Volume LIX: War King with Super Powers

Ah, I do have Fun coming up with new Titles.  Today’s Play on Words was inspired by My morning meeting with Danny ‘Powers’ from the John Howard Society, as I do feel I am in Good hands.  Welcome to the Fabulous Freelance Friday Edition, thank ‘King You’ for being here.

My meeting was really just to get re-acquainted with Danny Powers and meet another coordinator, Wendy McHenry, who Will assist when Danny’s unavailable.  I am thing King Danny said he’d be gone for three weeks vacation starting May 1st, so I am thankful there Will be someone Acting in his stead while he’s away.

It really was a Good meeting, though I am more than anxious to get things rolling.  I’ll be meeting with Danny or Wendy every Tuesday until I secure an apartment, so that is extremely encouraging.  Unfortunately, it’s getting late in the month so My Hope for May ‘may’ be a little optimistic, though I do have incredible Luck, so I’m not ruling it out yet.

It was interesting to meet with Danny again.  As I had mentioned in a previous Post, he really is a Good guy and was doing what he could to assist Me but doesn’t have the Power to override the procedures he is expected to follow.  He is just doing his job as he was trained to do it – everything is ‘policies and procedures’ (regardless how senseless they may seem to the Common man).

After meeting with Paul Lavigne, I know Danny would not have been able to ‘work around’ My requests/demands, and I also know he was sympathetic to what I was as King to him for and respected My resolve on the ‘Issues’ We had.  So to meet him again today, having all the terms and conditions I had previously insisted on already in place, was rather satisfying in a Way.  Danny mentioned something about getting a tax return from 2017 and I informed him all of that is already done, we’re just shopping for apartments now.  The moment I said that, he was right on board with Me, “Oh, okay great.”

Wendy seemed especially surprised to discover that all of this was happening because of a law suit with the city of Ottawa regarding policies and procedures of the [Salvation Army] shelter, and Danny actually ‘talked Me up’ a little by telling Wendy that when he met Me last, I was defending two clients from the Salvation Army in legal matters.  I’m very intuitive, I can tell when People are ‘patronizing’ Me, but Wendy seemed genuinely impressed, “Really, You do that?  That’s really nice of You.”

“Well, I’m trying to get away from it a bit now just because it was taking a lot of My time and energy.”

I get that look that says, ‘who is this guy?’, but in a Good Way.

Then I started tall King about how I do consider what I’m doing ‘real work’, and think of My Self as something of a ‘Freelance Journalist’ and rights advocate.  Danny jumped in once again with praises, as King of Me for My website address again, mentioned that he’d read My Blog, and thanked Me for being kind with regards to My opinion of him.  He even joked and apologized for not being the ‘Superhero’ I had been expecting.  I just laughed and told him that I do think he’s a superhero, and that We are each Hero’s of Our own Story.

Standing My ground meant it took a little more time to get My seat at the table, but I got there, and it was almost as if there was an air of ‘anything really is possible’ hanging over the entire converse A Sean.  That Part was nice.

The only real downside, is that I get the sense I make People a little nervous, and I don’t like that – I want People to feel comfortable around Me, especially those who are working with Me.  Again, I’m going entirely on intuition here and this time it may just have been My perception, but it ‘felt’ as though Danny in particular was being very cautious with his Words – Wendy seemed very comfortable and relaxed.  Danny is also high energy, talks kind of fast, and was very enthusiastic, so that may well have been all it was.

After about fifteen to twenty minutes, the energy seemed to disperse a little and everyone seemed more relaxed.  Maybe Danny thought I would be angry that all of this wasn’t done before, and that I would hold it against him or something.  I let him know that I’d said great things about him to Paul (I did), and that I had no hard feelings whatsoever about how things had ended.  I think that helped to make him feel a little more comfortable.  There is no doubt in My Mind that he is determined to do everything he can to get Me into an apartment at quickly as possible, and I advised him that Part of My strategy, was to Write about the experience in hopes of promoting the Housing First Program.  I Will take advantage of any support offered, so long as no One is as King of Me to waive any rights.

I also let Danny and Wendy know that My Plan is to Focus on My work a great deal more once I get settled.  I told them I’d monetized My Blog for the first time this year and Wish to place My Focus on Writing more, marketing My Blog, and doing more investigative Style Journalism, placing My Focus on political influence, promoting progressive Social policies, and advocating for moral Justice.

One of the social policies I Wish to promote is the Idea of ‘Housing First’, which I believe is also supported by Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson.  ‘Housing First’ is a concept, and I believe the name of the social program currently in place to actualize this concept [by the city of Ottawa] is called “Home for Good”.

Despite the fact that having to take two hours out of My day for a meeting feels like additional ‘work’ for Me and not much of a convenience, I acknowledge that many People in need of housing subsidy are not as competent as I am and may stand to benefit from many of the personal supports offered by the social service workers.  So, to that end, I’m going to accept all the support offered by Danny and Wendy to see how long it takes to get Me into an apartment, and what kind of programs and supports may be offered for entrepreneurial Minded individuals like My Self.  In short, I believe there is real value in the work I’m doing (or I wouldn’t be doing it), so I’m going to see if they can assist Me in having My work acknowledged as real work that is of value to the community and the People of Canada.

My Goal is to end homelessness in Ottawa (then the world, but one thing at a time) and that is also rumoured to be the Goal of Mayor Jim Watson.  If I can help Give Jim Watson the legal ammunition he needs to shut down the Salvation Army for Good, then We can start tall King about redirecting those funds into housing Ottawa’s homeless.  I’m never a man without a Plan. 😉

Artistic Credit: Patrick

Love and Blessings, thank You for joining Me.






  1. Abraham Hicks said something wise : “you can never get it wrong and you are never done “…
    You always learn from your decisions and you can never be done as you eternally grow , learn and evolve…

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