Volume LX: The Virus in the Matrix, Part II – The Intellectual Dark Web

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Thursday Thing King Edition, thank You for being here.  I was deeply intrigued by the YouTube video I shared yesterday and continued with the second part to the YouTube series which shifts the Focus away from Jordan Peterson and describes the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ in greater detail.  Truth be told, I hadn’t even heard of the Intellectual Dark Web until I came across the video yesterday, so I was curious to know more about it – I hope You are, too.

One of the other reasons I was interested in learning more about the Intellectual Dark Web was due to an article Posted to Facebook yesterday by ‘the Star’.  I’m not really sure how all of these articles end up in My Facebook news feed, as I don’t subscribe to the Star, the Ottawa Citizen, the [Ottawa] Sun or any other PostMedia publications, but I also don’t believe in coincidences and many of the articles inspire Me to share My thoughts with respect to what I believe the ‘real’ intent and message might be.  I do believe that mainstream media is always foreshadowing an agenda.  This is the article that caught My attention yesterday:

What Canadians are thing King of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s New Green Deal.

The Title was suggesting that a majority of Canadians support Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s New Green Deal, and this was a big surprise for Me.  I’m not surprised that the majority of Canadians want cleaner energy sources, cleaner water and air, but Alexandria’s New Green Deal addresses a great deal more than Our current climate crisis.  Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s plan includes a minimum basic income to address poverty and homelessness issues, too.  Considering My Current Focus is on addressing poverty and homelessness in Canada, and Ottawa in particular, the headline was very encouraging for Me.  However, the article makes no mention of addressing poverty, homelessness or a basic income worthy of human dignity, which was no surprise to Me at all.

The mainstream media has a tendency to manipulate information to serve political interests.  The only thing the article focuses on is the ‘Green’ part of the deal, which goes hand in hand with government’s current agenda to impose new carbon taxes.  The original poll suggested that 61% were in favour of a Green economy, and the number jumped to 66% when asked if they would support the deal if it were partially funded by higher taxes for corporations.  See what’s going on here?  The government is putting the ‘Idea’ out there that Canadians are willing to pay higher taxes for a greener economy.  All they have to do is suggest this Will be the goal, and that it Will be funded by higher corporate taxes.  In the end, it Will be the individual taxpayers who pay the price, just as We’ve already seen with the introduction of new carbon taxes for a greener economy that have in fact resulted in a 12 million dollar handout to multi-billion dollar corporation Loblaws…  Just ‘selling’ new Ways of taxing the People, and convincing Canadians this is what the majority want.

The New York Times Published an opinion column on the ‘Dark Web’.  Click anywhere on the Title to link directly to [a small snippet of] the article.  (You need to create an account to read the whole thing and I’m not interested in the New York Times enough to do so.)

Meet the Renegades of the Intellectual Dark Web

An alliance of heretics are making an end run around the mainstream conversation.  Should we be listening?

“Part of Me wants to work quietly, while part of Me realizes We have to work in some public facing capacity.” – Eric Weinstein

One of the comments Eric Weinstein makes to ‘identify’ a commonality between members of the ‘Dark Web’, is that each of the members can maintain and defend a position even if placed in a room of 100 individuals opposing their opinion; they are ‘comfortable’ holding opinions that are highly controversial.

The New York Times describes the group as an ‘alliance of heretics’, which I found particularly interesting (and somewhat inaccurate, especially with respect to individuals like Joe Rogan, who was named in the group).  The reason I find it interesting is the Word ‘heretics’ often refers to Ideologies that oppose religious Ideology.  In Truth, it really represents any Idea that challenges the current dogmas of society.  The use of the Word heretics may seem subtle, but the publishers of columns like this fully comprehend the psychological impact of the Words they use, and this would discourage many orthodox Christians (and potentially other faiths, too) from taking the group seriously.  It’s ‘blasphemous’ to entertain Ideas of heresy within a religious context.  It is suggesting on a subconscious level that the Dark Web is dangerous to Christian thing King (to the New York Times credit, it probably is).

The Intellectual Dark Web is really about challenging the motive of mainstream media (because there is always an alterior motive) and its influence on public opinion.  Would the majority of Canadians support ending homelessness and poverty if it were financed by imposing higher taxes on multi million dollar corporations?  My guess is yes, but they won’t be as King that Quest-Ion because they don’t care about Canada’s People, they care about lobbying for their financial sponsors, and My guess is that there are a multitude of new ‘green’ technologies Wishing to receive government handouts at the expense of the Canadian taxpayer.  If I were a gambling man, I would bet on it.

This Saturday, I Will be tall King about Sovereignty for My ‘Simple Saturday Solutions’ Edition of the Good News Journal.  And not individual Sovereignty, but Sovereignty as it applies to a ‘country’ like Canada.  In doing so, I Will also be Showing People a number of reasons why Canada is not a Sovereign nation state, it’s not even close.  So many People Wish to celebrate Canada’s Sovereignty every July 1st, when the Truth is Canada never attained Sovereignty.  I Will also explain why.

For now, I Wish to encourage every One to Quest-Ion everything One reads in the headlines of mainstream media.  Once One understands mainstream media is always pushing an agenda, it becomes easier to de-Code Man’s Matrix.  Start as King of One’s Self why an article is of interest, why the media is choosing to make it a headline when there are so many other critical things We should be paying attention to.  The most recent example of late, is that Ottawa officially declared a climate emergency for the city of Ottawa specifically.  Should climate change not be a federal, national issue?  Why is it suddenly the greatest crisis facing Ottawa?  And the following day another publication shows a majority of Canadians support Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s New Green Deal?  Coincidence?  Come on, how stupid do they think We are?  (Rhetorical, clearly mainstream media believes Canadians Will buy whatever bullshit they Wish to sell).

Alright, that’s My thoughtful thing King Edition for this Thursday.  I hope You Will take the time to watch the video included with both today’s Post and yesterday’s.  I’m not suggesting You Will support or endorse the Ideas Presented by members of the Intellectual Dark Web, there are many Ideas presented by members of the group I strongly disagree with.  The one fundamental thing I do believe, is that without intelligent conversation about the critical issues facing Our planet, We Will never collectively make the right choices.

Thank You all so much for being here, I appreciate every One of You.

Love and Blessings,





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