Volume LIX: Easter Sunday Re-View

The Title wasn’t right, so I had to Edit and Re-Blog. 😛

Peace Prophecy

Happy Easter Son Day, hope You are all having a fabulous Holy Day weekend.  Yesterday I re-Posted a Blog Writ by the administrator of one of the information groups I follow, “Tactical Sovereignty”.  I’m going to re-Post the video from that Post and share a few of My thoughts on it with You today.

One of the reasons I found this interview interesting is the discussion of the [book] ‘The DaVinci Code’, and it’s relation to the hidden Truth about Mary Magdalen, the alleged wife of Christ.  The Idea is controversial, as I am thing King most Christians perceive Christ as ‘perfect’, implying He was also a virgin/celibate.  The concept of Christ having a wife or mistress invites One to revisit their perceptions of both sexuality and the Sacred Union of marriage.

One of the other reasons I decided to Post the video is because many of these Ideas would…

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