What We Dwell On Is Who We Become

‘What We think, We become’ – Gandhi

The Mind Connectory

These are some great words from an inspiring woman – Oprah Winfrey. Oprah personifies perseverance, and learning about her story is quite empowering. So when she said, “What we dwell on is who we become” it struck a chord with me and I want to share what I believe it means – break it down to the point where others can grab something tangible from it.

I wrote an earlier article, Our Thoughts Create Our Reality and this is similar in a sense, but this quote focuses more on our attachment to the past. To ‘dwell’ is to stay in a particular moment, even long after it has passed, sometimes. As humans we were created to think consciously about moments that aren’t currently present (past and future) – it’s a gift if we use it wisely.

Too often people get caught up dwelling on past mistakes, and they find it difficult…

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