Volume LV: Thing King about the Right Things, Everything Else is Contra Bonos Mores

Hello, World!  Thank You for joining Me for the Simple Saturday Solutions Edition of The Good News Journal.  I’ve been away for a couple of days, as I’ve got a lot of important thing King to do in My Microcosm.  As per usual, I’ve been Wishing to share those thoughts with You, too, though I haven’t quite made up My Mind what I Will do just yet.

I am determined to do My best to lead by My example, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I know the best Way.  I know I Will find My Way, but I wouldn’t encourage anyone to follow Me.  Sometimes finding My Way meant High King in the wrong direction for days just to get My bearings.  Most often I don’t share My more difficult decisions with My audience until My Mind is already Set on the next Scene on the world Stage – then I’m studying and preparing for the Part.

This time, I can’t say how long it Will take Me to make up My Mind.  I know that until I do, it Will be on My Mind, looming over Me, and interfering with My ability to share anything else with You.  The Issues I am having were also foreshadowed in the Full Moon Magic Edition, so rather than Keep them to My Self until I have them resolved, I was thing King there may be Value in sharing how I navigate My more difficult decisions.

My Issue is the Forms I was tall King about in the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition.  For now, I’ve done everything I can to enable the city of Ottawa to Honour their resolution agreement with Me.  Because this is The Good News Journal, I do not Wish to Focus on how enraged I was by the documents I was required to fill out.  It is difficult for Me to View them without feeling embarrassed for the city of Ottawa.  It is also important for Me to experience all of this so I can tell You about it.

I did say I would be Casting My next Spell sometime (last) Thursday morning, though I didn’t get everything scanned for the email until sometime after noon.  The moment I had it done Formed a Quest Ion in My Mind I have been thing King about ever since, ‘should I share these applications on My Blog?’.

What is the right thing to do?


On One Hand, there is every reason I should share the applications so that I can point out which parts of the application Form are violations of One’s rights, and how One should fill out such Forms (contracts) to ensure One does not unwittingly waive any of One’s rights.  I found the application to be insulting, degrading, and an invasive exploitation of One’s privacy and rights.

On the other Hand, the application Form was probably Writ by Housing Services, a private organization, not the city of Ottawa.  The eternal optimist within Me Wishes to believe any lawyer Will be able to identify these violations every bit as clearly as I can, and Will advise Housing Services that the application form requires serious modification.  Once again, I’d rather Focus on how these Forms can evolve and change shape by identifying their need to trans-Form.

For Me, the most ironic detail about the application is that it was created by Housing Services because they are the same organization that is contracted by the city of Ottawa to ensure emergency shelters comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code, and the emergency shelter standards.  It is the very same organization that is responsible for violating the shelter standards I am complaining to the city about.  They are to ensure that the shelters act in compliance with the emergency shelter standards and the Ontario Human Rights Code, and they have violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code Writ right into their mandatory applications for housing subsidy!

One might even be thing King it is a Form of extortion, using the threat and fear of continued homelessness to intimidate One into Signing away One’s rights.  One cannot qualify for a Housing subsidy unless they complete these Forms – or at the very least, that is what One is told.

The alarming thing for Me, is knowing that everyone who is currently receiving a housing subsidy in the city of Ottawa has either Willingly or unwittingly, consented to the loss of constitutional rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code, and probably have no Idea.  In the city of Ottawa, it doesn’t just appear as though those subject to homelessness and poverty have less rights than others, it is actually being made legally true by the forms those subject to homelessness are required to Sign if they Wish for assistance.  How morally unjust is that?

“Contra Bonos Mores” – Latin (Maxim in Law), ‘Against Good Morals’.

So what’s the Simple Solution?  We change the Forms, We change the process.  I always strive to find the Good in everything.  The Truth is, a lot of People who are subject to homelessness and poverty do have serious health issues, mental health and addiction in particular.  Some People actually need some of the supports that are offered.  The problem is, the city treats everyone subject to homelessness and poverty as though there is something wrong with them.  It’s the individual’s fault – not the insufficient housing allowance Given by the city, not the loss of job, or the lack of available work in One’s field.  And the inability to secure work is the individual’s fault too – not the fact the individual doesn’t have access to a home to return to, a clean shower in which to bathe,  a place to Keep their clothes clean and crisp, a bed for a Good night’s sleep, and a kitchen to cook and prepare healthy food.

Society wants to look down on the homeless, yet securing a full time job sufficient to secure a single occupancy apartment at current market value in Ottawa while living in a shelter or on the streets for long enough to make the first and last month rent deposit, is something of a superhero accomplishment.  Generally, those who start their day waking up in a shelter or on the streets are not usually feeling much like superhero’s.

For this Edition of The Good News Journal, I’m going to presume a lawyer has never seen the Forms applicants Wishing for housing subsidy are as King of One to Sign.  I’m going to presume that the infringements upon the Ontario Human Rights Code included in the applications were well intentioned, and Will be removed.

I also haven’t expressed My thoughts on the application Forms to the city’s legal counsel, Genevieve Langlais yet, aside from the amendments I made in My application.  I don’t want to feel I should have to, I feel Genevieve Will recognize and identify the violations to the Ontario Human Rights Code as acutely as I did, and Will bring it to the attention of the director of Housing Services.

However, I did mention to My Friend the other day that I have been thing King about this ever since I completed the Forms, that I wasn’t sure if I should share them on My Blog to protect the rights of others required to fill them out, and that the decision is interfering with My Writing.  This happens to be One of My Friends from My legal community, Mary Jane (I know, right!), and she insisted on Writing a Letter to express how insulting the form is to anyone in need of subsidy, ‘in her professional legal opinion’ as a paralegal.  She Gave Me the Letter, as King of Me to pass it along to the city’s legal counsel.  Of course, it also includes a few specific examples of the city’s negligence with respect to the overall complaint.

Another thing I don’t spend much time tall King about, is how difficult all of it was, and how difficult it all still is.  The Friends in My Microcosm know how hard that Life is, and exactly what kind of conditions I’ve been subject to.  As such, some are thing King I’m too kind, that I’m not asserting My Self enough, and this has been on My Mind, too.

I want to assure everyone, I am not being too kind.  I am being patient, there is a difference.  I have informed the city of My grievances, and advised them on how I Wish to see those grievances resolved.  Their ability to meet the terms of Our resolution agreement, Will determine the Vigilance with which I move forward, and/or if I need to move forward at all.  For now, I would like to presume they Will offer a reasonable resolution so that there Will be no need to move forward.

The Simple Solution is to do what is morally correct.  Anything else is ‘Conta Bonos Mores’.

I hope You are all having a fabulous weekend and a Sensational Saturday.

Love and Blessings,


  1. I have read in a post , energy counts more than words .
    Not only actions count more than words but also emotions , ideas , and intentions in the background of the minds , hearts and spirits do count more than mere single words whether said verbally or written down …

  2. May God bless you and bless all. This is a world dream to have a more just and equitable world . Absolutely , Our world is becoming better day after day in every way …
    In evolution and progress , we shall stay …
    The sun keeps shining every ray
    For us to make hay ,
    Stability and progress have a lot to say ,
    Definitely said : ” where there is will ,
    There is a way …

    Blessings to all from Lebanon , the land that is mentioned in the bible to have the cedars of God …🇨🇦🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇱🇧🇨🇦

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