Volume LI: Simple, Slightly Cynical Solutions for Ending Homelessness and Poverty

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, I hope You are all enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Suggesting I Will be presenting somewhat ‘Cynical’ Simple Solutions this Saturday is a little out of Character for this eternal optimist, so I want to assure You that the intention and motivation behind this Post, is a positive one, as it is Founded in a strong belief in the inherent Goodness of man.


I am thing King We have all been disappointed with the elected officials of Our respective countries from time to time, and I am no exception.  I once had a very cynical perception of Canada’s elected officials because I could clearly see that the income tax dollars automatically deducted from My pay were not taking care of those less fortunate than My Self.  A country that claims to be one of the wealthiest in the world was allowing those less fortunate to sleep in the streets, leaving many dependent on shelters and food banks for their most basic needs, disregarding their worth, and trespassing upon their dignity.


The more I learned about Canada’s hierarchal system of laws and the Duties and responsibilities of Canada’s elected officials to the People of Canada, the less I believed My cynical perception of Our elected officials was true and correct.  I began to believe Canada had a Great democratic system, and that the complacency (or perhaps even the ignorance) of the People who had forgot they are the authority of government, was to blame for the corruption of elected officials.

don't know

My ‘new’ perspective inspired Me, energized My optimism, and I endeavoured to lead by example, embracing the philosophy of ‘Being the Change’ I Dream to see in the world.  I had all of these wonderful Ideas about how We could create positive change in the world and believed all I would have to do was share these Ideas with Canada’s elected officials.  Surely, if My Ideas stood to be of benefit to the Canadian People, elected representatives would be happy to share them in the House of Commons, nurture My seeds of Intention, and assist Me in bringing these Ideas to fruition.

great idea

My first Letter was to My local member of Parliament, Lloyd Longfield.  It was an informal, casual email, telling him that I believed Canada’s decision by [current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father] former Prime Minister Elliot Trudeau to allow a private, central bank to print Canada’s money was a treasonous Act against the Canadian People, and should be formally addressed as such in the House of Commons.  I was as King of Longfield to respond to My email and explain to Me why this was done and how it could possibly be of any benefit to the Canadian People.  Dis-Honourable Lloyd Longfield failed to respond.


I sent the M.P. a couple more emails, each a little more assertive in their tone, imploring him to respond, reminding him of his Duty and responsibility to respond to letters from the public.  He failed to reply to any of My emails.

Dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Games “Lloyd Longfield”

Now, perhaps it’s just Me, but this seemed a little suspicious.  If there was a Good reason for Canada handing it’s Sovereign right to print its own currency over to a private corporation, then there should be no reason why Longfield shouldn’t respond.  Email is not considered a ‘formal’ letter because there is no ‘proof of service’, so again I decided to Give Longfield the benefit of the doubt, thing King maybe he has strict email settings and the message didn’t reach him.


I Writ a formal Letter, and not by Hand.  I had a very Good Word processor on My computer and was able to ‘incorporate’ My Logo onto the top corner, and made sure every detail was ‘legally’ correct.  Then I took the Letter to Lloyd Longfield’s office by Hand, and as King of his receptionists to provide Me with proof of service (which they did).  In My Letter I had told Longfield I was very concerned about this matter, and that if he failed to respond I would have no choice but to presume the Act (of having a private institution control Canada’s currency) is a treasonous against the Canadian People, and that by failing to respond, he would be perceived as aiding and abetting this treasonous Act.  Again, there was no reply.

When I returned to Longfield’s office and as King of his reception why the M.P. had failed to respond to My Letter, I was told that he is ‘too busy’ to respond to letters from the public.  I explained that I was under the impression his very first Duty and responsibility is to respond to letters from the public – then they asked Me to leave the office, insisting he was too busy to respond to My Letter.  I got a little agitated at this point and told his reception that he very much has an obligation to respond and that they need to remind him of this – and if they won’t, I Will return to their office every day until he does.

When I got home that day, I was visited by the local police who told Me that if I went to his office again, I would be charged with trespassing!  No, I’m not joking.  In fact, they even arrested Me and took Me downtown after I showed them My Letters to the M.P. and the Attorney General, though they released Me, apologized, and drove Me home about five minutes later – I was NOT impressed!

I had said that there is a positive message behind the cynical nature of this Post, and I assure You there is.  However, I hadn’t Imagined that re-telling My Story would take so much time.  I’m going to have to continue this Story next week, lest it be too lengthy for the average man’s attention span.

Before I Sign off, I want to explain the motive behind this Post.  I’m not so naïve to believe that there is no corruption in government, I am thing King We all know that there is.  However, I don’t believe (and won’t believe) that the majority of individuals get into politics because they want to screw People over.  I believe that most, at the very least, start out with Good intentions.  Perhaps they are overcome with greed and self interest along the Way, or perhaps they find themselves up against forces they are simply too scared to challenge, I really don’t know.  What I do know, is that I can’t do this alone.

I can have all the answers, all the simple solutions to improve the quality of Life for everyone, but if I can’t ever find an Honourable elected official Willing to speak out on these Issues, My task is going to be considerably more difficult.  This whole housing the homeless thing is a no brainer, it really is!  What I’m having a difficult time with right now, is understanding why not a single city councillor has Given any explanation as to why the city of Ottawa Will Give four times the amount of subsidy to a shelter, than what they are willing to allocate to the same individuals to find dignified housing.  I don’t care who takes credit for the Idea, I just want to see Canadian tax dollars distributed responsibly.

Every single city councillor was sent a copy of My complaint with the city regarding the deplorable shelter conditions, including Mayor Jim Watson.  Not ONE of them has Given any kind of explanation, and I find this absolutely astonishing and shameful.  Am I really to believe that every single city councillor is more interested in protecting the private interests of the Salvation Army than they are in putting People into dignified housing and being responsible to the taxpayer?  I’m not Willing to believe that yet, and I Will never Give up on humanity, but I’m really losing patience with Canada’s elected officials, especially in the city of Ottawa.

My apologies if this is not as inspirational as You’ve come to expect from Me.

Love and Blessings,






  1. Yes , on the one hand , you are right that all the outside world is a refection if our state of consciousness and self awareness .

    On the other hand , what you resist persists and energy flows where attention goes . Opposing the energy of the current political system or the financial system brings to it more energy . Mother Theresa said invite me to a pro-peace conference not an ” anti-war ” rally . What you resists , persists because a pendullum is created . Instead of just going against the old , let us transcend into a new reality that already exists in the absolute and energetic spiritual level …
    As we empower ourselves and joyfully live, peacefully in every moment in the now here creating or tapping into newer collective more equitable and fair insitutional system , the more we could be and embody the change into better we intend to have in the world …

    Just relax , enjoy and then act in a relaxed way . Meditate, pray, spread the message lovingly and speak through your vision , take down to earth pragmatic action , form a group on the internet and intend to make something new more calmly , more pragmatically …
    As you have mentioned , lead by example … Discuss with many people and look at the bigger picture on the grander scheme of things before you speak out to the government …
    Experience is the greatest evudence of finding an alternative. Much love and blessings from Lebanon…
    Change happens step by step …
    Old systems would leave sooner or later for newer more evolved versions to take their place …

    1. Thank You so much! And yes, I do absolutely agree with You. My belief is that the best possible potential for positive change, is to share My Vision here, where My Ideas are forced upon on One, where like Minds can meet and share Our Vision for a better world!
      Love and Blessings from Canada. Wonderful to know My thoughts reach People all the way in Lebanon!!! Your comment made My day!

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