Volume LXI: Stardom: Finding One’s Place in the Stars – Meet Gemini

Hello world, welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Re-View.  Although there has not been much of Significance in My Microcosm over the last week that relates to Man’s Macrocosm, there are always plenty of things to be tall King about.  A Theme I am consistently Presenting is that each of Us are the Hero of Our own Story, and only the individual can choose to accept One’s Destiny among the Stars, even though I would suggest Our unique Role in this Universal Production We call Life was predetermined when We chose to come here.

Some of My Friends struggle with this Idea, and insist they did not ‘choose’ to come here, nor did they ‘choose’ the events that have led to the development of their Character in their Pre-Sent now.  However, that was perhaps the most powerful Truth revealed to Me in My ‘remembering’, the Spiritual awakening I experienced almost eleven years ago.  It was revealed to Me with such clarity, that I wondered how I could ever have forgot (that Quest-Ion was answered for Me, too, and the simplified version of that answer would be that We are taught by parents, schools and generations of information preceding Us that Our purpose is to work, and to earn Our place in the world).

The [Thoth] Tarot teaches that We are each both the Star [of the Show] and the Emperor.  The Star represents Our Unique position on the world Stage, while the Emperor represents absolute authority over One’s Destiny.  This is very similar to the Theme I am tall King about in My Matrix interpret-A-Sean, where Neo is ‘the One’, though he is not convinced of his True purpose and does not believe in Destiny (as it removes One from freedom of choice).  Neo is so determined to remain the Emperor (the absolute authority of his own Life), that he cannot become the Star until he chooses to accept his Destiny – and no One compels Neo to do this.

Someone posted on Facebook yesterday that Science now believes the Universe it Self is conscious.  I’ve known this for years.  As much as some People Wish to deny the influence of the Stars and the Cosmos over One’s Life, We cannot deny the influence Our own Moon has over the tides and even the behaviour of both Our Selves and that of the animal kingdom.  If birth control had not been conceived (pun intended), virtually all womb-men on earth would menstruate in Harmony with the Moon cycles.  Womb-men living in community with each other Will also synchronize their menstruation cycles over time.  This is just One reflection of how We are cosmically connected to One another in Ways that have no ‘logical’ explanation.  Another example of this is the discovery of new inventions and technologies, which are usually discovered by several individuals across the globe at almost the same time.  In Our capitalist world, it becomes a [human] race to determine who Will patent the technology first to receive the credit.  In Truth, the only reason these individuals come up with these new Ideas, is because the collective conscious of the world is as King for it.  None of the new technologies and inventions could exist without the vast sea of knowledge preceding it.  This is why I feel it would be a dis-service to Man to claim that I am responsible for any of the information I share, or any of the knowledge I possess – I could not know anything without the other great Minds who first Presented the information, nor could I share any of it with You if I had not been Gifted with the Language of English with which I am expressing My Self.  We have all contributed to the information that currently exists in some Way, this is a collective work.

According the date of My arrival on this plane of consciousness, June 5, 1973, My Sign in the Stars is Gemini, and the Gem in I is My knowledge of Spirit, or what Man Calls God.  Gemini is also Called the Messenger of the Gods and the Twins (II).  Although I could argue that there is only One God, God expresses God Self through each individual; We are each the Living expression (Express-Ion) of God on Earth.  Now let’s consider what I have said about Magic and the Significance of Numbers.

I have suggested that two is a Door.  II.  It also happens to be the Astro-logical Sign for Gemini, the Twins.  6 (month of My arrival) is the number for Peace, Home, Family.  I Writ that last line before I actually ‘Googled’ it, and Trusted that (because there are no coincidences) Google would provide information to support My claim (though My comprehension of numerology is specifically related to My study of the Tarot and the Thoth deck specifically, which is a great deal more involved).

“The number 6 is all about responsibility, security, and living a harmonious Life within the home”

The quote was taken from the first link provided by Google and the website is Called, ‘Secrets of the Tarot’.  You can click on the link to visit the Page directly.  It is also worth noting that when most People think of the word ‘Home’ they are thinking of a physical building.  One’s True home is where the Heart is, the body of Man – just something to be Mind-full of.

I am going to continue using the above website for the Magical meaning of the rest of the numbers.  The website also suggested that six represents perfection, so I am curious to see what it has to say about the number 5 (which I have suggested represents perfection and the search for Truth in all directions).

“In Astrological terms, the number 5 is associated with Leo the Lion, whos energy is Solar in nature”

Again, one can click on any of the quotes to link directly to the Page.  I find this very interesting because it is not the same (general) association I have with the number 5, yet My identifier/card in the Thoth Tarot is the Prince of Wands.  This is another example of how there are no coincidences.  Both a Lion and Significant ‘Solar’ forces are depicted in the Card.  Solar represents Fire, Fire represents the Will and God Force Energy.


Finally, 1973 equals 1+9+7+3=20=2.  And I Keep saying that Two (II) is a Door.  Let’s see what Secrets of the Tarot has to say.  Okay, well this is the first example of something that is not at all a reflection of Me, as the website suggests that those with ‘Destiny’ number 2 are followers, which I am most certainly not.  However, it is also tall King about Life Path destiny numbers, and My life path destiny number would be 2 (the year calculated above) plus the 5 and the 6, which would be another 2 (11=1+1=2).  2+2 is Four, which I have claimed is foundation.  Now I’m curious to see if 4 is a more accurate representation of My Life Path ‘Destiny’ number.

“The number 4 is more about getting things done… 4 is also associated with completion and Order in the society, as well as the Universe.”

Okay, that sounds a little more like Me.  So maybe the website I used is not the best representation of the actual Magical qualities associated with numbers as it is directly related to determining One’s Life path.  I’m now going to do another search to see if I can find the Magical meaning of the number 2 (when not a ‘Life Path/Destiny number).

This representation of the number two in a more general sense is far more accurate, and represents [primarily] duality, which is far more accurate.  The only reference made to Two representing a Door is the association of two pillars guarding Solomon’s Temple.  The other thing I find interesting about this representation of the number Two is that it is far more in depth than the previous and declares the number to be unlucky except by Gemini and Pisces.  Funny how thing are different from the perspective of Gemini.

I thought this might be Fun for My audience and I encourage My readers to discover their Destiny number and perhaps even share in the comments if One should feel so inclined.  Gemini is the messenger of the Gods, and once upon a time, Gemini’s were also the only Scribes trusted by Romans to Write the Laws, as they were believed to have a Divine connection with God.

I hope this Solar celebration Sun Day finds You all feeling warm and inspired for summer.

Love and Blessings,

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