taking ‘no’ for an answer, it would not have mattered what My argument might have been and even if it is arrogant to do so, I Will listen to any argument but I Will not let anyone tell Me how to think, nor Will I compromise My belief system for anyone.

Lol!! And now it’s 9:37 as I’m thing King it is time to sign off (which means that it is).

Before I go, I do want to say a Special thank You to the WordPress readers who have liked My Posts over the last week. I know it might sound like a small detail, but those little things are truly what make My Life feel so Magical. To all of You that have liked a Post over the last week, know that I Will be on Your WordPress Blog tomorrow so I can return the favour and share some of Your wisdom with the rest of the world, too.

Oh, and One last thing. As I was Writing this Post, My Friend David texted Me “1:37”. I texted him back as King what that was about.

“I was wondering if I should call You and looked at the Time” – (David, who Will not order coffee at McDonald’s with Me anymore because he’s tired of seeing the number 37 on one of Our cups!!!)

It’s always more Fun when others can enjoy the Magic of the Universe with You!

Love and Blessings,


  1. In this world , we would still have ups and downs . This physical world has all matters of duality of what we see as good and bad . However , we could improve things through introducing more justice , caring for the well-being of the environment and the safety of all creatures as much as we can .Example , We could make more sustainable development through adopting renewable energy technologies, recycling , planting new trees of all kinds , some of which grow quickly …
    Through love , through our warm heart and wise minds and constructive action , we could lead by example and not by force …
    Mahatma Ghandi said : ” Be the change you want to see in the world .”

    1. I could not agree with You more!!! My core philosophy is to be the Change We dream to see in the world, and this Blog is quite literally the Story of how I endeavour to do just that, complete with all awkward examples of My the learning curve of My personal Quest in tact. Thank You for contributing, I look forward to reading more of Your Posts in the future. Together, We really can make a difference!

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