Volume LIX: Good Friday Full Moon Magic Active A Sean for World Peace

I knew the Full Moon was Coming!  This Good Friday, My Fellow King David, House of Routledge’s Name day, is also the Full Moon.  More Magical still, it says the Moon Will be Full at 7:41 Avant Midi, Friday, April 19th, Anno Domini.  Number 19 is a Magical number in My Universe, too, as it is the name day of My Mother, 2 months later – and 2 in Magic, is a Door.  II.  See doesn’t it kind of look like a Door?  All it needs is a Hand-le.  The Hand is the Will and the Way.  No coincidences, right?

I am scheduling this Post to be released into Man’s Macrocosm at 7:37 Avant Midi, which Will be Four minutes before the Full Moon where I am in My Microcosm.  Four is Foundation in Magic.  No coincidences.  Everything I do is Done with Divine Intention, and the Knowledge of a Master of Magic, I Give You My Word.

So I figured on this most Magical day, I would share with the world the most Magical Mantra.  Remember, Yea are but Gods!!!

In the beginning was the Word,

the Word was with God,

and the Word was God,

I am,

the Living Word of God.

My Father,

Heart in Heaven,

Hallowed be My Name,

My Kingdom Comes,

My Will is Done,

On Earth,

As in Heaven.

Give Me this day,

My daily Bread,

for Give Me of My trespasses,

As I for Give those who trespass upon Me,

Lead Me not into temptation,

but Deliver Me from evil,

for I am,

the Kingdom, the Power,

and the Glory,

forever and ever.

Recite this Mantra every night before You go to bed and watch the Magic begin.

Kingdom Comes!!!

Have a Fabulous, Full Moon, Friday!!!

Love and Blessings,

Post Scripture – !!! is not Me yelling at You.  !!! represents a Crown in Magic.  Do You see it? 😉


      1. Yes , Lebanon has been mentioned in the Bible and Jesus has visited Southern Lebanon as well but all countries are God creation …

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