Volume LV: De-Coding Matrix, Part VII

Hello, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition of The Good News Journal and the Seventh Part of My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean, I hope You are all feeling fabulous.  To catch up or review any previous Matrix De-Coded Posts, click here.  Last week I left off just before the end of a conversation between Morpheus and Neo.  Morpheus had been tall King about how their enemy is ‘everyone and no one’.

I am suggesting that the Matrix is metaphor for Our current system of (commercial) Law providing Keys to a better world for those who understand it.  In this regard, ‘everyone and no one’ being the enemy is significant because virtually everything in [Our current system of] Law is commercial, including persons.  When People are registered with their government, the God Given name is used to Create a business title, otherwise known as a certified person or commercial character.  That business name is then used to Issue (Is-You) all of the other pieces of paper most People carry around with them in their wallet known as identification, or the ‘ID entity’.  A corporation is a dead thing, not living, and this is why the enemy is everyone and no one.  Everything has been commercialized, (virtually) no One is Acting as a legal and lawful Living entity.  Morpheus explains to Neo that One day, someone will have to fight them.

The crew believes Neo is ‘the One’, and Neo knows he is the ‘someone’ Morpheus is referring to.  Morpheus also tells Neo that everyone who has attempted to fight an agent has died,

“But where others have failed, You Will succeed.” – Morpheus

Neo asks why, and after Morpheus tells of agents who can punch through walls and dodge bullets,

“Their strength and speed is still based in a world built on rules.  Because of that, they Will never be as strong or as fast as You can be.” – Morpheus

This is an excellent metaphor for Our current world.  Most (if not all) conditions that deprive People of the basic needs necessary for the full development of their [Character’s] personality have their foundation in corportate policies, otherwise known as Uniform (One Shape) Commercial Code.  This U.C.C. governs all commercial law in all countries of the world, and gives power and authority to the governments that Create (legislate) them.  Man was Given dominion over the Earth by God, though none but God were Given dominion over Man.  This is a Key.

Neo Training
Will I Dodge Bullets?

“What are You trying to tell Me?  That I can dodge bullets?” – Neo

“No, Neo.  I’m trying to tell You that when You are ready, You won’t have to.” – Morpheus

I also said that the Matrix trilogy has been a metaphor for My own Life.  In previous editions I described how Neo’s first experience with the agents was similar to My experience with the Toronto Police Service.  I knew My rights but I had no Voice, nothing I said seemed to make any difference.  My best hope for being released was to comply with their demands under duress, and I was eventually released.

That was almost nine years ago now, and marked the beginning of My studies in Law.  I am still a member of independent law study groups, and every single One suggests that a man is as Good as dead if One attempts to defend One’s Self in a Court of Law.  The premise, is that simply showing up for a Court date is to Act as the certified person, the commercial (dead) character (giving authority and jurisdiction to the Court).  I’m determined to prove them wrong.

Morpheus and Neo have their conversation interrupted by an emergency.  There isn’t much of significance in the following Scene, though I did want to touch on another Christ reference in the Scene with Cypher and Neo.  Neo surprises and startles Cypher as he’s watching the Matrix.

Cypher is Judas in the Matrix

“…  You scared the be-Jesus out of Me!” – Cypher

No line in the Matrix is arbitrary.  To scare the ‘be Jesus’ out of Cypher is more foreshadowing, and it suggests that the Spirit of Christ is no longer with him.  The idea is further implied when Cypher tells Neo that he Wished he’d taken the blue pill.  Then Cypher asks Neo if Morpheus told him why he was unplugged and once again exclaims, “Jesus!”, when Neo Gives his answer.

“So You’re here to save the world.  What do You say to something like that?” – Cypher

(Neo says nothing).  Cypher advises Neo that despite what he’s been told, if he sees an agent, he should do what everyone else does – run!

In the next Scene, Cypher is already planning to betray Neo and arranging to be plugged back into the Matrix as ‘someone important’.  He’s eating steak, wearing fine clothes and, (something I hadn’t noticed before), his complexion and physical appearance is enhanced.  In the previous Scene with Neo, Cypher’s left ear is mutilated, though it appears perfect while discussing business with the agent.

The Betrayal of Neo

Next, We’re back on the Nebuchadnezzar  where the crew is eating something that looks as though it should be in a pig trough.  At this point in the film, We’re noticing that life on the Nebuchadnezzar is not at all glamorous.  The crew are wearing shabby, torn clothing, eating slop, and have minimalist sleeping quarters.  This is to reflect the lives of those living in hardship and poverty in Our commercial admiralty world, which the crew members themselves represent.  The scene ends with Morpheus calling down to the crew, advising Tank that it’s time for Neo to visit the Oracle.

Eating Slop
Eating Slop

I’m going to leave Neo’s visit with the Oracle for next week, as it’s one of the most important Scenes in the film.

I am thing King this is the shortest Matrix interpretation I’ve Writ so far, but that’s because I know I Will have plenty to say about the Oracle next week.

Thank You all so much for being here,

Love and Blessings,

















  1. Jesus has said that the kingdom of heaven is within you .
    It means that you could create your own heaven after hardships. You could transform into sadness and struggle into unconditioned joy , unconditional love and bliss…

  2. I agree with you that as Jesus said that faith could move mountains.
    I think that being an extension of source energy or God, we have the ability to change the world because we are an extension of source energy . Even stone change by our energy because stones that appear solid and fixed are in reality energy particles moving eternally …

  3. God is in everyone and everything , after the winter comes the spring …

    God is here , there, present everywhere to change we care
    Infinity is never rare

  4. Through joy and pain , all evolve and gain ,
    Our creator is sane ,
    To bring water and rain ,
    Love is the answer to remain ,
    Our consciousness thing is the main ,
    Thing that goes on in truth so plain
    Reality is like a dream to reframe
    We channel energy from the source of life
    Endlessly and eternal energy would never drain …

      1. Thank you …
        I do not claim that I am a poet but I hope that our messages implied in the lines would have a great positive liberating influence on the world like the domino effect or the butterfly effect …
        Best wishes …
        May your light and the light of people like you shine bright to contribute to brightening and enlightening life on earth for all …
        This is the universal dream that is an evolved version of the American dream …

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