Volume LVIII: Monday [Family] Matters

Hello, and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motivation Edition, thank You for being here.  Monday’s ‘Matter’, and Family Matters, too.  Family Matters can also be challenging to navigate because We are ‘stuck’ with Our Family; We don’t get to choose Our Brother’s and Sister’s, Our Mother and Father, or any of Our other Family relations.  Family has also been a big challenge for Me in My Microcosm.  Today I am going to be tall King about how I’ve handled some of the challenges with Family I’ve had in My Microcosm (Good and bad), what I learned about My Self from those experiences, and how the Family of My Microcosm has evolved since then.

This Post Will probably also please My Family somewhat, too, as the first thing I have to say with respect to any Issues with My Family over the last ten years or so, is that they were My Issues, not My Family’s.

This Post is partially inspired by recent news of a new arrival in My Family; I Will have a new niece or nephew to look forward to in the fall.  It is also inspired by what I have learnt in dealing with My previous ‘Issues’ with My Family, and how I apply that knowledge to the Family of Friends in My Microcosm now.

I Writ once that Creating My Cestui Que Vie actually had a Magical, physical effect on Me, too; I felt noticeably different after I had finished Writing it – I felt like a new Man.  I had Created a Declaration for the Purpose of My Life, and I was determined to Honour it.

One of the very first Real Eyes A Sean’s I had, was that My Family had Nothing to do with any of My Issues with My Family.  All of it was Me.  On One Hand, it was a hard Pill to swallow, on the other Hand, it was Freedom (think ‘red pill’ from the Matrix).

I had thought My Issue with My Family had been that they didn’t understand or appreciate the Way I Wished to Live My Life.  That was the Illusion.  They Love Me every bit as much as I Love them, and they were just concerned for My well being.  At times, it seemed a Great deal more complicated than that, but it never really was.

There was never any Quest-Ion about what I Wish to accomplish or why, only how.  That was the Cause of all Issues with My Family – and it was My Issue.  It was the One Quest-Ion I couldn’t answer.  In My Universe, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out’, means the same thing as having it all figured out, ‘Not knowing Will teach Me what I need to know’.

When I had the answer to ‘how’, My Issues with My Family were over – and that’s how I came to the realization they were all My Issues in the first place.  ‘How?’, is a very Good Quest-Ion to be as King of some One who Wishes to accomplish something, and ‘I don’t know, I’ll figure it out’, isn’t a very convincing response to Give some One who Cares.  Compound that with, ‘and how long are You going to spend, ‘figuring this out”, with, ‘as long as it takes’, and One can begin to see My Family’s frustration and concern.

What I’m trying to say is that even as a Spiritualist who makes an effort to be conscious of every emotion I experience and why I’m experiencing it, for roughly eight years I didn’t realize that the thing I was most frustrated about in Life was not My Family, but not knowing how I would One day accomplish what I Wish to achieve.  My insecurity about ‘how’ was what Caused for all the disharmony within Me – NOT My Family.  My Family only made Me aware of an insecurity I didn’t know existed and didn’t want to acknowledge even if I did.  Cognitive dissonance.  We are ALL subject to it.

Once I found My Way, I had absolutely no resentment toward any of My Family whatsoever, only a hint of lingering guilt for having not made these realizations sooner.

Many of the Friends in My Microcosm change consistently, a smaller few (My ‘besties’) are always there.  One of the other inspirations behind this Post was something I witnessed on a Friend’s Facebook feed today.  Although the Friends in My Microcosm consistently change, I regard them like adopted Family.  It is impossible for Me to believe anyone comes into My Universe by happenstance because there are no coincidences in My Universe.

My Friend was trying to defend the ‘opinion’ of a collective group.  Needless to say, this is no small task.  My Friend deeply resonates and identifies with this particular group.  My Friend identifies with social groups the same Way I might identify with the Friends I am thing King of as Family in My Microcosm.  If My Friends are attacked or taken advantage of, I Will feel compelled to do what I can to Act and assist in their defence.

That is in fact why I began reading the thread.  Unfortunately, My Friend was completely out of line.  My Friend was angry and offended because the comments being made were True.  They don’t reflect the nature and character of My Friend, but they do reflect the nature and character of the group My Friend associates with.  My Friend identified with these attacks as if they were personal, when in fact they were not, they were factual comments about the clearly defined objectives of the group My Friend associates with.  Guilty by association.

What happened with My Friend is exactly the same thing that happened with Me and My Family.  My Family were just as King of Me Quest-Ions that any One who Loved and Cared about Me would ask.  I perceived them as personal attacks when they were really just as King to develop a deeper understanding of My Goals.  I couldn’t give My Family a clear answer, I still had to figure some things out for My Self.

The main Point I Wish to make here, is that when We feel deeply offended by something, there is probably a Good reason for it, and there is a Good chance the reason lies within.  When I finally did ‘figure things out for My Self’, I didn’t need approval or support from anyone.  I can’t say I didn’t ‘care’ anymore if My Family supported My decision but I can say that I was no longer looking for, or in need of, their approval.  Every feeling of resentment I had ever had felt like a misunderstanding – and it all just melted away.  I hoped My Family would for Give Me, and Trusted they would.

Lady Gigi – One of the Family

The People We associate with become Our Family.  I’m going to Write another Post about this because I am seeing a lot of People expressing their ‘Self’ in groups, coming together as a larger Family.  Collective conscience is a very powerful tool for progressive change, but one must be very careful about the company One Keeps, and more importantly, the groups One identifies with.

It is not a coincidence that I am not associated with any groups, organizations, save the Ones I have Created My Self (vondehnvisuals and ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean’).  The biggest problem in identifying with a group, is that any group Will be comprised of individuals, each of which Will have unique personalities and identities.  To ‘identify’ with an entire group can be very damaging to the perception of Self, as the group could never possibly represent the individual Character of a Man.

When We are clear about Our Purpose in Life and have a Plan to put it into Action, One Will be too motivated to achieve One’s Goals to be concerned of what others may think of them.  And We might even realize We didn’t need that approval from Family after all, what We really needed, was to approve of Our Self.

I hope You are all having a Magnificent Monday!

Love and Blessings,





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