The Good News Journal, Volume II: Miraculous Money Monday, The Economic Edition

One year, two months, and one day ago yesterday, this Post was Published. Chris Tuck has still not responded to My complaint, perhaps I Will have to file a new complaint with the City of Ottawa with regards to this Pressing Issue. And if he fails to respond or resolve the Issue this time, perhaps I Will bring this Matter before the Divisional Court for Judicial Review also. Love and Blessings,

Peace Prophecy

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!  I know a lot of people don’t really look forward to Monday, especially if One is not working at something they truly love.  For those who are working tirelessly just to make ends meet, Monday is the morning most return to their monotonous job, slaving for the money they need to maintain their lives.

But this is The Good News Journal, a public A’ Sean that focuses on the Good things happening in the world.  My Goal is to accomplish peace in the world and I believe I Will succeed in My task reasonably soon.  I’ve had many people tell Me that accomplishing world peace is ‘impossible’, yet virtually any motivational coach I’ve heard Will say that anything is possible.

“What One can perceive, One can achieve” – Unknown (but true)

Only My family and close friends Will know how long I have been…

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  1. Be grateful before the answers and unlimited abundance come into physical fruition because you are part of the divine through unconditional love , peace and blissful ecstacy …
    Answers to prayers or requests are within and so without if you realize that you are not only a part of infinite intelligence but the infinite intelligence in the part ..

    1. I feel SO Blessed to know You are reading My Blog, Brother. I appreciate You Wail, I’ve just read some of Your comments on My other Posts, too, and I Wish to respond to You in Greater detail later. I am Literally in the midst of My busiest day so far this year and Will get back to You when I have more time. Love and Blessings to You always, and thank You SO much for Your continued support. Sean

      1. The value you offer to others comes back to you. …
        No need to go always into details .Brother, sometimes , less is more and simpler is better …
        Best wishes …

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