Volume LVII: Forward Thing King

Hello every One, welcome to the Thoughtful Thursday Think King Edition, thank You all kindly for being here.  Thursday’s are also #ThankfulThursday [hashtag] on Twitter, so today I Thought would be a Good Time to remind My audience how Grateful I am to have You.  Without a receiver, the radio’s Signal has no Purpose.

I have all kinds of interesting People in My microcosm Wishing to do all kinds of interesting things.  All of them are Good, for Ward thing King Ideas, and I am Grateful for all of them, too.  This is one of the other things I am feeling particularly thankful for this Thursday.  When I started My personal Quest ten years ago, it was very difficult to find People who were tall King about the kinds of Ideas My Friends are tall King about now.

All of these things are reflected in the Macrocosm in some Way, too.  In Canada, for example, main stream media was tall King about laying criminal charges against their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, for interfering in Judicial process with the whole SNC Lavalin scandal.  I’ve heard a lot of rumours of impeachment and criminal charges the People of America Wish to lay against Trump.  I’m not sure countries have ever really been ‘pleased’ with their government representatives (okay, maybe Norway), but it seems reasonably clear in Our Macrocosm that People are becoming progressively less pleased with their governments.  And that’s Good News.

I know People who are Writing their own constitutions, I see all kinds of different protests going on all over the world.  It seems We can aggregate data on virtually everything, I would be curious to know what the People of the world are as King of the Universe for collectively.  If We could determine all the reasons for People expressing dissent toward their government, I Wonder what the data would tell Us about what We are really as King for.

“Keep on as King, and it Shall be Given.” – Bible

Collectively, We have come a long Way in ten years.  Seriously.  For Me, it is something like Living a Dream already just to see how Conscious Man has become with regard to Virtually all things that Matter.  We are beginning to really Care about the Common Wealth – each other, Our Wonderous Creations, and the plants and animals of Our natural world that allow for it all.  As I’ve said for so many years, the [United] Kingdom [of God] is before Us now for those with eyes to see.

As We move for Ward (ward/protection, care), it seems more chaotic.  It’s the whole ‘Order from chaos’ theory.  Unfortunately, before We can actually fix anything, We have acknowledge Our mis-Takes.  Everything in Our microcosm is reflected in the Macrocosm.  In the same Way that personal growth can be a humbling, painful experience, especially when One acknowledges responsibility for harm done to One’s Self, the collective is realizing how many mis-Takes We have collectively made.

The Macrocosm Will respond to the new information the same Way One does in One’s Microcosm when first identifying a self-destructive behaviour.  The behaviour is attached to the ego, it ‘identifies’ with the behaviour.  The ego doesn’t want to lose its identity, so it Will do everything it can to survive by justifying the behaviour.  ‘I do this because…’

Smoking is a Great example.  There is no ‘Good’ reason to smoke, and it is reasonably safe to say this is well known to be an established fact.  Theoretically, unless We all enjoy doing harm to Our Self, We should all have have quit smoking the second We discovered it was harming Our Self, right?  And yet We don’t, though over time We Will.  Over time, We Will evolve to adopt behaviour that benefits Our Self and smoking Will seem like a strange and unusual ‘ancient’ custom.  The more slowly something causes harm, the longer it takes to learn the lesson.

Let’s jump back to Our Macrocosm.  We seem to be in a world of extremes.  On One Hand, We Wish for Full Freedom of Speech.  On the other Hand, We are easily offended by the Words People say.  One of the reasons this is such a major Issue in the Macrocosm right now, is because Freedom of Speech is the Greatest Power We have left.  And it really doesn’t Matter which side One is on, it is the same argument.  I reserve the right to offend, and I reserve the right to be offended.

We are witnessing a for Ward thing King Progressive Purge.  Right now, We’re still in the phase of Wishing to blame every One, or any thing else – including government.  Government is not the problem.  We are.  Each and every individual is responsible.  Anytime We with Hold anything We have the Capacity to Give some One that Will Enable Her to Thrive, We are not Acting as We should.  I’m not an Idealist, I’m telling You how People Act in God’s Kingdom.  At least, that’s how the People would Act in the Kingdom of the God I know.

If I don’t Sign off soon, I won’t get this Posted before midnight and I’ll fail My thirty day challenge, so I have to wrap this up.

In the last Matrix Interpret A Sean, the Agent said that the Matrix was once a Perfect program, a peaceful world with no struggle, but the program was ‘rejected’.  I had to spend some time thing King about that One more before sharing My thoughts.  The People responsible for the world We know now do have a perfect ‘program’.  It wasn’t so much that the program was rejected, it just wasn’t of any benefit to Mana (Man) overall.

We did have Peace and perfection once.  The Garden of Eden is a Good metaphor for the ‘old’ program.  It wasn’t rejected, it’s just that We didn’t do anything.  It is probably the only time I Will ever Give Ben Shapiro even a shred of credit, there is a foundation (program) for his prejudice.  We were Happy with things the Way they were, so there was no need to ‘aspire’ to be any better.  Competition and struggle inspire ingenuity.  Forcing Us to compete with one another for resources would essentially produce the manifestation of Man’s evolution.

We could still be living in the Garden of Eden like Adam and Eve in the Story.  We could have no technology and be bathing in rivers or whatever, but no One would ever go hungry or without a home.  The Truth is, We wanted more, We got bored.  We needed to Create a world where it was kind of like the Garden of Eden, but We have every modern luxury Man can Imagine.  Imagination (I, Mage in a Sean).

All the crazy things that are going on in the world, are akin to the teenage years of rebellion.  The children are almost grown up enough to leave the house and are no longer as receptive to taking Orders from their parents, but they are still forced to live under their roof and heed their rules at Home.

That’s where We are collectively right now.  We’re realizing We should be taking more responsibility for Our lives and the planet, We know We’re going to have to do it eventually (One can only let the garbage pile up for so long in One’s room), but We’re not ready to accept responsibility, We still somehow feel it is some One else’s problem to solve…  You know, like government.

Alright, gotta go, Ladies and Gents, Dames and Sirs,

Hope You’ve all had a Thrilling Thursday,

Love and Blessings,

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  1. True , responsibility is key for sustainable development and spiritual ascenscion.
    Responsibility is the response -ability or the growing learning ability or capacity to respond …

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