Volume LV: Making Friends of Foes

Hello everyone and welcome to the Magical Monday Edition of The Good News Journal.  I may end up removing the Word ‘Motivation’ from the Monday Edition.  Although I always feel a little more Motivated on Monday’s with the almost endless possibilities of potentialities for the upcoming week ahead of Me, I don’t necessarily have a lot of motivational Ideas to be tall King about.  My Hope is that My audience Will find something motivating, inspirational and uplifting in each of My Posts, but dedicating a day specifically to Motivation isn’t really war King for Me.  I am very grateful to have You here with Me, and do feel I have some encouraging Good News to share with You today.

In My determination to commit to My Monday Motivation Post, I had selected a few TEDx Talks to share with You.  The Titles were promising, but the videos themselves were not what I would call motivational; informative, uplifting and insightful, yes – but the kind of motivation that is going to leave One Wishing to take on the world, not so much.  The other reason I am thing King it was important for Me to share some motivation and inspiration with My audience is because I know not everyone is ‘Self’ motivated, so I thought maybe they could find some inspiration here to get the week off on the right foot.  However, My audience doesn’t typically visit My website so they can feel inspired starting their week, that is someone else’s forte and I Will often visit other websites to Keep My Self motivated.  I do share information I find particularly motivating, Will continue to, and Will also make an effort to be more mindful when I come across great material so that I do have more content to share on Monday’s – I’m not Giving up just yet.  One of the videos (podcast, actually), I was going to share with You today was titled, “Become Friends with Your rivals”.

The Beginning

Maybe I Will share it after all.  The problem is that most of the examples deal with athletes, and the primary ‘thesis’ is that Our rivals (in sports) compel Us to work harder.  I don’t even contest any of the theories presented, I know from My experiences in competitive cycling that a rival Will compel One to work harder…  But that wasn’t what I had anticipated the podcast would be about or what I had wanted to Focus on.

Central Development

People become rivals because they are in competition with each other.  For sprinters it is the fastest time, for companies it’s profits, market saturation or whatever.  But for these rivalries to exist, there must be something common between them.  For companies in competition with one another, the common ground could be the market, and the rivalry would be the larger share of the market; athletes are competing for the best time in the same discipline.

Setting Traps

“Your early interactions can Cast (like Magic) a long shadow.  When You come across new competitors, You might try getting off on the right foot by complimenting them on their work, or even inviting them to collaborate.” – Adam Grant

The above line is from the Podcast.  They do touch on some things I was hoping the Podcast would be tall King about, I just expected this to be the main thesis.

I am war King on My Letter to constable Jenkyn’s today, an officer of the Ottawa Police Service.  Is he My rival?  One would certainly think so if One were to have seen the Way he treated Me on March 28th of last year.  Do I want him to be My rival?  That’s the Key Quest-Ion.  The answer is no.  Every line of My Cestui Que Vie is critical in some Way, but perhaps One of the most important is the following:

“Forgive Me of My trespasses, as I for Give those who have trespassed against Me.”

I Spelled forgive ‘for Give’ deliberately.  My Cestui Que Vie is a Declaration for the Way of My Life.  I must Honour it, or it means nothing, that is My Duty to God.  I cannot forgive a man who Will not apologize, but for the Man that does, it is already assured (I have already forgiven the officer but that forgiveness isn’t Honoured until One is as King for it).  ‘For’ means before, and also Foundation (4).  To forgive is to Honour the previously Established Foundation of Giving.

Bait taken

To forgive does not mean to forget.  To for get, is to take before it (apology) is Given.  The Spirit of the Elephant never forgets.  I would like to be thing King that the Ottawa Police Service are as determined to ‘Serve and Protect’ as I am – I would just like to know who or what they are serving and protecting.  Legally, We both have a Duty to Protect God and the Queen, and the police officer must swear or affirm to this Duty before they can become an officer of the Law.  So, for Me and Con-stable (a con is a trick) Jenkyn, the Common Law is Our Common ground, so it Will be important for Me to touch on this in My Letter.

My Hope, is that constable Jenkyn Will acknowledge he was wrong to have arrested Me,  he Will be as King to be for Given, and allow Me to pour a pitcher of water over his head for his foolishness – there cannot be zero consequence.  It is a harmless Act, demonstrates that his apology is sincere, and Shows that he’s a Good sport, too.  It is a result that Will reflect favourably on all parties.  It may even have the effect of changing the community’s perception of police officers (which certainly couldn’t hurt the Ottawa Police Service).  If is not as King to be for Given, then the alternative Will be considerably worse, and I Will Hand the Matter (information) over to God (Court) for adjudication.  [I am not suggesting God is a Court, I am suggesting that only God can judge, and I Will Hand the Matter over to the Courts, placing My Trust in God to decide what is fair (either Way).]

He has no Idea, soon he Will Give Me his Queen, too.

I was hoping the Podcast would Focus more on how to ‘respect’ One’s rivals, though in retrospect, I am very Glad I shared it with You and am thing King One really should Give it a listen (List-In = Sign Up).  My philosophy is to approach My adversaries with the intention of converting them to allies.  This is where High Moral Character can be of Great Value in a Common Law Society where social media has the Power to influence Minds all over the world; most of Us Wish to be perceived as People of Good Moral Character, so public opinion can become a Great motivator.

I mentioned this when I spoke of the first email response I received from the city.  I was very critical in My interpretation of the email.  I discussed how someone responding to a complaint should do everything they can to win favour with their adversary, and I provided instruction and examples.

When Genevieve Langlais responded to Me as One should in a Common Law jurisdiction, I implemented many of the same strategies discussed on the Podcast.  I complimented Genevieve on the composition of her letter and was specific about why I was impressed with her reply.  A little respect can go a long Way.  I let Genevieve know that I respect her, without compromising My position in any Way.

Now he sees the trouble…

I do hope You enjoy the Podcast, needless to say I did decide to use it. 😛

I’m going to conclude this Post by suggesting that One try to respect One’s rivals if One can’t envision becoming Friends with them.  One thing I have done lots of in My Life is Play chess.  I Love the Game, I am thing King it is the most perfect Game in the world because it always starts with equal opportunity.  I have also always respected My adversaries in chess and I believe it provided a Foundation of thing King that I apply to virtually every element of My Life.  My adversaries in chess often underestimate Me and some Will even refuse to rematch, even those I know to be stronger players (yes, even a very strong player can be easy to defeat if they make the mistake of underestimating One’s opponent).  If We were to View Our rivals as an opportunity for growth, rather than a threat, perhaps We could learn from Our adversaries more fearlessly.

Thank You all so much for being here, I’ll be back tomorrow with the Tell A Vision Mystical Matrix interpretation.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I won the chess game I appeared to be losing in the eyes of My opponent.

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