Volume LVIII: Words are Weapons, Sharper than Knives

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Sensei-Sean-all Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank You for being here.  Credit to Michael Hutchens (INXS) for today’s Title, which Will be something of a continuation to yesterday’s Free-Lance Friday Edition.  I am often tall King about how there are no coincidences, so let’s take a look at the definition of the Word ‘Lance’ as We consider Freelance Writing.

“A long weapon for thrusting, having a wooden shaft and a pointed steel head, formerly used by a horseman in charging.”

In a single sentence there can be so much symbolism.  Try reading the definition again, this time Visualizing a Calligraphy Pen.  “…Formerly used by horsemen for ‘charging'”.

An Honourable ‘horseman’ might be considered a Knight.  One might also consider police officers modern day Knights (though perhaps not very noble ones) who are ‘charging’ the citizenry for their offences, using pens to Write tickets.

Words are Weapons, Sharper than Knives

I would suggest the Honourable Knight should Charge forth with Free Lance, Writing Letters that Will make a Lasting Impression on the Land.

See how Magical the English language is?  Paper represents the Earth and an Ion is a unit of Energy.  A pen is a tool of ex-Press-Ion that makes a [Lasting] Impress-Ion upon the Earth.  Do We not Wish to make a Good Impress-Ion on People?  Writing allows for a unit of Energy (Ion) inspired by Spirit to be transferred from the Soul, through the Pen, and into the Paper.  The Word is now Infused with Life/God Force Energy.  That is the Secret behind Magic.  The ‘Trick’ to Activating the Magic, is Standing on it.

If the Word is in Harmony with the Universal (One Song) Intention (God’s Plan) and the Act-Ions of the Author of the Writ (authority), the Word Will Manifest.  It is that simple.  This is why I encourage People to Write their Dreams on Paper – because Your Highest Idea for You, is God’s Wish for You, too.

Surely, we’ve all heard the ex-Press-Ion, ‘Knowledge is Power’.  It’s True.  In My Book, I don’t use the Word God except to explain why I don’t; it is too Commonly used by People who don’t understand what God is.  There are ‘prejudices’ about the Word God and People who have claimed to be ‘servants’ of God have done terrible things ‘in the name of God’, so I get it.  It was also difficult for Me to Identify with the Idea of God as [the] ‘Father’.  I have always had a close relationship with God, and God has never felt like a Father, God is more like My best Friend, only better – I know He’ll never let Me down (even though it’s not really a ‘he’).  Generally, I think of it as the Universe if I conceptualize it as anything more than My Highest Idea for Man.

Knowledge of God is a Gift.  My knowledge of God, and My belief in My [Divine] Purpose and determination to serve God, has caused Me considerable harm over the last ten years.  That doesn’t sound very fair, reasonable, or correct, does it?  I know, Life isn’t fair, right?  Well, Life might not be fair, but Life is Cause and Effect, the Universe consistently adjusts to maintain balance.  This is where the Idea of the ‘Scales of Justice’ come from, after all – the Universe must maintain equilibrium.


I said once that the most Magical Spell I ever Cast, was the Writing of My Book.  Now, the Magic of it has been surpassed by My Cestui Que Vie, which is also a Key.  My Book was the first ‘declaration’ for the Purpose of My Life.  I Wish for One to consider thing King about how beautifully all the Pieces (for Peace) fit together, and the self-fulfilling Prophecy of the Written (Writ-Ten) Words of One’s Life.

In My Book, I am tall King about how We are Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens.  My language hasn’t evolved to the Level it’s at now, I was only capitalizing ‘Me, You, We, Us, Our’, back then, and I was suggesting that Gandhi was right, a Man is but a product of His thoughts, what She thinks, She becomes.

I had no real knowledge of Law or how Our [Court] systems operate.  I knew right from wrong and My interests were Spiritual, I had no interest in studying Law, and no reason to.  Then, after Writing My Book I was arrested by Toronto Police, brutally assaulted, completely deprived of My rights, told (by lawyers) I had zero chance of ‘beating the charges’, and was compared with terrorism for Writing a Book Called, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’.  All because I had told the police I am a Spiritual Man.  I literally had no choice, I either placed My Self in the care of lawyers who are telling Me I’ll spend time in jail if I don’t plead guilty and take a deal, or I learn to defend My Self.  I took Door number 2 – I studied Law.

After Seven years, all the Pieces finally came together and I realized that King is a ‘Real’ thing, and the absolute authority of Man’s current (think waves of Commercial Admiralty waters) system of Law.  It even sounds painfully obvious, ‘of course Kings are real’…  One of the very first Maxims in Law is that every One is equal in Law, at Law and before the Law…  So how could We ever be anything less than Queens and Kings?  Surely the Queen must be a Symbol (think percussion) in Law to remind any critical think King individual that to be equal in Law We must all be Sovereign.  That’s just logic and reason.

The big Quest-Ion, was how does one Man gain the legal ‘authority’ to cause harm to another Man (for the moment, regardless what the Man has done)?  It is a really Big Quest-Ion.  The short answer, is because We are, legally and literally, a Creation of the government Issued ‘identification’.  It’s a Game.  People were ‘tricked’ into believing they exist on paper, and identify with it so much, most can’t Imagine a world without it.  So I Created My own Paper, now I am communicating in a language the ‘system’ under-Stands.

In God We Trust
My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done

This is why Words are Weapons.  I remember as King prosecution for Constable Jenkyn if she was actually going to proceed with the charges and she said to Me,

“This thing isn’t just going to disappear on its own you know.”

Interesting.  Because that’s exactly what happened, Crown withdrew all charges at the last moment.  I should also admit, I don’t take ‘kindly’ to condescending remarks like the one made by prosecution and Will Stand My ground.  I believe My response was, something like,

“Okay.  But just so You know, I don’t enjoy humiliating People, I was hoping to save You the embarrassment.”

Words are Weapons…

And Knowledge is Power.

As much Fun as I have, My Letters and documents are no joke.  Just as the city of Ottawa was eventually compelled to respond to My complaint after I filed an application to the Divisional Court, the Canadian government Will eventually be compelled to respond to My Letters, too.  And that day is coming soon.

There is another Element of Magic Cast into My Letters to enhance the Spell I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned.  On the top right corner of all My Letters is My website address.  That means that any information it links to can also be used as evidence in court, as it is a ‘re-Present-A-Sean’ (representation) of My Ideas, and the world wide web is a public forum, all of My Posts meet the legal requirements of a public announcement the same Way that a newspaper would.  It also ‘identifies’ Me as an international Character on the world stage.  The same is true of My Twitter account, Presenting another personification of My Character on the world stage.

I have not heard from Housing Services yet, and I’m not very pleased about that.  I was hoping My Focus would be on moving right now so that My mood might be more Favourable as I prepare My response to the city determinations.  I can tell You that the next Letter to the city I Will be Writing, Will not be what any One would expect, and Will be well worth the wait.

I hope this Saturday finds You all feeling fabulous,

Love and Blessings,


  1. Sing in the voice of liberty and allow evolution to be …
    To change for the better , we shall open up to life to move through consciousness like mights ships in the sea …
    The energy behind the words we say are the price paid as a fee…
    Words are the rewards you find as you think , feel and act to freedom you agree …
    Trust that God the pervasive in all has the
    Might and will for ideas to watch and see…
    Last but not least ,
    All you do would set us free
    As a book says it is to be or not to be …
    Riding the waves of life tremendously shall be our liber-ty…
    Celebrate all that you have passed through to expand because pain like joy is a key …

    Best wishes
    Sincerely yours
    Wael Faraj

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