Volume LII: Like Father, Like Son – The Troubles of a Treasonous Trudeau Twosome

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition, thank You for being here.  I have an especially exciting Edition today in the wake of Wednesday’s wonderful opening statements by the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould to the House of Commons Justice Committee.

Yesterday was an exhaustive day for Me, so I didn’t have the energy to Write a Post for Wednesday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, but there were plenty of Magical happenings in the Universe to Sing about.  The Honourable Jody Wilson Raybould, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Canada was finally Gifted with the opportunity to share her side of the Story on the SNC Lavalin affair that has caused considerably controversy ever since implications the Trudeau government may have interfered with judicial process was first reported by the Globe and Mail.

Since then, suspicions of foul Play have been mounting; a ‘gag order’ was placed on Wilson-Raybould preventing her from speaking freely about the accusations, her Honour was reshuffled from her formed position as Justice Minister and Attorney General to the Minister of Veterans affairs, then finally, the day following Trudeau’s claim that her decision to remain in cabinet spoke ‘volumes’ to his credibility and the alleged ‘false’ accusations against him, Jody cranked the Volume up another notch by resigning from cabinet the following morning.  Even Canadians who desperately wanted to believe nothing dubious was going on were having a hard time swallowing Justin’s ‘nothing to see here’ pill, were beginning to admit it was probably just a placebo.  Now it would appear there is very much to see here in Deed…


This article, published by CBC News, provides us with the full minutes of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s opening statements to the House of Commons Justice Committee yesterday.  I must admit My bias of opinion on the matter, as I have always Trusted My intuition and had a strong feeling and belief that the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould was an individual of incredible Character, but I was astounded to learn of just how much pressure she was up against, and even more impressed with the Grace with which she maintained her composure while delivering her courageous opening statement to the Justice Committee.

I am thing King it is nearly impossible for a Common man to appreciate how challenging it might be to remain honest and Honourable in the face of corruption, especially in politics.  The Justice Minister has one of the toughest jobs of all cabinet ministers; to ensure the Courts are Acting non-partisan, and adjudicating fairly to protect Our Sovereign rights without prejudice.

For politicians, on the other hand, lying to the public is relatively common-place for candidates wishing to win favour with voters and/or maintain their position.  It has become something the general public have come to accept, journalists joke and jest, and caricatures are created for Our entertainment in political cartoons.

Justin Trudeau is no exception.  He has been accused, investigated, and found guilty of ethics offences in the past, yet he expects the Canadian People to believe that this time the accusations are completely unfounded.  Now it looks like it Will be his Word versus that of the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould.  You might guess who’s Story I’m more inclined to believe.

snc lavalin

It appears Justin is just following in his father’s footsteps, ‘like father, like son’.  Trudeau’s father, Pierre-Elliot sold out Canada’s sovereignty by placing the control of Canada’s economy into the hands of private banks.  The private bank prints money for Canada and charge interest on that money that never enters the Canadian economy, effectively enslaving the citizens.  It is nothing short of treason.


You can read about the history of the Bank of Canada here.

Many would disagree with this statement, Given Canada’s current ‘legal’ definition of both ‘high treason’ and ‘treason’, which You can find here.  But one does not necessarily have to aiding an enemy or conspiring with a known enemy to commit treason.  One can be found guilty of treason if a trusted member of government is found to be Acting against the best intentions of the State (Canada) and/or the Nation’s People (the Sovereign).

Most have forgot that Our inherent State of being is that of the Sovereign, so it is generally presumed that the Sovereign is Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II.  However, if One acknowledges the inherent ‘God Given’ status of man as Sovereign, any Act that trespasses upon the best interests of the Canadian People is an Act of Treason.  The preamble precluding Canada’s current laws hints at this with the following:

“Originally, treason meant an attack upon the person or life of the monarch, but as the state became more important than its sovereign, treason came to indicate any act directed at the overthrow of the government or against the security of the state.

If a foreign interest (private corporation/bank) has control of Canada’s economy, the entire government has been usurped, and Will serve the private banking interests before the People, contrary to the People’s belief in their government’s responsibility to Act in the best interests of the People (Sovereign).


Similarly, if One reads the minutes of Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould’s statement and Trudeau’s insistence on his actions being in ‘the best interest of the Canadian People’ [to secure jobs], One should come to the reasonable conclusion that Trudeau is very much interfering with the Rule of Law, regardless how ‘noble’ he professes his intentions to be.  If Trudeau truly had respect for the Rule of Law, he would let SNC Lavalin run its course without interference, and if they are found guilty, do pack up and leave Canada (along with all of the jobs), Trudeau could Focus on the new jobs such a shift would create when a more reputable company fills SNC Lavalin’s shoes.  If that many jobs would be lost, then clearly it leaves an opening for a new industry giant to take its place, and Trudeau would simultaneously be establishing a precedence that suggests corruption and questionable ethics Will not be tolerated by the Canadian government.  I truly believe that the Canadian People would be far more Willing to stand behind a man of integrity, than a man who Will say anything to excuse his questionable ethics to defend a private corporation.

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I am far from the first to say that Trudeau’s decision to hand Canada’s sovereign economy over to private interests was a treasonous act, and now it seems that Justin is following in his father’s footsteps.  I am thing King it is just a matter of time before Trudeau is removed from the House in handcuffs.

Love and Blessings,


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