Volume LIV: The Fell Low Man and Living in King Ship

Happy Fabulous Friday, everyone, thank You for being here.  For today’s Freelance Friday Edition I Will be tall King about the Power of positive thing King, the Value of Friends, and Living in King Ship with One’s fell low Man.

It might be a more suitable Post for the Motivational Monday Edition, but I can always repost.  The inspiration behind this Post are a continuation of the thoughts and Ideas expressed in Thursday’s Post.  I had a little side hustle action early in the day, treated My Self to a trip to the Art Store on My Way back, then out to dinner with a Friend to finish a fabulous Friday.  All sounds pretty Good, right?  And it is.  But that doesn’t mean every moment of My Life is sunshine and rainbows.

The ‘side hustle’?  Changing a bathroom faucet.  Slightly less glamorous than ‘side hustle’, but not terrible.  Changing a faucet is pretty easy if You know what to do (and I do).  I get there, no shut off valves.  No problem, superintendent says he’ll shut the water down till I’m done.  I’m on the 15th floor of an 18 story building with hundreds of tenants who Will grow increasingly irritated every second the water is off – no pressure or anything.  Second the super leaves, I’m opening the new faucet, prepping parts and tools so I can get going the instant I get the okay.

Everything starts out fabulous, old faucet is out within minutes.  New faucet has no flex tubing to connect to the pipes.  Back to panic mode, because there is no hardware store nearby and the clock is ticking.  I text My Friend for a ride to the hardware store, and text the super to let him know My Issue.  Probably took Me no more than five minutes to install the new faucet, all I needed to do was connect to the water supply.  This is where the ‘Magic’ of My Universe comes into Play.

I go downstairs to wait for My Friend.  Super didn’t say much except to text as soon as I’m done – translation, ‘hurry up’.  I get downstairs and My Friend says I’ll have to wait five or ten before they can even come to get Me.  I look up at the sky, ‘seriously?’, and put My phone back in My pocket.

“How’s it going up there?”

It was a plumber I saw outside on My Way in.  He’d noticed the empty faucet box.  I laughed and told him what I needed.

“Text Your Friend and tell them to stay home, I’ve got two here You can have.”

Yeah, so that happened.  And five minutes later I was done, happy ending.

The point to that Story, is positive thing King.  It was something I was trying to touch on a little more yesterday but I didn’t quite get to the Root.  This is the Good News Journal, and I do fundamentally believe in the inherent Goodness of Man, I really do.  The story I just told is a miniscule example of it, but it is everyday in My Universe.  Furthermore, I believe that My belief makes it the Truth of My experience.

Although this is perhaps My Greatest Forum of Expression, it is also an expression of the Good in My Microcosm.  I would like to continue war King on My Art Campaign again soon, so stopping by the Art Store was a Great Way to get Me inspired.  I Will have many more Characters to Por-Trait soon and plenty on My list already.  Having dinner out reminded Me of the Value of Friends.

Without bringing the subject up at all, My Friend said to Me, “You can’t just Focus on Writing and promoting Your Blog, You have to make sure You Keep doing the things You are doing.”

Generally, I take exception to anyone suggesting I can’t do anything, but the tone was playful and sincere, there was nothing offensive intended.  My Friend continued, and covered everything I was trying to communicate in My Post the night before.  What I am doing in the community is the reason My Blog is so important, and My Friend’s Greatest concern was that the success of My Blog would interfere with what I’m doing in My Microcosm.  But the two really go Hand in Hand.  The more Active I am in My Microcosm, the more interesting Stories I have to share with My Macrocosm.  I really am more like a ‘Rogue Journalist’.  Ideally, I’d like to have four hours a day I can dedicate to Writing a Post, the rest of the time I’m war King on a Story, like the one You are reading now.

The Story I’m war King on now is a big one.  To tell it, I had to Live it for sixteen months.  I published over 200,000 Words to this Blog while I was living in a shelter.  Not once did I describe a day in the Life.  I did Write about the things I wanted to see change, I Writ about My participation in a project to create awareness for homelessness (InFocus), I Writ about My exposure in the Citizen, Sun and National Post newspapers, and I shared a number of portraits I’d painted outside the shelter on days when weather and circumstance permitted.  I didn’t Write about what it was like to never sleep past seven a.m., even on Sunday’s, or what it was like to line up for food three times a day.  I could go on for days but that is not the Story I want to tell.

The Story I want to tell, is the One where We realize that no One should be subject to Life in a shelter.  The Story I want to tell, is the One where I don’t have to get into details to convince People that Life in a shelter causes harm, and deprives One of their basic dignities – I am thing King that is reasonably self evident.  That is also the Story I believe I Will soon be telling.

My Friend had suggested I Write about My experience in greater detail (perhaps even a book) and I won’t ever do that.  When I told My Friend it was because I would prefer to Focus on the Good that can from this, My Friend understood.  Transformation.

Focusing on the Good feels better.  The Story I’m sharing with You here, has the potential to improve Life for hundreds of homeless in Ottawa, and almost certainly the Lives of those currently staying at The Salvation Army.  That’s The Good News, that’s a Victory already.

This is what I believe it means to Live in King Ship (kinship) with One another.  We are here to inspire One another with Our Stories and Ideas.  Although the Letters I was Writing while I was at the shelter seemed to have little to no effect at the Time, those were the things I was Writing about then, the positive intentions I was Casting into the Universe.  They were a positive distraction from My situation, and they are having a positive effect in My Microcosm now.

My Friend suggested that I spend some time Writing about what I would like to see the city do to resolve the complaint, in the Spirit of Living in King Ship with My fell low Man.  My Friend even suggested the city may consider My recommendations.

Tomorrow (which in My now is just later today), I Will be tall King about some of My solutions.  The other interesting thing about tall King with My Friend today, is that My Friend suggested I combine what I’m doing in My Microcosm with what I’m Writing on My Blog, as a collective not for profit Organization.

“Like, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found ‘A’ Sean’?”

Just One more example of how the things I Write about Magically Manifest in My Microcosm.  My Friend just laughed, “That’s perfect.”

The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean is now Established (a vonDehnVisuals Organization[organize A Sean]).  It’s unofficially been a thing for a while, now it’s official.

I Will share some of My Plans for The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean in the Simple Saturday Solutions.

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