Volume LX: Magical Easter Monday


Happy Magical Easter Monday, world!  I hope You have all had an amazing Holy day weekend.

I’m having a fabulous Holy day Easter Monday, as I officially responded to the city’s determinations of their investigation into My complaint regarding the Salvation Army’s deplorable shelter conditions, You can find that here.

I was also Gifted this morning with this inspirational little speech delivered by the amazing Greta Thunberg.

This just goes to Show that size doesn’t Matter, at least with respect to the Power of One’s Voice.  At only 16 years old, this young lady demonstrates more maturity, responsibility and accountability than any of Canada’s elected officials.  In fact, she puts most ‘adults’ to shame, and exemplifies why I Will call a ‘man’ like Trudeau a ‘man-child’ – he’s just an immature little boy in a grown up body.  Ford, Ontario’s premier is no better.  You know what they say about Ford’s – ‘Found on road dead’.  It’s a Sign the Path he’s choosing for Ontario leads nowhere (Good).

It’s also an absolutely gorgeous day here in Canada.  The snow is finally gone and Spring appears to have finally sprung.  This is so encouraging for Me, I’ve already been out twice today walking around the neighbourhood to enjoy the sunshine (and Will go out again as soon as I have this Post Published)!  I Love the Sun so much, I am considering supplementing My diet with Vitamin D next winter, just to see if it assists in elevating My mood.  I despise the cold so much, I would literally hibernate for the winter if it were possible.

But today, the Sun has Truly risen for the first time this year.  No coincidences.  I see all kinds of positive change taking place in the world around Me, collective consciousness seems to be gaining momentum every moment.  It is also encouraging for Me to see more womb Men taking front Stage in progressive, True leadership roles this year.  We have Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Canada’s own Jody Wilson-Raybould Standing up against the corruption of elected officials and advocating for Justice, rather than accepting what ‘just is’.

I feel like Life really is returning to the Earth, perhaps soon We Will raze the dead; that would be nice.  Extinction is eminent, the Quest-Ion is, Will it be the un-dead corporation that becomes extinct, or Man in her determination to keep it Living?

I hope You’re all feeling as inspired about the return of the Sun as I am on this Magical Easter Monday!

Love and Blessings,



  1. As Mahatma Ghandi has said :” be the change you want to see in the world .”
    Allow the change to come peacefully and gracefully like Niagra Falls moving endlessly even if they change the path or the water …
    Change from within to the better ,
    Just be with the natural flow of the universe falling like Niagara falls as an example , Change for the better from within to change things on the outside , life is but a dream , you change consciously or unconsciously. ..
    What one resists , persists …
    Just be the freedom and justice that is present through you eternally intimately with divine consciousness …
    Flow and move with love and divine inspiration but do not resist but focus on the good in everything flowing with divine grace …
    Justice , freedom , the expressions of justice shall move eternally with the divine flow , everything shall pass come and go back and forth …our divine formless stay forever but there is the game of seek and hide …The divine formless consciousness would show up sooner or later from within and so without …
    God never closes a door without opening another door for us …

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