Requisition and Notice of Reply to City of Ottawa Determinations

Bonus Post for Monday Afternoon.  I said I would be war King on My response to the city of Ottawa’s determinations today.  I also mentioned it would be no small task, so it is courteous to follow up and advise the city that My formal response Will be forthcoming.  I was also hoping to have some of the information requested before composing My reply, so I followed up on My previous requisition and requested a few additional pieces of information at the same time.  Hopefully, I Will have that information soon.

I didn’t really need to do anything more than request the information and inform the city My reply was forthcoming – I could Keep all of My arguments Secret and save them for My formal reply.  The reason I didn’t, was to Give the city an opportunity to know where I Stand, and to ‘foreshadow’ what Will be coming.

Good Afternoon, Genevieve,

I Will start Writing My reply to the city determinations today.  I’m not sure how long that Will take, though I am hoping to have it ready for You by Friday at the latest.

Also, I have not heard back from Housing Services yet with respect to how much the city’s pays out in per diem funding to clients of the Salvation Army, nor have I have I heard anything more from Paul Lavigne with respect to My housing subsidy.  I messaged Paul on Friday to follow up and requested Dan Power’s phone number, have still not heard back.  I realized I still have Dan Power’s number from the first time I met him, so I sent a text to him on Saturday, no Word yet.

I would also like to formally request all information pertaining to My stay at the Salvation Army from June 19th, 2017 (day I checked in) to the day I was expelled from the facility on Nov. 1st, 2018, including copies off all emails and letters received by Me, and/or any correspondence related to the Salvation Army’s efforts to assist Me in acquiring housing and achieving My goals (the email Jason allegedly sent the lady inquiring about My work from the ByWard market is critical).  In particular, I would like a copy of the Form I Signed to enter the ‘Life Skills Program’ where I was compelled to participate in a Christian service every morning, despite advising staff and management they were trespassing upon My Freedom of Spiritual expression – I’m quite sure I made a note of My objection to the conditions to enter the program on the ‘Life Skills’ application, which is why I would like a copy.  I was clearly threatened with both expulsion from the program and the facility if I failed to participate in the morning Christian service.  My relationship with God is sacred, and this was more harmful to My emotional and spiritual well being than being ignored by staff and management in My effort to improve My own living situation and the overall conditions of the shelter.  It is also My belief that the Salvation Army was clearly aware that requiring participation in religious programs is a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and that the conditions were imposed upon Me despite My protest in an effort to demoralize My character and make Me feel as though I, and any other clients of the facility, have no rights so long as We are dependent on the Salvation Army for shelter.

It is My belief that it was My determination to protect the rights of clients from participation in religious activities and other trespasses upon fundamental human rights that have characterized the ‘overall actions and behaviour’ resulting in My expulsion from the facility.  It is My interpretation that the city determinations support this claim.  Also, as per our first meeting, it was agreed that Jason Prevost would be compelled to respond to My Letter explaining what behaviour and actions were ‘inappropriate’ or reasonable cause to have Me barred, no such letter was produced.

Finally, I would like to have an opportunity to ensure that there is NOW a clearly defined resolution process for clients posted throughout the facility.  This is ‘required’ for the Salvation Army to be in compliance with the Emergency shelter standards, and evidences that on at least this one point, the Salvation Army has NEVER operated their facility in compliance with shelter standards – the quantity of standards being violated is irrelevant.  It proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the Salvation Army was not acting in compliance with the Emergency Shelter standards for the duration of the time I was a client.

Thank You very much, have a wonderful day,


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