Volume LVI: Motivational Monday Might – for Rights

Mighty Elephant

Hello everyone, welcome to the Motivational Monday Edition of The Good News Journal.  This time, might does not mean maybe, Might means Mighty, Majestic, Marvel Us.  Because only when We collectively choose to Stand for what is Right and Good against all odds, Will We collectively accomplish Peace.  And We Will; I Give You My Word.

I received an email from the city of Ottawa’s director of Housing Services today, Paul Lavigne.  The message was in reply to the ‘Engagement Letter’ and application Form I had returned to him.  Paul wrote that he

“would like to propose a face to face meeting to discuss the forms, and in particular, your responses to the Engagement Letter.” – Paul Lavigne

The Letter made My blood boil.  It is also worth Noting that the above quote is unedited, meaning that the capitalization of Engagement and Letter were as it was Writ to Me in Paul’s original message.  I capitalize certain Words deliberately as a Form of Magic, it increases the importance of a Word in Man’s Mind, and encourages People to Quest-Ion the use of capital Letters wherever One sees them.  The capitalization of Engagement Letter means it’s a legal title of some kind, a contract.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s a legal contract as King of One to Give up their rights.  The fact that Paul capitalized the Words in ‘Engagement Form’, and that this is the document he Wishes to speak to Me face to face about, further demonstrates how critical this is to the process, when it should be irrelevant – the entire document should be eliminated.

I should probably clarify that it wasn’t the language of the Letter that made My blood boil, ‘per se’, it was simply the fact that Paul Wishes to discuss this Matter with Me face to face.  My rights are non negotiable, so I am interested in knowing what Paul might have to say to Me.  This is another example of adding insult to injury.  My Good nature Wishes to believe that these are Care-less Acts that can easily be remedied, but when One continues to Act in a negligent manner, it becomes increasingly more difficult to suspend disbelief.

I don’t want to have to sit across a Table and explain to a man twenty years My senior, why the Forms he Sent Me are insulting, degrading and a violation of One’s rights.  I should not need to explain these things to a man Trusted to make recommendations to city councillors on which private organizations should be contracted to provide social services for the community (yes, I did some research on the man).

If Paul were smart, what he should have done when he saw how I responded to the Forms and Engagement Letter, was reply to apologize for sending the wrong Forms, explaining they are only intended for individuals who had specifically asked for special care.  No harm, no foul.  The Honourable Way to make Peace with One’s legal opponents, is to do everything One can to accommodate them and remedy the complaint.  Ignoring the complaint and/or causing further harm and injury to One’s opponent is clearly not the Honourable thing to do.  So far, Housing Services is demonstrating a deficit with respect to public relations.

This is what really makes My blood boil.  Not only does it seem as though Housing Services has little or no compassion for those subject to poverty, it appears they believe those subject to poverty have no entitlement to rights, either.  It would be completely different if the Engagement Letter were for those who had requested special care in addition to a housing subsidy, but when such a Form is required to obtain a subsidy, it is compelling One to Give up their rights by threat of intimidation by continued suffering as a result of homelessness.  One can Give up their dignity, rights to privacy, autonomy and receive a subsidy for Housing, or One can refuse to Give up their rights, dignity and autonomy and be subject to continued, indefinite homelessness.  Basically, it’s like saying to a homeless person, “Come back and see us when You’re ready to Give up Your right to autonomous Living.”

When I see People being taken advantage of, I get physically ill a little, I really do.  Like I said in My last Post, what horrifies Me most, is that anyone in the city of Ottawa currently receiving subsidy has waived some of their rights by Signing the same Forms that were Presented to Me.  What about all of them?  How many of them are ‘happy’ about the loss of those rights and have no Idea they didn’t have to Give them up?  Many People who would be in need of these services do have serious mental health issues and are not likely to fully comprehend what they have been as King to Sign.  Who’s advocating for their rights?

My next meeting with the city and Paul Lavigne, is 9:00 Avant Midi, Friday, March 29th.  I Will have a lot on My Mind until then.  What I can assure You, is that there is no might when it comes to a right, and all of My Might Will be determined to defend Man’s Rights this Friday.

I’m hoping when Friday comes, I Will be pleasantly surprised.  I am moving forward with the presumption that Genevieve has not yet advised Paul that the terms and conditions I have contested are a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and need to be removed from the Forms.  I am cautiously optimistic that I Will be Presented with new Forms this Friday.

Well, this Post is a little shorter than usual, but I am thing King I have said what I Wished to communicate; that there is no might when it comes to a Right, except the Might to defend it.

I hope You are having a Magical start to Your week,

Love and Blessings,

gray elephant
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