Volume LVII: Celestial Celebrate Sean – Bottoms Up!

Hello and Happy ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks, Wednesday every One, thanks so much for being here.

It’s been two weeks since the Magic of the Full Moon, so I wondered if today might be the New Moon, but that’s not until Friday (4:50 Avant Midi where I am).  I am Celebrating a little right now, and the New Moon typically re-Presents (Gifts) new beginnings, which is why I’m Celebrating.  So I would not have been at all surprised to learn today was a New Moon because the Magic of the day feels Celestial.  Now I’m curious to see what the Celestial Significance of Friday Will be!

I’m actually celebrating for a lot of different reasons.  This is the first week where the weather on My phone does not show a negative temperature value as the daily high in the five day fore-Cast.  Small Celestial Gift right there, and One well worth appreciating.

I have closure on the investigation of My complaint, there’s finally been a determination.  Is the determination reasonable and correct?  I’m not ready to be thing King about that right now.  We are all Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks in some Way, and Wednesday’s are dedicated to Magic.  Consider how many Letters I have Writ in the last two years without a single reply.

“First they ignore You, then they Laugh at You, then they fight You, then You Win.” – Gandhi

One can clearly See the Magic and Power of the Written Word now.  Every single Word I Write into a Letter, becomes a new Paige (Page) in My Story, further developing My Character on the world Stage.  Today, all the Letters I Writ to staff and management of the Salvation Army and Published here on My Blog, were read.  It had been a while, so I decided to re-read them all today, too.

It hadn’t even ‘Dawned’ (donned, but like Spring) on Me just how dis-Honourable it is to ignore a Letter until today.  It is as much a reflection of the stigma surrounding poverty and homelessness as anything else.  I thought maybe one of the reasons the conditions at the shelters were so bad was because no one ever complained about them.  No, it’s because they don’t respond to complaints from clients, it doesn’t matter how Honourable One endeavours to Act, or how well One Words One’s Letters.

It is a shame that I had to file an application to the Divisional Court to get a response and investigation into My complaint, but I am very impressed with how the city of Ottawa has dealt with the complaint since then.  Lady Genevieve Langlais, associate legal counsel for the city of Ottawa, has done an exceptional job on behalf of the city, and I am also Grateful to Paul Lavigne for securing the housing subsidy.

The Matter isn’t over, I still have to respond to the city’s determination of the investigation, but right now I’m Focusing on The Good News.  The Ontario Human Rights Code is going to be posted throughout the facility, clients are no longer required to attend chapel if they Wish to participate in programs, and a clearly posted complaint resolution process Will be posted throughout the facility (presumably so that People like Me won’t be ignored for sixteen months).  Can You tell I’m still a little bitter?  At least I can joke about it, but this is why I need to just celebrate this event for a couple of weeks, and the city was kind enough to Grant Me the Time.  It’s in the city’s best interest as much as mine anyway.

I’ve been laptop shopping for apartments a little already.  I’m going to find something Good, I always do, and that’s mostly what I am thing King about right now.  That is something I have been war King on for over ten years.  I’ll have windows with plants, My own kitchen, bathroom, living room/office/bedroom (even if the last three are the same room).  Ideally, I’ll have a balcony, too.  I’ll be able to listen to music without headphones, dance and sing if I want.  I Will have My own Space, the King Will have his Castle.

Right now, I’m really ready for it.  I mentioned once that it’s difficult for Me to accept compliments on My Portraits because I’m never really satisfied with them, I only see everything that’s wrong with them.  A lot of People Will tell Me they’re Great, I know they’re not.  That’s how I feel in My microcosm right now.

Some of My Friends are absolutely thrilled with some of the changes resulting from the city’s determinations (no more chapel was more important to clients than I had anticipated), others are just impressed anything was done at all.  They are truly Acting as though this is some kind of Miracle, and as One might expect, every One has Ideas about how I should proceed and what I should do next, the next ‘thing’ I must get behind.

As I continue with My Matrix interpret-A-Sean, I realize more and more similarities between My Self and Neo, especially his philosophy with respect to Free Will.  am in control, and Will decide what I Will do next.  I do not respond well to ‘You know what You have to do now?’  I don’t ‘have to do’ anything! Well, except maybe Focus on getting My own Space.

This has been a much longer Quest for Me than the Friends in My immediate microcosm know.  Most of My Friends are thing King this has been a sixteen to twenty month Quest, when really it’s been well over ten years.

I have My own Ideas about how I Will proceed, and they Will not be at all what any of My Friends (or foes) are thing King they Will be.

That’s the really ‘Big’ Celebrate-Sean.  The most Magnificent Magic, is The Good News Journal.  This is where I Cast all of My Magic, where Letters once left ignored come back to haunt their recipients like a Holy Ghost.

When I first Writ these Letters, no One seemed to care, just Words from a ‘lowly’ King.  Today the ‘lowly’ King is feeling a little Highness, so this is a celebrate-Sean of ‘bottoms up’, moving up, and looking up in the world.  And all beginning on the first of a new month, of a new week, and even of a new year (according to the all Fools day calendar).  That is a Sign because You know how We feel about coincidences here.

Finally, and absolutely the best reason to celebrate Magic today, is the response from My Mother and Brother.  They are both so Happy.  My family knows more than anyone how Passionate I am about what I’m doing.  For so many years, most People in My microcosm could not even begin to understand why I Live My Life the Way I do, now I can honestly say I don’t know a single soul in the world who doesn’t respect the work I’m doing.  That’s just another One of those things Words Will never be able to fully describe, which is probably exactly why Words like Magic and Miracle were Created.

architecture building castle clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Every Deed is new Page, a Part We Act out on the world Stage.  This King, is claiming a Castle.

Hope You have all had a Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday.

Love and Blessings,








1 Comment

  1. Whatever has happened try to make peace with the past and what matters is the now to look forward to make or allow our lives to be better , to grow , learn and evolve .
    If we put a smile o
    In the hearts and on the faces of others , cheer others and support to the best of our abilities , we could add to the peace , joy and unconditional love of the world …
       May God help us shine the light bright like the stars in the darkness of the night …
    Through both joy and pain , we transcend evolve and gain ,
    See the silver lining in the rain ,
    Have patience the rainbow is a sign
    That your blessings are coming back again
    For our power to get back and re-gain

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