Volume LXI: Notice to Michelle Richardson and Post Media Corporation

If You Wish to prove Me wrong and repent for Your transgressions against Omar Khadr, a Canadian People, You Will speak to Your superiors at Post Media Corporation and insist that a Nation wide article be printed, apologizing to Omar Khadr for calling him ‘the Devil’.  You Will explain to the People of Canada that Omar Khadr served six years in one of the world’s worst prisons, was subject to cruel and inhumane torture to obtain a confession of which there was little evidence to support, and that the Canadian Justice system made a Correct and Wise decision in awarding Khadr $10.5 for the infringements upon his Judicial rights as a Canadian People.  You Will also Praise the Right Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould for her decision to settle the Matter with Khadr with expedience, and inform the People of Canada that her Honour’s determination was both Correct and Reasonable, saving the Canadian taxpayers approximately $189.5 million dollars in addition to Court costs for proceedings that likely would have taken years to resolve.

You Will explain to the People of Canada that Post Media’s representation of Khadr was harmful both to Omar Khadr, and to the stigma and stereotypes associated with terrorism, having a harmful effect on Public opinion and slowing the road to progress of Universal acceptance of People from all ethnic, cultural, and religious or Spiritual groups, which is contrary to Canada’s hope to end discrimination, hate speech, and racial profiling.  You Will tell the Canadian People that Omar Khadr has suffered enough, and deserves an apology.

You Shall also respond to My Letter and agree to meet with Me to discuss a fair and reasonable resolution to Your libelous comments and unsolicited photograph of My Self and My Friends.

Ask to be for Given, and it Shall be Done.

Love and Blessings,

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