Volume LX: A Sunday to Celebrate

Good day every One, I hope the sun is shining brightly on this Sun-Day wherever You may be in the world.  The wind is a little cool here in Ottawa, but the sun is warm and bright, and today I’m feeling thank-Full for all the Blessings God Gifts Me with.  Mostly, I’m feeling Great-Full to have You here with Me today.  Thank You kindly for being here.

It’s Truly been a fabulous week for Me.  I surpassed all previous weekly, monthly and annual personal bests for Blog traffic this week, which is well beyond anything I would have expected, especially considering it is not even the end of April!  In fact, if I continue at this rate, I may have more visitors to My Blog this year than all previous years combined!  That’s absolutely remarkable for Me.

I had said My intention was to Focus on increasing Blog traffic this year, and I really haven’t put the time and energy into marketing yet.  The only difference between this year and previous years, is that I have been making a very conscious effort to Write more consistently.  So, if You are hoping to increase traffic to Your own website or Blog, I can’t stress how important it is to Keep it ‘fresh’ and continue to add new content.  For a lot of People hoping to market a product (whether it be a website, ebook, or anything else online), content curation is often considered one of the more challenging tasks.  Within the next week, I Will reach My 700th Blog Post, which seems incredible even to Me.  The beautiful thing about that, is that when I do finally dedicate more time to marketing, I have plenty of content to promote, which is very encouraging for Me.

I also spend a lot of time tall King about Magic and the Power of One’s Word.  I can’t help but wonder if the reason I’m receiving so much new traffic this year, is because I was as King for it.  Put an Idea into the Universe, and watch the intention manifest.  It’s One more example of how My Words Manifest.

Thank You every One!!!

It’s hard to describe just how wonderful this is for Me.  I felt Blessed in 2017 to have as many views and visitors as I did, this is well beyond what I would have imagined for 2019.  Thank You all so much, really.

Also, I wanted to share a little of the Magic in My Universe, too.  As You can see from the statistics above, for the first two years I was Keeping a Blog, I had thousands of views without a single visitor until December 12, 2012.  That’s a little bizarre in its own right, but even more peculiar, is that I wasn’t aware of any of this until 2017 when My Twitter account suddenly took off.  Honestly, for the first few years Writing My Blog, I felt Blessed just to have a single visitor because it was so rare, even when I published a new Post.  I might get one or two views shortly after publishing something new, but there was no Way I was getting thousands of views a year (at least, not that I was ever able to see).  In 2017, My Twitter account suddenly took off, and I was made aware that I had a much larger Blog audience than I was previously aware of.  It was like a Secret Gift from the Universe that only I could appreciate.

I also made a point of mentioning that My Twitter account is consistently ‘hacked’.  No Idea why, or who might be responsible and I don’t worry about it because it’s working in My favour.  I went from 55 followers to 5000 in ten months without doing a single thing to promote it.  Once again, thank You, Universe!

I also mentioned that something peculiar was going on with My Twitter account at the beginning of last month.  On roughly the 1st of March, I lost about 200 followers overnight.  That’s a little strange because I don’t imagine My Twitter followers conspire to unfollow Me simultaneously, so why would I lose so many followers overnight?  I perceive all things as the Voice of the Universe, trying to tell Me something (though that doesn’t always mean I get the message).

March 12th
I haven’t Tweeted yet…

Above is the ‘anomaly’.  Somewhere around the 15th of the month, My Twitter account returned to ‘normal’, showing My Tweets and impressions for the month as usual, though My follower count hovered just under 5000; between 4970 and 4998.  It remained this Way until the Magic of the Full Moon on Good Friday, when it finally crested 5,000 followers once again.  Coincidence?  My Twitter account has been climbing slow but steady since.

Twitter Tweaks 2

The other interesting thing about My Twitter stats, is that it says I’ve earned 46,800 impressions so far this month.  Don’t get Me wrong, I’m not complaining – before April of 2017, I was lucky to make 100 impressions over a month!  However, My third party analytics program (Commune.it), shows that I made 490,000 impressions last week!

Now, it might just be that I don’t fully comprehend Twitter analytics and perhaps Twitter analytics is only counting the impressions made by My Tweets, not the impressions of retweets by My followers.  Either Way, it’s been a very long time since I’ve made nearly half a million impressions on Twitter in a single week, so I am very Grateful!

Also, in the Spirit of sharing what marketing strategies are war King best for Me (even though I’m not as disciplined in maintaining My marketing strategies as I should be), I can’t stress the importance of Pinterest enough.  It was one of the hardest algorithms to get a handle on, but once I understood the basic premise, it’s pretty straight forward.  I include (or try) at least one photo with every Post, then I just click on the photo after I’ve published, and it ‘pins’ the Post to Pinterest along with the Title of the Blog Post.  I’m not using ‘rich pins’ or any of the fancy stuff yet, and in My first week or so, it was pretty discouraging – I was getting somewhere between 6 to 12 profile views a day.  But I haven’t really done anything since then, and now I’m making 22,000 impressions a month on Pinterest, receive a little more than 1,000 profile views a day, and it drives twice the amount of traffic to My Blog as Twitter.  I’ve also had a couple of pins go ‘viral’, reaching over 16,000 views from a single Blog Post. (Not a very impressive number for Pinterest ‘gurus’ who don’t even consider a pin ‘viral’ unless it’s making over a million impressions, but Keep in Mind I’m just getting started with Pinterest and not investing any time in it right now.)  I Will be dedicating an hour a day to making Pins for Pinterest when I have more time.  For now, I’m still pretty busy in My microcosm with other things.

Alright, that’s about all for today.  I hope You have a chance to enjoy some sunshine today and that My marketing insight was at least marginally helpful.  I Wish to say a final thank You to a couple of My ‘faithful’ patrons who consistently like and comment on My Posts.  So thank You to Suzy for her opinions and to Eco Horizons for all the comments and conversation.  I appreciate You more than You know.

Love and Blessings,


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