Volume LVII: The Magic of Tall King and Spelling

Good day, every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Sun Day Re-View.  Today, I won’t just be tall King about the events of the past week, I’ll be going Way back in Time.  In fact, I Will be starting right at the very beginning of Time it Self.  Magic isn’t something Man needs to learn, it is a [Super] Natural Gift Given by God; the Power of the Word.

“In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – the Bible

‘The Word was God.”  That’s pretty powerful.  Too bad it’s in the past tense.  Why not say, ‘the Word is with God, and the Word is God.’?  Because the Word is with Man, and the Word is Man.

Man’s Word became God’s Word.  Man started believing Man’s Word over God’s Word.  Eventually, Man became a Word.  And here We are, welcome to Babble-On.

Once upon a Time, a Man’s Word was God, an Oath to be Honoured.  Now We Live in a world where a Man’s Word means virtually nothing.  Sadly, this seems to be especially True with respect to elect government officials.

Imagine for a moment, a world where every One kept their Word.  Imagine there was a time when One would never have considered doing anything else; that was the Power Our Word once had.  The entire reputation of an individual was subject to how much One could Trust their Word.

How it came to be I’m not sure.  Somewhere along the Way, the Power of the spoken Word was lost.  People began lying, making excuses, and uttering Words that had no meaning.  Those who’s Word could not be Trusted had a difficult time doing business in the community, as it is hard to make agreements when One’s Word means nothing.

People started Writing things down and eventually, Man had lost virtually all Honour and was required to have a license to participate in commerce.  That’s why telling a police officer who You are is not Good enough, they Will usually want an individual to provide proof of ID-entification.  This is to ensure the individual has a license to do business in that jurisdiction.  In Canada, it is the Crown Corporation of Canada.

Of course, many would argue that Canada is a country and not a corporation, I would suggest it is both.  The corporate element of Canada controls everything that would allow a country to otherwise be Sovereign (and why Canada has not developed its independence and is not a Sovereign state).  A Sovereign State would have its own Post Office and National Bank.  Canada has neither, both are privately owned Crown corporations.

Although many like to spin these facts as treasonous against Canada’s Sovereignty, it was all done to protect the People because it was clear that We (the People) were not being very responsible about keeping Our elected officials in check, making sure they only pass laws that are fair and just.  To the best of My knowledge, the Governor General of Canada has never overturned a bill because it trespasses on a Common Law right, though that is one of the Governor General’s primary Duties and responsibilities (to the Canadian People and the Queen).  Sadly, Canada’s current Governor General, Julie Payette does not even believe in God, so I’m not sure how she Will know how to protect God’s Laws, though based on the example of previous Canadian GG’s, I really don’t think anyone Will notice or care.

Virtually all elected officials have no sense of Honour left.  MP Lloyd Longfield boasts on his webpage, that

“As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to being your strong voice in Ottawa and I intend to work hard to maintain your trust.”

‘Strong Voice in Ottawa’.  Hmmm.  Does that mean not responding to Letters from People in the community as King to Lloyd Longfield to address serious concerns about Canada’s Sovereignty and banking practices in the House of Commons?  Or just mine?  Two e-mails to his office, two typed letters delivered to his Guelph office by Hand, and One final Letter sent ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ to advise him that I am not joking and do Wish for him to respond to My Letters.  Nothing.  Just actors, ladies and gents.  And I think he receives somewhere around $200,000.00 a year to ignore Letters from the People, and a guaranteed, cushy pension when he’s done.  Now You know why he is dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Games, Lloyd Longfield.

Dis-Honourable Member of Parlour Games “Lloyd Longfield”

Sorry about the fly on his face, but We all know flies love feces, and they were naturally drawn to Lloyd.  Anyway, Lloyd’s gonna have to work considerably harder than other MP’s to gain My Trust.  Not responding to letters is one thing, but making it One’s campaign Promise to be the strong Voice of the People in Ottawa and then not respond to the People’s concerns…  Well, that makes him both dis-Honourable, and a liar.  He’s just one of many that need to go.  Justin’s up there, too.

Imagine if elected officials actually did what they said they were going to do when they get elected.  Sounds like such a novel Idea, even though that is exactly how democracy is supposed to work.  We have never had democracy in Canada.  We vote on rulers, not employees.  If politicians were actually Acting as Our employees and We [the People] were to immediately remove them from office if they broke campaign promises, that would be a democracy.  There would have to be some kind of consequence to not fulfilling campaign promises for Canada to actually be a democracy.  If the only consequence is a failure to re-elect, then the next leader gets in under exactly the same false pretenses.  Canada’s People are continually voting for politicians who never actually do what they were elected to do.  It’s criminal, and I’m not using that as an expression.  I call betrayal of the People treason but Canada would call it a breach of the Public Trust, and there is a Law (and consequence) for that.

I didn’t mean for this to be such a long Post.  What I really wanted to suggest, is that We can make positive change in the world by doing things the ‘Honourable’ Way.  I still suggest We should Write Our elected officials and tell them what We need for them to do as Our public servants and elected officials.  It has been SO long since People have (collectively) done this, that Our elected officials have been having a huge Party with Canadian taxpayer money.  We need to crash that Party and put the wealth back into the Hands of the Canadian People.

Thank You all so much for being here, I appreciate every single one of You,

Love and Blessings,
















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  1. Get into the state of being .
    As Mahatma Ghandi has said:” Be the change you want to see.”

    Example , the more aware I am of being , doing and having , the better would be the outside reality .
    I have faith that we would rise to the fifth dimensional reality of unconditional love, unconditioned joy and peace .
    Things in this 3 d reality are not as solid as they seem . Just get into the being , get inspired to relax and allow .You co-create with God and there is still work to be done in our own consciousness and tapping into the beingness of prosperity and transperency before the DIVINE projects into our reality …

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