Volume LVIII: Idiocracy Politics; Dumb and Dumber, Trudeau or Trump?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition (something Trudeau doesn’t appear to do much of), thank You for joining Me.  It should be a Fun Edition today because I was tall King just recently about how Life is a Game and the world is a joke.  Not a ‘haha, Funny’ kind of joke, more like a ‘Land of Lunatics Living in darkness’, kind of joke.

The kind of things world ‘leaders’ say are just far too ridiculous to be taken seriously.  No rational thing King individual would make the kind of decisions or statements I Will be tall King about today.

To start off, I have a recent comment from Trump that went viral on Twitter where the U.S. President is most well known for his charity efforts feeding hungry trolls.  They had a feast with his latest remark, where the president claims the noise created by windmill turbines cause cancer.

Finding a link to the remark was easy enough, but I wanted to hear him say the Words, just in case they were taken out of context, and found the following YouTube video.   The video I came across was far more fitting than I would have guessed.  I never really thought Donald Trump was very intelligent to begin with, but the video introduced Me to a whole new level of stupid.  I had no Idea Trump had claimed his father was German and his mother was Scottish…

My Quest-Ion is why?  Seriously.  Why would someone lie about where their parents are born?  Would it not be more ‘nationalist’ and ‘patriotic’ to ‘boast’ that his father is an American, too?  I just don’t get it.  The windmill statement I can at least equate to stupidity or ignorance, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything to gain by lying about where his parents were born, it only destroys his credibility.

On another Note, did anyone else notice that Trump’s mother’s maiden name was Christ?  Am I the only One who finds that a little weird and creepy?  Alright, that’s one down – now let’s take a look at Trudeau’s stupid Play of the day.

A Friend sent Me a link to Trudeau’s latest example of Idiocracy politics Published in the Georgia Straight.  The Georgia Straight is an alternative newspaper in BC that often provides informative insight without the mainstream propaganda.  This article is a Good example.

Canada’s ‘Golden Boy’ losing his lustre. I see a Man-Child.

As soon as I read the Head line of the article, I Googled Loblaws to find out what their gross annual profits were from 2018.  It’s been so long since I’ve read a ‘real’ newspaper article that I wasn’t expecting their profits to be announced by the Georgia Straight.

Usually when a piece like this is published by any ‘PostMedia’ corporation ‘news’ paper, it Will only Focus on the ‘benevolent’ Act of government and their ‘firm commitment’ to reduce Canada’s carbon footprint, and that’s why it’s propaganda.  That’s usually what the media is Good at.  They won’t tell You the organization receiving the donation enjoyed over three billion in profits the previous year because that wouldn’t make the gesture seem so benevolent.  In fact, it might make the Act seem completely Ludicrous – because it is.

Why would Trudeau Give 12 million dollars to Loblaws to update their refrigeration system when the company could do it themselves by reinvesting less than 1% of their previous year’s annual profits?  Canadians are already fuming about the additional carbon taxes they Will soon be paying, now Trudeau adds insult to injury by making the taxpayer pay for Loblaws refrigeration update, too.

What should the government be doing?  If the government is really committed to reducing Canada’s carbon footprint, new legislation should be passed that requires all corporations to update their equipment to the most eco-friendly alternatives.  The government has the power to Order corporations to Act in compliance with environmental polution laws.  Legislation was once passed where all cars were required to produce less emissions to be allowed on the road.  The new legislation required automobile owners to pass an emissions test or update their vehicle.  There is absolutely no reason why the government can’t legislate the very same kind of zero tolerance for companies harming Canada’s environment.  Consistently, corporations are the ones doing the damage, making millions in profits at the expense of Canada’s environment, and the taxpayers are the ones paying to fix it.  Frankly, I think the stupidity of this Act Trumps Trump’s – I think Canada got stuck with dumber.

As much as it is Fun to jest, these kind of things are really no laughing Matter.  These individuals are what We Call ‘leaders’.  This is not leadership.  This is insanity.  Lunacy.  Lunatics.  And I don’t believe any of it is happening by chance.  I literally think politics are a joke, even to the politicians.  They call them political ‘Parties’ for a reason; because it is a joke at the expense of the People – literally.

I am officially convinced politicians are not even pretending to do the right thing anymore.  We knew they were liars and cheaters, no One ever really expects a politician to Keep their campaign promises – but at least they pretended to care!  Now they just do whatever they want in plain, public view as if they are laughing at the People of Canada,

‘Yeah, We know We’re drinking champagne and caviar on the taxpayer dime, but You never did anything about it before.  We don’t even think You know how to do anything about it now, so suck it up…  And pay Your taxes, the Show isn’t free.’ – Canada’s government, paraphrasing their Actions

Comedy aside, I do have some Good News to leave You with today.  Recently I was tall King about Spelling and the Magic of One’s Word.  Well, it just so happens that Mayor Jim Watson promised the People of Ottawa that he would end homelessness in less than ten years.  According to the article, the deadline is 2023, so We still have some Time.  Four is Foundation, so I am hoping that this year Will provide the Foundation Jim Watson needs to achieve his Goal to end homelessness in Ottawa by 2023.  I Will be Posting updates for You on My Ideas with respect to that later.

For now, I hope You have all had a Wonderful Wednesday and are Thrilled about Your Thursday – make it count!

Love and Blessings,



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  3. Through all joy and pain ,
    We transcend , grow and gain…

    This is why we could transform the whole universe outside by promoting and evoking unconditional love and peace from within our universe inside …
    As within , so without …
    God bless us all …

    We have seen lots of butterflies in Lebanon  that are symbols of resurrection , life , rebirth , spring, hope  and peace in Christianity…

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