Volume LVIII: Magic – Learning to Spell

Hello everyone and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition of the Good News Journal, thank You for being here.  I find it a little ironic when People tell Me they don’t believe in Magic considering one of the first lessons We are taught in school, is how to Spell.  We are taught that Spelling is important.  Spelling is important, because Words are Magic, Words Manifest.

I really do have so many Wonder Full Ideas to share with the world.  When they say that ‘God has a Divine Plan for each of Us’, it really is True.  Learning to Spell was the first ‘clue’ that We might be Living in a Magical world.  We are all Characters in a Story, and learning how to Spell was foreshadowing.  It really isn’t that much different from a Magic class students would attend in Fantasies like Harry Potter.

The Language and Words We use today were Created by Master Magicians of Man’s Macrocosm.  The extra four Letters added to the English Language in particular, were added to accelerate Man’s evolution, as every Letter of the Alpha Bet is associated with muscle memory on the tongue which is related to understanding in Our DNA.  Previously, the 22 Letter languages were associated with the 22 strands of DNA that are identical in all of Man (both sexes of man).  The 23rd DNA strand identifies which kind (sex) of Man.  The Four extra Letters of the English Alpha Bet were designed and Created to Magically accelerate Man’s consciousness and unlock four new DNA on Man’s chromosome.  They are Mystical, Magical Powers, like telekinesis, ESP, healing Hands, that sort of thing.

Perhaps now it Will make more Sense when I say that Four is Foundation.  Unlocking Four additional DNA strands on Man’s chromosome Will Create a New Age of Man.  That’s actually why the world seems so crazy right now.  We are becoming more aware of all the stupid things We’re doing, collectively – and it is very difficult for Our collective ego to take.  We’re just not ready to admit We’ve been wrong all this Time.

I say that Our Word Manifests, and in My last Post I was tall King about how Canada has never really had democracy; Canadians get to vote, but politicians never do what they say they Will do, they do what they Wish.  This morning, just after Writing about this, I get an email notification of a Washington Post (I have an email subscription) Article about how the US is not a democracy.  No coincidences.

Then later yesterday, a Friend posted this video on a Facebook group Page.

WARNING:  The posted video may contain information disturbing to some listeners.  Not for the faint of heart.

The reason I’m sharing this is more to demonstrate that there really are no coincidences in My Universe.  The video is over two and a half years old.  Really, what are the chances of it being reposted the day after I Write about it?  That’s not a bizarre coincidence, this is how the Universe speaks to Us – everything is connected, the Universe is Magic.

I don’t have much of an opinion on one of the speakers, Jordan Maxwell, but I am familiar with Kurtis and I have tremendous respect for him.  I had an unusual cosmic relationship with Kurt.  When I came across him, he’d been researching this stuff for almost exactly as long as I had.  He’d been researching a lot more of the contractual stuff, ancient Roman Law, the Vatican, that sort of thing.  I was researching the Kabbalah, Magic, Tarot, and some Law.  I have a fundamental problem with the belief that laws are subject to jurisdiction (shouldn’t the Law be the same everywhere), so it was hard for Me to get My head wrapped around all these different processes People were attempting (in pursuit of Sovereignty) relative to where they were located.  Studying Magic and the Tarot proved to be far more beneficial than I would ever have guessed, as all the same answers were found there, too.  In the Tarot, the Queen and the Pope are the Empress and the Emperor (for example).

Kurt always ‘happened’ to be tall King about the very same concepts I was studying in Magic to the point that I almost felt like I was telepathically connected to him.  Every call he happened to do was a direct answer to something I Wished to know, it was almost eerie.  So even though I don’t actually know him at all, I felt like I did for a while, and I really do have tremendous respect for him.  I can’t contest any of his information, either, but I do have a completely different perspective as to ‘why’ it was all done.  It was just one Part of the Great Work.

I think the real reason this video came into My Microcosm for Me to Present to You here, is to Mind My audience that there really is a Divine Plan for every One, things are not what they seem.  We are Living in a Magical world, and the People who are really in charge are not politicians, they are Magicians.

I’m still committed to My 30 day challenge to Write a Post every day.  Today, I wanted to try to get a day ahead so I can have Wednesday’s Edition Published early.  It also means I didn’t get a chance to Write My Matrix interpret ‘A’ Sean this week, though I am hoping to get one Published before the end of the week (while staying ahead on everything else).

While We are tall King about the Power of Words Manifesting, I am also waiting on two Gifts this week; exact cost to city of Ottawa [taxpayers] paid out monthly in per diem funding to the Salvation Army, and a phone Call or email from Dan Powers or another agent of Housing Services (so I can get into My new apartment).  Perhaps Wednesday Will prove to be ‘Lucky’. 😉  We Will see.

My Friends were also as King of Me to share with My audience that the Chapel [of the Salvation Army] has been shut down.  I have Good reason to believe this is True because Captain Thomas Yoo, Spiritual director of the Salvation Army texted Me to tell Me his last day would be last Sunday.  Unfortunately, I had other things going on in My Microcosm and wasn’t able to meet with him, though I am hoping I can arrange to meet with him for lunch sometime soon if he is still living in Ottawa.

Apparently a lot of People have been trying to get the Chapel service removed from the Salvation Army for years.  I’m happy that no One may be compelled to participate in Chapel (as it is a violation of Man’s fundamental right to free choice of religious and/or spiritual practice and belief), but My goal was never to have it shut down.  I’d prefer to see the Salvation Army actually incorporate some of their Christian philosophy into the Way they run their facility and treat their clients.  One of the complaints of My Letter to the city was the Salvation Army operating under a false and fraudulent mission statement, claiming to be something they are not.  I suppose the Chapel closing down is a reflection of that.

Long story short, Friends in My Microcosm Wish for Me to go to the mainstream media and tell them My Story.  I have no interest in doing that right now.  I’m not ‘proud’ to have shut down a Chapel (if I am in fact the reason it was closed), nor was it the Purpose behind anything I’m doing.  My Goal is to make Life better for Canada’s least fortunate and closing a Chapel does nothing to advance My position.

Over the next little while I’m going to be sharing a more positive perspective on why the world is the Way it is, why Our Characters were Cast into a Magical Book.  On One Hand, Our entire reality has been manipulated every bit as much as Neo’s in the Matrix.  On the other Hand, it was all done so that when We are ready to choose to be ‘the One’, We Will have all the Magic We need to change the system.  It’s just a Game, a Play We are all Part of.

I hope this Wonderful Lucky Wednesday finds You all well,

Love and Blessings,





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