Volume LIX: Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks

Hello every One!  Please for Give Me for not Posting a Matrix De-Coded Interpret-A-Sean this week, I have been very, very busy.  However, I did get a Special treat in My inbox the other day.  Click on the Title below to review a great Blog Post about the Magic of the Matrix Trilogy.

The Matrix and it’s Pop Culture Impact, Themes and Legacy

I also have another Magical Gift to Present to You today.  I have finished a first draught of My reply to the city Determinations, and You can check that out here.

Magical, Lucky, Wednesday!  My reply to the city Determinations is My latest Magic Spell – I just wanted to share.  Told You I’ve been busy!!!

I Will be back soon with a couple more Matrix interpretations as soon as I have the Time.  Hope You are all having a Wonderful Week, Happy Lucky Wednesday!

Love and Blessings,

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