Volume LXI: Navigating the Seas of Friend Ship

Hello, and welcome the Free-Lance Friday Edition of The Good News Journal, thank You for being here.  The Seas of Friend Ship can be tricky to navigate, especially when traversing Commercial Admiralty waters.  Today, I Will be tall King about some of the challenges I am facing in My Microcosm in hopes that (in addition to assisting Me in sussing out My own Issues) I can provides some useful insight for My audience.

June 5 of this year Will be the eleventh year since ‘awakening’ to My True purpose.  In Truth, it would be more accurate to say it Will be eleven years since My remembering of My True purpose, as it was something I knew with absolute certainty when I was a child.  Somewhere along the Way I forgot, and I Imagine this is what happens to most of Us.  We come here with a clear Idea about what it is We Wish to accomplish in the world and somehow, whether it be the effect of institutions like schools or the Good intentions of Our parents, We lose sight of Our True purpose and adopt more ‘realistic’ ambitions for Our Life.

Chances are, Our True purpose is going to be considerably more challenging than the ‘realistic’ Ideas We adopt as We move toward adult-Hood.  The adult Hood becomes a Veil that hides Our True purpose.  However, if We are able to lift the Veil and continue war King toward Our True Calling, although the road may be more difficult to traverse, finding Our unique Way Will reap rewards that Will be much Greater.

I’ve suggested We are each the Hero of Our own Story, and only the individual Writing the Script knows how the Story should end.  Just like any Fantasy Story We may read, there are always obstacles and challenges to overcome along the Way, and the Hero is rarely the only Character in the adventure.  The Hero usually encounters many unique Characters along the Way; some join the Hero on the Journey, some Will Stand in the Way, though all Characters contribute to the overall development of the main Character in an integral Way, eventually allowing the Hero to accomplish their Quest (at least in most of the Good Stories).

Navigating Friend Ships can be tricky because each Character does have a unique Quest, and it Will often conflict with the Quest of the central Character.  Even Characters who decide to join the Hero in their Quest Will often have different motives for doing so.  The Wizard of Oz is a Great example.  Our Hero, Dorothy, just wants to get Home, the Tin Man wants a Heart, the Lion wants Courage, and the Scarecrow wants a Brain, but they all need to find the Wizard to accomplish their Quest.

Because I don’t believe in coincidences and Trust the Universe is always Giving Me everything I need to further develop My Character and accomplish My Quest, I believe that every One who comes into My Microcosm is integral to the realization of My Quest.  However, that does not mean that every individual I encounter is in perfect Harmony with what I Wish to accomplish.  I still need to further the development of My own Character, and all of the Friends Gifted Me by the Universe are Presented for exactly that Purpose.  Even though I may understand this to be True, it doesn’t make it any easier.  In fact, the Stronger Our Character becomes, the Greater the challenges the Universe Will Present One with to overcome.  It’s exactly the same Idea as resistance weight training; One does not continue to grow Stronger if One does not continually increase the load.

There are two primary reasons I refuse to work at what most would consider a regular ‘job’.  The first, is the corruption of government.  The taxes on income pay government salaries, which [to Me] is aiding and abetting criminal activity, especially when the belief is that income taxes are supposed to be for social insurance, providing social protection from poverty for those unable to work.  The second reason, is My belief in the Divine Purpose of My Life Given Me by God, which is infinitely more important to Me than serving coffee at Starbucks.  And I suppose there’s a third reason, too; I don’t believe We are here to ‘covet’ from Our Brother’s and Sister’s – I believe We are to share Our Unique talents and Gifts with the world without as King of anything in return.  I believe that is God’s intention for Me, and I don’t believe that anyone has any right to interfere with My Purpose under God.

As unusual as it may sound, to be in receipt of social services, is a reflection of My Spiritual growth.  I was once ‘too proud’, and spent more time than One could Imagine, making My Way war King at jobs ‘under the table’, consistently ‘hustling’ for new contracts.  I was Blessed with a very Good landlord for five years who knew how hard I worked to make My rent every month, and noticed I was never late.  I’ve done almost every kind of work imaginable, I could almost build My own home with the skills I developed over the years.  My landlord was continually trying to convince Me to start My own business, he couldn’t understand that I was only doing it out of necessity, and would never Wish for it to be My Life’s work.

I do not like to be dependent on any One or any thing.  I was able to eventually allow these concessions to My previous Ideologies because I know that in Truth I am not dependent on any One or any thing, and there is no reason to resist the Gifts God Gives Me.  I can always pick up and leave anytime I Wish.  I choose not to.

Currently, (although I do pay rent), I am dependent on My Friend for shelter, and My Friend has a lot of Ideas about what I should do.  She wants Me to teach a college course on Sovereignty, she wants Me run for city council, she wants Me to make all kinds of demands with respect to My law suit with the city of Ottawa, and I continually find My Self navigating the waters of My Friend Ship with her cautiously.  If I do not at least consider her guidance, she thinks Me ungrateful, though I have very strong Ideas about how I Wish to navigate My King Ship.

The reason I am sharing this, is because I know that despite how challenging My situation can be, the reason My Friend is so tenacious, is because she has tremendous respect for Me and believes I can succeed where others have failed.  Although I also believe that Part of her is Wishing to Live vicariously through Me, she does not mean Me harm, and often I feel this is the case when Friends are ‘difficult’ to get along with.  It has been an exceptional opportunity for My Spiritual growth, as patience is the virtue I am most often lacking, and overall, it is in My best interest to remain where I am until I have a place I can call My own.  Years ago, I would have allowed My determination for independence to interfere with My overall well being.  I am here because My Friend feels responsible for Me having nowhere else to go, and My Friend is very well intentioned, as difficult as she can be to communicate with at times.

Anyway, when it comes to navigating the seas of Friend Ship, consider that Friends often offer a perspective We do not Wish to see, or in some cases can’t see (consider how One can become ‘blinded’ by Love, for example).  I have found that by listening without reacting, I can benefit from the guidance without having to commit to any action, and that is generally enough Keep the Peace and prevent the Friend Ship from CAPSIZING.

Rise above the Chaos – Da Vinci’s Air Ship

The above model was a man-propelled conceptual helicopter that could never have worked.  Da Vinci came up with countless models and Ideas that were failures, yet he never allowed it to stop him from creating.  I don’t know a Man anywhere in the world who remembers Da Vinci for his failures, he is always remembered for his Genius.  Something to Keep thing King about when considering One’s next entrepreneurial venture.

Love and Blessings,



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