Volume LIV: De-Coding Matrix, Part VI

Hello, everyone, welcome to Part VI of the Tuesday ‘Tell-A-Vision’ De-Coding Matrix Series.  This has become My favourite day of the week for Writing thanks to this new series, and for the support it’s received from People like You.  There’s a lot of stuff going on in this movie, and the Action (Act-Ion) Scenes are captivating enough that it’s easy to get lost in the suspension of disbelief long enough to forget an important message is being communicated.

I’m going to Keep the Focus on two of the film’s most important themes; free Will, and the ‘Saviour’/Hero.  I’m also going to Focus on how those themes are used to deliver messages that are Keys to de-coding Our own Matrix, man[kinds]’s Macrocosm.  I’m suggesting the codes of the Matrix are a metaphor for the codified system of laws that currently govern man’s Matrix/world.  Last week, Neo was just about to begin his training.

A couple of interesting details about Neo’s training.  The first is the uploading of information itself.  Imagine being able to instantaneously upload the knowledge of the world’s greatest master in any discipline.  Spiritual awakening is similar, except One is usually as King to know what God is, how the Universe was Created, that sort of stuff – but the Way the information is instantaneously understood by Neo is a Good example of the experience.  The second interesting detail is that Tank tells Morpheus Neo’s been training for ten hours straight.  Ten represents a new Age in Magic, and Magic represents the subconscious Mind of man.

Of course, Neo must prove his new skills and abilities with Morpheus.  Morpheus explains the dojo is just a construct, one of the programs within the Matrix with the same basic rules, ‘like gravity’.  He reminds Neo that the rules are no different from the rules of a computer program,

“Some of them can be bent, some of them can be broken.” – Morpheus

I am suggesting the dojo represents a Court.  All Courts have the same basic rules; some can be bent, some can be broken.

There is another reference to Christ when Mouse comments on Neo’s speed, before Neo finally gains the upper hand with Morpheus.

“I can only show You the door, Neo.  You’re the One who Will have to walk through” – Morpheus

Morpheus says this after Neo suggests he knows what Morpheus is trying to do.  Neo doesn’t think he’s ‘the One’ Morpheus has been promising everyone he is, and believes Morpheus threw the fight to convince the others.  Neo told Morpheus earlier that he doesn’t believe in destiny because it contradicts free Will and makes him feel like he’s not in control of his Life.

The jump test is the last of Neo’s training.  ‘No one ever makes the first jump’ is the general rule, though We get a very strong sense that the crew expects a different result from Neo.  They don’t get one.  The crew is visibly disappointed and when Cypher turns to reassure Trinity that ‘it means nothing, nobody makes their first jump, right Trin?’, she’s already gone.

In the next Scene, Cypher asks Trinity why Morpheus hasn’t taken Neo to see the Oracle yet if he’s so sure Neo’s ‘the One’, and Trinity seems a little defensive in her response, “Morpheus Will take him when he is ready.”

I’m not sure about the rest of the crew, but I get a sense here that Morpheus and Trinity haven’t ‘lost Faith’ in Neo.  I think Trinity and Morpheus knew Neo would require training, and knew he would learn considerably faster than most.  I think they also know that Neo must choose to be the One before he can become it, and are Wishing he would choose it faster.  I think they also know that if they insist Neo is the One and press the Issue, he Will be more inclined to resist his destiny; it must be Neo’s choice.

choices decision doors doorway
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m suggesting the Matrix is a metaphor for man’s system of laws, the next Scene is important in the support of My thesis.  All the characters are dressed in black and white, most wearing white with black robes, coats or suit jackets, much like People of the Courts.  The dialogue is equally important and significant.

“The Matrix is a system, Neo.  That system is Our enemy.  But when You’re inside, what do You see?  Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters.  The very Minds of the People We are trying to save.  But until We do, these People are part of that system and that makes them Our enemy [camera focuses on police officer].  You have to understand, most of these People are not ready to be unplugged.  And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they Will fight to protect it.”

Even in the still-frame of the Scene, there seems to be an abundance of briefcases and Courtroom attire.  One would probably guess most of the individuals to be professionals in business or law.  Blacks and whites are emphasized and law is always black type on white paper.  Black is also said to represent death.  Corporate law governs the dead, the ‘corpus’, Latin for body (which is where the word comes from).  Morpheus says the agents are ‘everyone and no one’.

Then Morpheus goes on to say that they have survived by running and hiding from them but,

“they are the Gate Keepers.  They’re guarding all the Doors and holding all the Keys.  Sooner or later, someone Will have to fight them.”

It’s almost midnight and I’d like to get this Posted before then.  I think that’s a Good place to continue from, too.  If the agents in the Matrix represent ‘agents’ in Law, then the last statement made by Morpheus makes a lot of sense.  There is also a Latin phrase in Law that seems fitting to conclude this Post.

“Legus humanae, nascuntur, vivant, moriuntur” – Latin, ‘The Laws of Man are born, Live, and die.’

I also wanted to say a quick thank You for the warm welcome back, I appreciate You.

Love and Blessings,







1 Comment

  1. After the winter , comes the spring .
    After death , there is transition , transformation, rebirth and regeneration.

    The old systems fall away like the leaves of the autumn , for new leaves to replace them .
    After an old ending there is a new beginning .
    This is the natural processing of life going in cycles in and out , up and down like the ebb and flow of the tides of life and the oceans , where wavas and tides come back and forth .
    Nothing is fixed , even stones are energies oscillating and changing .
    Pure formless consciousness or divinity and change are the only constants .
    New systems would change to adapt with the rising awareness level of all creatures . Even the DNA of all creatures transmute and transform with the change of the consciousness levels rising . For the computer hardware to adapt to the changing software , the hardware is to change and upgrade .
    We have a saying in Lebanon that says bless the one ( God ) who unfolds the change but does not change .
    يا سبحان الي بغير ، ما بتغير .

    Yes , we do not have to try to force the change or the transformations, they happen and unfold naturally like the germination of seeds to grow into trees and like the water evaporating from the sea , to fall with ease and fluidity as rain and snow drop from the sky . No one can stop the process of transformation and the evolution . This is what is happening in all the universe including all the countries in the world .

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