Rogue Journalism and the Adventures of Chris Tuck

I am reposting this and the previous Post because they are receiving an unusual amount of traffic (Views) today. I thought I would let You know what the world is reading. It is also worth noting that these Posts are not ‘easy’ to find unless One has a direct link to the Post. I said I would be tall King about how the global economy ‘Truly’ works very soon. We know I don’t believe in coincidences. I have a different Post in Mind for today, but this it a Sign from the Universe that I should be tall King about these Matters soon. Love and Blessings,

Peace Prophecy

First of all I would like to say thank You for being here.  It is difficult for Me to express just how much it means for Me to share My thoughts with You.  Thank You so much for taking the time.

The more readers I have, the more motivated I am to Write.  The extra time and effort I took last week to promote My Twitter presence has paid off generously.  I have already broken some of My previous records and Imagine I Will break most or all previous records by the end of the month.  Most impressions in a single month prior to February of this year, was 181,000 last May – I’m at 93,100 so far this month, it’s only the 12th and only one week into My new social media marketing strategies.  I feel I should up My goal to at least 200,000 but even that seems…

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