Volume LXI: Meet Michelle Richardson, Chief Editor of Post Media Publications, Promoter of Racism and Hatred Propaganda

Hello, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition of The Good News Journal.  This Will probably be My most Magnificent demonstration of Magic thus far, thank You for bearing witness.

Not all Magical Spells are Miraculous.  Some, like Michelle Richardson’s depiction of Omar Khadr, are more of a curse.  Today I’m here to dis-Spell the evil curse this womb-Man Cast on Omar Khadr when she so carelessly decided it was appropriate to libel his Character in the Ottawa Citizen ‘newspaper’ (propaganda piece).

Libel is for literal lies causing harm to a Man’s Character, slander is for spoken lies causing harm to a Man’s Character, and defamation is Truth causing harm to One’s Character.  When mainstream media is deliberately promoting racism and hatred, the People have a Duty and responsibility to let the public know this type of propaganda is inappropriate and has the potential to cause serious harm to the Canadian [and International] People.  This is the kind of propaganda that starts wars between nations and/or religions, and Michelle Richardson has a Duty and responsibility to the People of Ottawa (and Canada) to curb racism and hate speech as chief editor.  She is guilty of negligence at the very least.


Why is this so important?  Because hate speech is on the rise.  There is heated debate in the international community (particularly in the United States and Canada) between freedom of speech and the promotion of radical extremist views of hatred and racism.  If this were a white, Canadian Man, would Michelle have Titled the article a ‘Deal with the Devil’?  I don’t think so.  I don’t know, maybe she would have.  The point is, the highest authority in Canadian law determined Khadr was treated unfairly, and now Michelle Richardson is causing further harm to Khadr (and the opinion of Canadians) by suggesting the Canadian government Gifted a terrorist with $10.5 million.  Completely inappropriate!

The Man was awarded 10.5 million dollars because Canada’s authority on judicial process and the rights of Canadians, the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, determined that Khadr’s rights were violated as his confession to terrorism was obtained under extreme duress; the Man was tortured before he gave his confession, a practice not even allowed in Canada.  A Man Will say just about anything if he is subject to torture long enough, which is precisely why the practice is not allowed in Canadian law.

What investigative research or professional opinion did Michelle Richardson seek before publishing this article?  Did she get all the facts, did she make sure that Khadr was guilty of terrorism before implying that he is, did she have a copy of the information against Khadr, did she present any of that information in the article to support her clearly biased opinion suggesting the Canadian government is rewarding terrorist activity, rather than just ensuring Canadian Judicial procedures and rights are Honoured and respected?  No.  Here’s what an opinion column has to say on the matter, which examines how the facts may be interpreted by a Canadian prosecuting attorney.

Please do click on the above link.  This article infuriated Me last year the moment I saw the headline.  To be honest, because mainstream media is always promoting some kind of agenda, I figured this might be foreshadowing another law suit from Khadr, this time for libel of his Character.  I figured it might be another attempt to fuel further racist opinion in Canada, awarding him even more cash, this time at the expense of the Ottawa Citizen.  I am thing King Michelle Richardson should be thanking her Lucky Stars he hasn’t (yet), though Part of Me is hoping he Will.  It’s certainly within his budget.

On one hand, We have the Canadian government telling the Canadian People to be accepting of Syrian refugees, to stop racial profiling, presuming anyone of Middle-Eastern ethnicity or Muslim faith is involved in terrorism.  Yet here We see Michelle racially profiling Khadr.  If a white Canadian were tortured to confess to a crime they never committed and spent six years in the world’s worst prison, the Canadian People would be outraged!  Here, the Citizen appears to be as King of the Canadian People to be outraged that a Canadian citizen’s rights were Honoured by Our judicial system and that Justice was served.

None of this is arbitrary.  Articles like this are designed to promote hatred among the Canadian People of exactly the same group of individuals the Canadian government are as King of Canadians to welcome into the country.  Media creates the problem, then starts Writing articles about government policies to silence hate speech.  So why are We not silencing PostMedia corporation?

The mainstream media has been painting a picture of Middle Eastern People (and Muslims in particular) as terrorists since 9/11.  Mainstream media is the largest contributor to the unfair representation of Muslims and People of Middle-Eastern origin, and this article is a Great example of it.

I tried to find a link to the Ottawa Citizen’s original article but I couldn’t find it.  However, the Toronto Sun (also published by PostMedia corporation, owner of ALL major newspapers in Canada) is spewing the same rhetoric.  It even starts off with ‘What a shameful day to be a Canadian’, and continues a couple of paragraphs later with,

“This feels like another deal with the devil.” – Toronto Sun

It’s a shameful day to be reading Canadian publications promoting hate speech and racist propaganda that dis-Honours Canada’s justice system.

I’m going to start tall King about more of this whenever I see this kind of hate speech and racial profiling printed in Canadian publications and holding their chief editors accountable – at least here on My Blog if not in Canada’s courts.  Michelle Richardson should be ashamed of her participation in a corporate propaganda machine which seems to have a clear motive to promote hatred and racism in Canadian culture.

It’s not the first time Michelle Richardson has been found guilty of printing libelous material, either.  There is still this Matter of libel against My own Character and two of My fellow Friends I have yet to contend with.


Jean Levac did not as King of Me for permission to take this photo, either, and the caption below reads,

“Many Vanier residents are opposed to the shelter plan.”

Do I look like a shelter plan or a Vanier resident?  No, clearly this is libel and harmful to My Character.  Worse still, the Ottawa Citizen knows who I really am and how I feel about the shelter because they published this article only a couple of months previous, which was also the first time My true Title, “House of von Dehn” was Published on Ottawa’s public record.  The People of Ottawa cannot claim they were not notified of My title or position, it was published in the local newspaper.

It appears as though main stream media is inciting racial discrimination and terrorism by deliberately publishing articles that incite fear.  If a terrorists objective is to terrorize the public, then is the mainstream media not aiding and abetting terrorism by propagating the [legitimate] Acts of terrorism.  Imagine if there was a global policy that prevented mainstream media from publishing acts of terror.  The terrorists apparently Wish to terrorize the public, what would happen if We just took that Power away from them by refusing to report on it and Focused only on the Good News?  Just an Idea.

Remember, every Act-Ion has an equal and opposing react-Ion, Michelle.  😉

house of von Dehn
Lady Nina, House of Garacci, Lord Sean, House of von Dehn, and Lady Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick (for Ottawa’s InFocus Project to create awareness of homelessness and poverty)

Please pay attention to the propaganda We are Presented with in mainstream media and do not let it influence Your opinion without critically thing King about the motive.

Love and Blessings,


  1. I have heard that the native people of USA and Canada are compensated with some tax benefits and some financial rewards to make up now for the past .
    I think that some natives have also inter-married with White European settlers …
    Do you agree and do you think it is enough for them nowadays ?

    1. Unfortunately, no. Canada has a long Way to go before truly Honouring aboriginal rights. Most recently, a pipeline was just approved through a ‘protected’ ancient burial ground. Canada’s government is void of ethics.

      1. Free renewable energy technology is getting more and more evolved for green sustainable environment and green sustainable economic development…

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